$1,200 Monthly Check for the Low Income – New Information & Clarification Stimulus Check Update

$1,200 Monthly Check for the Low Income - New Information & Clarification Stimulus Check Update

Yes, when it comes to a $1,200 monthly check specifically focused on the low income, I have some new information and additional clarification for you on this topic. I take all the information that I find each and every day. I distill it down into the shortest possible topics I can produce, which I deliver right here on the site each and every day so that you can get all the latest details hot off the wire as they are being released. So, again, thank you so much for visiting our site. So again, thanks so much. Let’s get right into the update.

All right, so yesterday I was out in a video talking about this $1200 guaranteed basic income bill that was originally introduced by Representative Ilhan Omar to send out these payments on an ongoing long-term basis for the low income. Now, by the way, this bill already does have multiple cosponsors on this bill. That’s a good thing.

Which, by the way. All of these co-sponsors and the original author of the bill are actually all progressive. But either way, it doesn’t really matter. The fact of the matter is these checks and the bill would actually be sending out these monthly payments to the low-income.

I’ve been doing as much as I can to read through as many as possible and a lot of really good feedback and questions on that topic. So I do have some new information here and further clarification that I want to layout for you on this topic in regards to the one $200 guaranteed basic income or monthly checks as what they’re being called as a result of this bill. So let’s get into this a little bit further. Now, I do want to answer this one question right off the bat here before we get into it any further, because I do know that a lot of you in this community are maybe low income, maybe you’re living on a fixed income like Social Security retirement, SSDI survivors, SSI, VA, RRB benefits.

One of them being, will this replace our Social Security benefits? And following that up being, are we even eligible for it? All right, so these are really great questions. And again, I want to offer some clarification on this right here for you. First off, would you be eligible? Yeah, absolutely, you would be eligible. So I do have some further information on that which I’ll cover here in just a second. But that’s the simple answer. Yes, absolutely. You would be eligible for these because remember this much, it’s based on income. Okay. These are the parameters to determine who would be eligible for these guaranteed basic income programs, otherwise known as monthly checks going out on an ongoing, long-term monthly basis. They look at your income. So it doesn’t matter if you already have income, maybe from a fixed income benefit like all those I mentioned just a second ago, you could be working and have an income there. It could be a low income. Basically, they just look at your income that you would possibly report on a tax return and they say, okay, great, your income is below the threshold that we’ve identified.




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