$1,200 Stimulus Check for Low Income – Get More Money Stimulus Check Update

$1,200 Stimulus Check for Low Income - Get More Money Stimulus Check Update

$1200 stimulus check specifically focused on the low income one little detail I overlooked which would result in significantly more money in your pocket. I have all the information and what you need to know right here on this topic. All right So yesterday, I was out on a separate topic talking about a new $600 stimulus check that was just brought to us by Democratic Senator Jack Reed.

In fact, if you happen to catch that topic that I posted, I brought the clip of Jack Reed speaking from the Senate floor talking about his $600 stimulus check. Well, there was one little piece of the puzzle that I completely overlooked which would actually result in significantly more money in your pocket. And I do want to come back for you offer that clarification and what I missed with this speech out of Jack Reed. Can’t believe I’ve missed that. But honestly, when I went back and listened to it a couple of times, I thought, did I really just hear what I heard?

And I went back and listened to it multiple more times to make sure I was hearing exactly what I thought I was. So I do want to talk you through the details on this because this is actually even better than what we originally thought it would be. So I have all the details. So let’s get right into it, however, really fast before we do, thank you so much for reading this.

As I am your one and only daily advocate, I’m doing all the research each and every day so that you don’t need to. And I break it all down into these short topics so that you can stay posted with everything going on, just like very important announcements, just like what we’re talking about right here in this topic. As there’s a lot going on right now. Things are changing rapidly. We’re seeing new proposals, packages, checks, money programs, all kinds of different things that are hitting the table every single week, and a lot of very important information that is hitting the table every single day.

And I’ll continue to be here right by your side every single day to help you out in any way that I possibly can. All right Thanks again, Let’s jump through this and talk about all the details. All right So as we talked about yesterday morning, there was that $600 stimulus check, like I said, that was brought to us by Democratic Senator Jack Reed out of the state of Rhode Island. So he was out and talking on the Senate floor introducing this $600 stimulus check, which is actually from the bill called Food and Fuel Family Savings Act, just like we talked about yesterday. Now, this is a highly focused check that would be focused on those individuals with an income of $40,000 or less and married couples with an income of $80,000 or less. So these are the parameters as far as who would be eligible to get this. Now, one more thing I do know that I saw in the comments section yesterday, some of you reaching out saying would this include Social Security? Would this include SSDI? Does this include SSI?

Does this include seniors? Of course. Like I’ve said so many times in other videos, it all comes down to income Okay? It doesn’t matter where your income comes from, whether you’re working 40 hours a week and your income is whatever it happens to be, or if you’re maybe a retiree or maybe you’re somebody receiving SSI or SSDI or VA, things like this.

Yeah. All of it is based around income. That is what matters at the end of the day is income. It doesn’t matter where that income comes from, just provided the income is below the thresholds that I just said, again, $40,000 as an individual, $80,000 as a married couple. So when I first went through this and I listened to Jack Reed speaking on the floor in the Senate about this bill, the Food and Fuel Family Savings Act.

And again, this $600 check, there was one little piece of the puzzle that I completely overlooked. Here’s what it was. And as I was reading through this, again, apparently I completely overlooked this. But here’s what he said. And again, I typically go back and I listen to things many times, right?

I read articles multiple times. I go back and I cross-reference information. And again, in this case, I did go back and I listened to Jack Reed speak multiple times on this exact topic because I want to make sure that I’m being accurate with everything that I’m hearing and that I’m translating back to you right here in these topics. Here’s what he said, though. And again, I can’t believe that it completely overlooked this.

But here’s what he said. $600 per person, $600 per person. So in the event of a married couple, this would be $1,200, $600 per person. So that’s a huge change there, right? That is a big deal.

That is a much bigger situation than what we originally thought it would be at $600. So anyway, this is actually a bigger, big update to this. And this is actually a pretty big deal simply because this just means in the event of a married couple. And I do know there are a lot of you here in the community. This just means it would be double the amount of money.

Now, one more thing I want to throw out there as well. I did not see anything in particular to dependence. So I did not see anything that says $600 per dependent, but he also did say $600 per person. So does that mean every single person within the household? Does it mean just adults?

Does it mean dependents also not really sure. I did not see any clarification on that. I look for further clarification and further details on this. I didn’t see anything pertaining to dependence. So as I do get more information on that, of course, I can always come back and keep you updated on that one.

However, as I’ve said before, though, this wouldn’t really cost all that much money. About $60 billion is what it would look like as far as how much this would actually cost. Here’s what else is interesting. I do want to throw this out there. So as of right now, today, they are voting on the $40 billion package for Ukraine relief.

So again, I’m just going to put this into perspective here for just a second to give you an idea of where we’re currently sitting and what the $60 billion would actually really look like. So today voting on the $40 billion for Ukraine relief. At the same time, there’s also a $48 billion package in there for businesses as a result of COVID. So that brings the tally from brings us up to $88 billion of bills that are currently sitting in Congress right here, right now, waiting approval and final votes Okay.

Now we’re sitting at $88 billion-plus yesterday, late evening, yesterday, we also got a $28 billion bill to actually work against, to work with the baby formula shortages here in the United States. So now that adds another $28 billion that is currently sitting on the table right now in Congress between three separate bills. So that brings the total tally to $116,000,000,000 sitting on the tables of lawmakers right here, right now in Congress that has either been passed through one of the Chambers or they’re waiting final approval. And it looks like some of those bills will be passed today as well. So kind of interesting.

My point is here we’re looking at roughly about $60 billion to send out money into the pockets of the low income. At the same time, we’ve got $116,000,000,000 worth of bills between three separate bills sitting on the table right now in Congress that they’re pretty much going to pass here in a matter of hours, minutes, and probably even days. So kind of interesting how this is working out, right? So there are many people out recently, even lawmakers and even Jack Reed kind of jumping on the bandwagon here, saying, what are we doing for the American people here? The American people are struggling just as much as other people around the world.

What are we doing here? Right. So just the other day, actually, it was a few days ago, Senator Rand Paul actually blocked the voting on that $40 billion package that’s going to be voted on today for Ukraine simply because of basically saying the same thing. What about people here in the United States right now? Again, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t send money to other countries and help out other people around the world.

But at the end of the day, just like they say on a flight, I mean, here’s the thing, if you’ve flown recently over the last 20 years, they say this all the time on flights in their little safety check, help yourself before you help someone else Right. So if you’re traveling with an infant or a child or whatever, they always tell you that in the event of loss of pressure in the cabin, help yourself before you help your child or whatever. In other words, put the mask on yourself versus the child Right?

So that’s basically what we’re saying here in the country too as well. Let’s help the people here in the United States before we jump all around the world and help everybody else out there. So I don’t know, just another little analogy. You’ve probably heard that. And if you’ve been on a plane, like I said, probably in the last 20 years, they’ve been saying this forever in all their little safety announcements, but kind of a little interesting anecdote right there talking about basically the same situation going on right now.

But anyway, I wanted to come back for you, lay that all out for you, and let you know the quick little revision to that. Either way, it’s still $600 per person Per person Yeah. So anyway, this is actually a pretty cool thing.

I’m glad that it actually works in our favor this time. So anyway, I apologize about that. Sometimes I do overlook things on accident, of course. And I heard that. And I thought you know what, I need to make a little correction to this because this is actually a big thing here that I need to point out and make sure that we’re all on the same page here and understand that it’s actually $600 per person.

So at the end of the day, just like I’ve said previously More topic We’ve been working towards a $2,000 stimulus check, but whether we get $2,000 $1400 $12,00 or $600, I think at this point $600 would certainly be very beneficial and probably help out a lot of people way better than zero, right? I know that much. $600 would be way more helpful than $0. So who knows, maybe they’ll actually get something done here, but also with this bill, too. And again, I’m not really sure how they would actually get this check out or how they would actually distribute this and how they would actually kind of monitor how this money is spent. But they said it’s for food and fuel.

So how do they really know that we’re spending it on food and fuel? It would be some kind of prepaid debit card and it’s only activated for grocery and fuel. Again, I don’t really know. We didn’t have the details about that quite yet, but it seems kind of weird and maybe there’s doing the honors system saying, okay, here’s $600, we trust that you’re going to spend it on food and fuel. Not really sure.

But either way, I think all those details still need to be hammered out, obviously, because I didn’t find anything about it as far as how that would be distributed and actually monitored to make sure that we do actually spend it on food and fuel. But one more thing, like I said yesterday in the video, is there are many of these stores out there right now that are designated as a grocery retailers Right. So you see it like on your receipt or maybe on your credit card bill or whatever. It’s like it’s different categories, right?

Well, a lot of times it says grocery. Well, there are a lot of things that fall under grocery that maybe not actually edibles or actually within the grocery Department. That kind of makes sense Right. So we may have a little bit of flexibility there when it comes to that.

So anyway, I hope this one helps you out. Again, I just want to come back, break it all down. As I’ve always said before, my dedication is to bring you honest, accurate, reliable, and transparent information every single day in these topics. If there’s ever a time where I overlook something or if there’s ever a time that I make some kind of error or something with what I’m telling you, of course, I’ll be the first one to come back and say, sorry I messed up. Here’s the actual thing that’s going on here.

And in this case, it was just simply an oversight on my part as far as the amount of money. But in this case, it actually turns out to be a good thing Right. Because it turns out to be more essentially doubled if you’re a married couple or if you possibly have dependents, again, waiting for further clarification on the dependent part of that, if that also includes $600. But again, I’ll keep you posted as I do get more information.

So anyway, pretty good stuff. Now, again, I want to throw this out there as well. This bill, the Food and Fuel Family Savings Act, along with the other one, the Tax Rebate Act of 2022 which was introduced a few months ago, about two months ago, these by far the two that are the most promising. Now, the other thing, too, with the Tax Rebate Act of 2022, that was the one that would send out ongoing monthly checks of $100 per person, ongoing provided gas over $4 a gallon. So I guess if they’re pinching pennies here and if they’re trying to figure out what is going to cost the least amount of money, honestly, sending out a lump sum payment of $600 is going to cost them way less.

Here’s why I say that, we are rapidly approaching $5 per gallon of gas right here, right now, and it’s going to take a long time to bring those prices back down. And considering the move that we are making right now and where prices are going, we’re moving the wrong way of $4 a gallon. We’re moving significantly higher towards $5 versus $4. So yeah. Anyway, I just wanted to point that out as well.

Anyway Hope this one helps you out again. Enjoy your day and I will catch you again later.




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