$1,000 Social Security for All – Monthly Checks for Everyone? Social Security Update 2022

$1,000 Social Security for All - Monthly Checks for Everyone Social Security Update 2022

Social Security for all, $1,000 per month for everyone. Have you heard about this? Well, I have all the details for you on this topic. All right. So it comes as no surprise right now that millions and millions of Americans are struggling with everything going on at the same time. We’ve seen idea after idea after idea coming out trying to help out low income and fixed income Americans and those individuals who are struggling financially so badly. Right now.

We’ve seen talks about universal basic income, guaranteed basic income. We’ve seen adult tax credit talks. We’ve seen monthly recurring stimulus check talks. We’ve also seen a lot of talk about reinstating the child tax credit payments, as well as a few other ideas that we’ve discussed right here on the site. Well, in some instances, some of these programs have actually already been rolled out, like guaranteed basic income on lower levels, as in on the state level, the county level and things like this.

Nothing on a nationwide level quite yet. However, now we’ve got another one to add to the list, Social Security for all. So I want to talk through this. Have you seen this yet? I’m just kind of curious if you’ve heard about this quite yet. So this is actually a very interesting concept. I also think it’s maybe a little bit controversial, which I’ll also get into here in just a second. So let me run through the basics behind what they’re actually talking about with this. So this actually mostly stems from a couple of years ago, presidential candidate Andrew Yang came out at the time, and he was in support of a $1,000 ongoing monthly check known as universal basic income for everybody. Well, as a result of that idea and that movement, a bunch of people started jumping onto this idea and thought this would actually be pretty interesting, sending out a $1,000 check to everybody called universal basic income.

Well, obviously, we know at this point it did not get any traction. It did not get moved into law or anything like that. I mean, not that I know of anyway, I’m not sure if you’re getting a monthly check on an ongoing basis, but I’m certainly not. My point is it has not been rolled out quite yet. We know this. However, as a result of that idea out of Andrew Yang, a lot of people have jumped onto this idea. Well, now they’re starting to call it Social Security for all. Now here’s what the deal is. They’re going on with that same idea, $1,000 for every single person, every single month, just like a Social Security program. So that’s what they’re actually referring to this as, Social Security for all.

Not necessarily that it would be Social Security benefits, but it’s basically going to be a guaranteed basic income program and they’re giving it the name of Social Security for all. Now, here is why this would be a potentially controversial topic. Here’s why. I know that a lot of you here in the community receive Social Security benefits, whether it’s retirement or SSDI or survivors or SSI, VA any of these fixed income benefits. I know that a lot of you are excited about your benefits and you feel like, hey, I earned this benefit.

I put years and years of service in. I paid in through payroll taxes. I spent years and years working and getting work credit to receive these benefits. And now I’m here and I’m receiving these benefits. I earned every Penny that I’m getting every single month.

I know that a lot of people feel this way because I’ve seen it down below. And again, this is true, right? With the benefits that you’re getting, you’ve earned these benefits. You spent a lot of time paying in through payroll taxes. You spent a lot of your time working, putting in the time, putting in the hours to earn the benefits that you’re getting.

So a lot of people are feeling like, hey, these are my benefits. And I totally agree. Those are absolutely your benefits. You put the time in, you put the work in, you put the hours in and you paid in tons of money into taxes in order to get the benefits that you are receiving now. Right.

However, this benefit here that we’re talking about right now with Social Security for all would not be based on anything pertaining to paying in through Social Security hours, worked years, worked, credits earned, things like this. But rather it would basically just be a guaranteed basic income program going out to everybody. And it’s not even Social Security. That’s just the name that they’re giving. It simply because it’s kind of like a Social Security program where it would be an ongoing monthly benefit with no strings attached.

Right. So this is where the controversy comes in. I think a lot of us here who are receiving Social Security benefits and earned the benefits, years and years of service, thousands and thousands of dollars of tax dollars going in through payroll taxes. The benefits that we’ve earned are thinking, wait, why are other people getting these benefits or so called Social Security benefits when really it’s not right? Because it’s just this name that they’re giving it.

So I feel like this might not fly so well with a lot of people. So I’d be interested to know, what do you feel about this? How do you feel about that name if they happen to actually do something like this and gave it the name of Social Security for all? Again, I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t love it.

I think they should change the name if that’s something they were going to do. Honestly, I don’t really know what the name would be. It doesn’t really matter. But my point is I don’t really think they should use a name like Social Security for all because that’s not really true. That’s not really what it is.

They should call it what it really would be, which would be pretty much a guaranteed basic income. I mean, that’s literally all it would be. Right? Social Security benefits and guaranteed basic income, although they’re kind of similar as in the sense of sending out a monthly check every single month. They are very different.

Right. So anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts down below on this as far as the name on it, but that’s just kind of the name that they’re calling it. And I think the name that they’re giving it here is simply because to give everybody a better understanding of what this program would actually represent, a monthly check ongoing for a very long period of time, not necessarily that the funds would come out of Social Security because they wouldn’t they would come out of the federal like general funds or the IRS or who knows where. Right. It would not come out of Social Security, though.

That’s the point is it would not be coming out of the Social Security trust fund. It would simply be paid by the IRS, the treasury, whatever. It would not be coming out of Social Security. So anyway, I think the whole point behind the name is just simply to get everybody on the same page, which is an ongoing monthly benefit, even though it’s not even close to Social Security. So anyway, I’d love to hear your feedback on that.

Now, one more thing here as well. I want to throw out there. Just a few months ago, late last year, a congresswoman from Florida was actually voted in to the United States Congress. And she was also when she was campaigning, she was also talking about $1000 ongoing monthly benefits. Now, again, we also do know right now there are a handful of progressive Democrats in the House right now who are also in support of ongoing monthly checks around that $1,000 monthly Mark.

I apologize. I know I’m blinking a lot. My eyes all of a sudden got really dry. So I know. Sorry. But anyway, there are a handful of Progressives in the house right now who are actually in support of ongoing monthly payments like a universal basic income or a guaranteed basic income focused on the low income and it would be around that $1,000 Mark. So kind of interesting how they’re kind of throwing this out there again. So anyway, I came across it wanted to share it with you just another little piece of information I found while doing some research and looking around at so many different things. So anyway, I’d love to hear from you down below as far as what you think about all this. Again, don’t get me wrong, a guaranteed basic income program monthly checks would be absolutely amazing but at the same time I think if they’re going to give it something like this they should certainly come up with a different name versus Social Security for all.

I don’t like that. Not a fan, right? Social Security is a very important program. They send out benefits to millions of beneficiaries but if they’re going to do a guaranteed basic income Just call it what it really is. And anyway, I’d love to hear from you down below so anyway, this is the details on this program.

If you have any questions or anything like that let me know down below in the comments section. I do my best to read as many as I possibly can.

Enjoy your day and I’ll catch you again later. bye




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