10 Cheapest Sates for Insurance – Top 10 States for Insurance


10 Cheapest Sates for Insurance – Top 10 States for Insurance

Insurance rates have really climbed over the last several years. And it’s really changed the way that insurance has started to focus on technology. They sent most of their employees home, and there’s a lot of different changes that have happened well, during those changes, some of these States really haven’t been affected as heavy as others. And as you’ve seen, insurance has creeped uptime over time.

And in this site, we’ve done surveys where people are seeing increases every year with insurance when we really think that you should be seeing a decrease, especially if you’re not driving nearly as much as you should. That being said, there are ten States that are the lowest in the insurance industry that are going to give you some really incredible deals. You’ve seen me cover some situations where the average cost of insurance is about $1,600 per year for full coverage. Well, you’re going to find out really soon that these States are below the $120 a Mark per month. And if you’re in one of these States and you’re not getting these deals, there’s something that you should look into.

Before we dive in, let’s talk about the data that I’m getting is coming from Yahoo Financial, and this is really pulling out of just their database of knowledge. I actually fairly agree with most of it, although their numbers are actually a little bit low. So you can add a few dollars to each of these numbers just because, like I said, the average for the year for car insurance is closer to that one $600 range, which would be about 100 and $350 a month. And Yahoo says $120 is the average based on the data that they’ve pulled. And don’t forget to stay till the end.

I’m actually going to go over a few different options that will help you get your rates lower. Whether you’re in one of these States or not, you always should just get the best rate and deal that you can. The most expensive of the cheapest ten States is going to be Nebraska. Nebraska, you actually don’t have a whole lot of coverage requirements. So I can see this being inexpensive.

And when it’s inexpensive, there’s a lot less uninsured motorists, which in turn gives value to the state, which means your insurance is going to be cheaper. You’re going to be $99.47 per month for full coverage. On an average vehicle. The number two spot is Virginia. You’re looking at about a 97 point 23 per month.

And that’s amazing. That’s pretty cheap. You’re a lot like Nebraska, where your restrictions aren’t as high. You don’t have as many uninsured motorist.

Wisconsin, $92, almost $93. That is in my experience, I have seen the rates. They are lower. And I just always picture this because I used to drive through Wisconsin to visit some family, and they would always have small house, small house, small house, small house, $100,000 RV, $100,000 RV. I don’t know if that’s true in all of Wisconsin, but at least everywhere where I traveled it was always like the small houses and the RVs were worth more than the home, which seems to be completely separate. But it keeps your insurance low because you’re in low risk.

There’s not as many drivers, depending on the city that you’re in or the area that you’re in. I can completely see that the number four spot is going to be Vermont coming in at $92.24 per month. You guys are getting some great deals. That brings us to the halfway point, which is a state really close to me is going to be Ohio. You guys are $91 to $92 per month on average for car insurance.

Now, there is some side pieces I commonly see, like Wisconsin and Georgia. Even in Ohio, you guys typically carry a lower limit anyways, which could play a little bit of a factor in here where the most common in Michigan is 200 and 500. That’s the liability limit that you carry. And in a lot of these other States, I commonly see a 100 $300. Personally, I would bump it up a little bit, especially if the rates are this low and it’s only going to cost you an extra three to $5 a month to double those limits.

Working backwards, the number six spot is going to be Indiana. You guys actually have really low restrictions where you barely have to cover any coverage, if at all. So your cost for insurance is going to be pretty cheap. You’re about $91 per month for car insurance. That leads into Iowa, which is about $2 less per month, about $89 per month for car insurance.

There. Now, some of you are going to be controversial with this, and I am also with the third-best cheapest insurance state is going to be North Carolina coming in at about $84 to $85 per month. It depends on where you’re located, what your zip code is. Some parts of North Carolina, if you’re a young driver and you’re in that area are going to be thousands of dollars. It’s basically the Insurance’s way of saying we don’t want to touch this area.

We don’t want you on our policies. But if you’re willing to pay this much per month, then great, go ahead. The other part is North Carolina laws is they can’t technically deny you for insurance. And so that’s kind of one of their little tricks or ways to force the insurance company to offer a rate. But that’s also why they offer really high rates.

If you’re willing to pay it, they’re willing to insure you. And then coming in, the number two spot is going to be Idaho. Idaho is Idaho. There’s not a whole lot to say about it. It’s about $76 to $77 per month.

You guys are getting some really great rates for full coverage. And before we announce the number one spot, I would like to mention that almost all of these States, if you’re in these States and you’re getting a higher rate than what they’re saying, I’m going to put a link below because there is an app that you guys should check out that’s going to allow you to shop up to 30 companies and get some better rates if you’re not currently getting them. Works for almost every state in the US, but it’s an option there for you guys if you need those extra savings. Now, if you want to be like, forget this guy who tried to sell me on these quotes and all that. Tired of this.

Don’t worry about it. There’s also a video here because the channel is not about getting you to quote, it’s about giving you the knowledge so you guys can make the right decision. But you can go here and watch my discount video where it’s going to show you the discounts. I’m actually qualified for about nine out of the 15 that we talk about. That’s an option for you guys to get some better deals and get the best rate that you possibly can if you’re not very knowledgeable with insurance.

I’ll also link below a link to a video that is in my Insurance 101 for auto and that’ll go over what coverages are optional and what you should be looking at. The best cheapest rate for car insurance coming in at $73.25, according to Yahoo Finance, is Maine main state for insurance. You guys are getting by far the best rate out of all of them. I do see that it’s kind of a low risk area. There’s not a whole lot of requirements there similar to some of these other companies, but it’s just an area that hasn’t had a lot of impact as far as negative drivers and accidents and not having a lot of companies that won’t insure in the area.

So there’s a lot of competition there and when there’s competition, you’re going to get a lot better deal. Unfortunately, I’m in Michigan, so my average is somewhere close to that 30 some odd $100 per year. So unless you’re in Detroit, then you’re close to the $8,000 per year even with a revamp of our new insurance policy that we’ve started this year. And if you’re in Florida and you clicked on this, I’m sorry, you probably already knew that you shouldn’t have clicked on this one because your state is also like Michigan where you guys are starting to revamp and they’re calling for a lot higher coverage there, even though I personally think that it’s going to go down. So some things that are going to affect your policy that you can help work on is obviously your driving history.

If you have a few claims or tickets, check with your state to find out if it’s a three year or a five-year and what we mean by that is, do they rate for five years or three years? It’s different with each company. So if you have a claim that’s about to hit three years, you may want to switch to a company that only rates you for three years. That will be the biggest way to lower your cost. Your claims history plays a huge factor along with your credit.

That’s something that you can affect over time. Paying bills, doing what’s called an insurance score. It’s basically a version of your credit or a lot of factors that the insurance is used. They don’t use your actual credit because that’s not just not a way for them to determine the price, but they have a whole algorithm put together that the States have allowed and that plays a factor the vehicle that you insure. If you’re going to buy a new one, make sure that you run that by your insurance agent first Because that is going to either save you money or cost you a lot.

Sometimes it’s the same. It really just depends on the specific trim model and the Vin that comes off of that vehicle to give you the best deal. Obviously avoid making claims. If you don’t have a large deductible and you have a small claim, It may not be worth it in your state to file it. Depending on how they rate it, some States count not at fault claims and comprehensive claims against you similar to Texas, it doesn’t matter what happened if you had a claim, it’s going to hurt your insurance either way.

So it might be worth it for you to out of pocket a couple of $100 to save a few hundred dollars more. As far as the risk goes, that’s similar to what I mentioned with other companies going three years and five years for the rating purposes. They do that with claims too. Some companies don’t rate those comprehensive claims or those not at fault claims against you where most of them do. So you might be able to find Some of those diamonds in the rough.




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