$2,000 Fourth Stimulus Check for Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income – Fourth Stimulus Check Update

$2,000 Fourth Stimulus Check for Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income - Fourth Stimulus Check Update

It is time for a $2000 fourth stimulus check specifically focused on Social Security, retirement, disability, SSDI survivors, SSI, VA, RRB, seniors, elderly people with disabilities, and of course, the low income. I have all the details and everything you need to know right here on this topic.

As I am your one and only daily advocate and I am very much dedicated to you and this community to do all the research and to break it all down into these short topics so that you can get the latest details hot off the wire each and every day as this information is being released. It’s a busy time out there, and my dedication is to be here right by your side, helping you out in any way that I possibly can and getting you as much money, benefits, programs, and anything else we can possibly get our hands on right now.

So if you’ve been reading the topics for any length of time now for maybe the last six, eight, maybe ten months or so, I’ve been coming back on a regular basis, talking about all of these different reports that continue to hit the wire, literally on a weekly basis, talking about inflation, talking about the low income, talking about fixed income, talking about seniors, the elderly, people with disabilities, low-income individuals who are struggling so incredibly badly right now. And realistically, it continues to get worse and worse almost on a weekly basis as inflation continues to move higher on a very regular basis as well, we continue to get those monthly reports, the CPI Consumer Price Index, which is the measure of inflation from the previous month. Well, every single month over the last what, eight months or ten months or last year or even longer, literally, these numbers continue to come in higher and higher every single month. And according to some experts out there right now, they’re actually anticipating that inflation is significantly higher than what is actually being reported. So we all know that people living on a fixed income, the purchasing power of your dollars continues to deplete on a weekly basis.

On a monthly basis, as inflation continues to move higher, that means the purchasing power of your dollars moves lower. Right? So it’s kind of like an inverse correlation. Right, So anyway, with that being said, even yesterday I was out with the video, and in all the updates, I talked about some reports that I found yesterday talking about across the country right now, food banks are starting to see massive surges of people coming in simply because they don’t have enough food anymore.

Or maybe these people are low income or they’re fixed income. And the problem is the purchasing power, like I just said, of their dollars is getting them less and less on an ongoing basis. Well, as prices continue to rise significantly, these food banks are starting to see people coming in and trying to get more food right now because everything is going up in price. That means we can get less for the same old dollars that we continue to get every single month. Therefore, we’ve seen so many reports time and time again.

We also do know at the same time, there have been lawmakers that have been out in support of $2000 stimulus checks. Think of about a year ago, there were over 80 members of Congress. And again, I know it was a year ago, but the point is, just a year ago there were 80 members of Congress writing letters to the President calling on him to issue $2,000 stimulus checks and even recurring monthly payments. Remember all that? We’ve covered it a few times in previous topics.

The point is, a year ago things were economically a lot better. I mean, here’s the deal. Even though covet a year ago was still very much a thing of our lives, even though COVID is not as prevalent now today as it was a year ago, COVID was much more widespread a year ago, but inflation was also significantly less. A year ago, it was maybe around the low 4% range. Well, today it’s more than double that, right.

We’re pushing nearly 9% right now with inflation. So we’re more than double what it was a year ago. Therefore, what is really impacting people? Is it covet or is it inflation? Yeah.

Ultimately, covet is kind of a thing we want to avoid. But at the end of the day, COVID doesn’t come in and steal money out of your bank account or it doesn’t come in and make you pay more for prices on everything. Right? No, it’s inflation that does that not covet. Right.

I think we all understand that. But anyway, I kind of want to preface all this to kind of let everybody know and let all of you know what is actually going on. But again, I don’t think we need to reiterate this all that much. It’s all very clear. We’ve been living it for a very long time now.

And again, like I said, if you’ve been reading the topics for any length of time now, you know that I am back on a regular basis talking about all these reports, talking about Americans. These reports and surveys come out talking about Americans and how they’re actually doing. There are a lot of people out there who virtually have no money saved. And if anything came up where they had some kind of unexpected charge or unexpected expense replacing tires or an engine or transmission that goes out or an air conditioning unit or just anything, a refrigerator. Most people right now could not afford an extra $400 or even $500 unexpected expense.

Again, it’s a sad situation, a huge percentage of people. So with all that being said, I wanted to break that all down just going to let you know, obviously, what is going on kind of the landscape that we’re all dealing with and looking at right here, right now. But again, I think all of us completely recognize this. We’ve been living it for a while now. However, as we also do know, there are multiple different proposals out there right now for stimulus checks.

In fact, there are multiple States out there as well that are issuing stimulus checks on their own state level. Hats off to the state of Pennsylvania. They want to issue an offer, a $2,000 stimulus check. Which quick side note, I’ll talk about this later in a separate topic. The state of Maine.

Your governor just signed an $850 stimulus check yesterday. So Maine check that one out as well. I’ll have you more details on that a little bit later today in a separate video. But anyway, my point is it is now time. It is now time.

We are so sick of this many people struggling right now, the low income and the fixed income. We are totally sick of struggling on an ongoing basis. And once again, it is time to reach out to Congress and send them out another one of the classic letters. Now, if you’ve been around for a while now, over the last maybe a year or so, I’ve sent out multiple letters to Congress. I haven’t done one in probably three months, maybe two and a half months or so, maybe three months.

It’s been quite a while. Honestly, I don’t remember the last time we did one, but it’s been a little while now. But it is now time. I think all of us, we have some pretty substantial ground to stand on here. We have a pretty substantial case to build with Congress.

And it is time. It is time once again to start sending out these letters and calling on them to issue a very much needed $2,000 stimulus check. And by the way, we are not asking for a widespread stimulus check for every person that walks the Earth. No, we’re not asking for that. We’re asking for a very highly focused check for about 40 million people, maybe 50 million.

It’s not that many considering the population in this country. Right. We’re not looking for it to go out to 171,000,000 households like the last one did, which encompassed about 280,000,000 people. No, we’re not asking for that at all. We’re asking for about 40 to 50 million people, mostly those people that are at or below the poverty line or generally their income being about $40,000 or less, maybe even lower than that.

But we’ll see what fits here. Anyway, I want to ask you so before I start writing up this letter. Again, I’m very open to suggestions. Please. I want to hear from you.

If you’re interested in sharing your feedback or what you want me to include in this letter, let’s get them right. Let’s go into this and let’s get them with this one. All right. So let me know your feedback. What do you want me to include in this letter?

Again, I will read through as many comments as I possibly can. Generally, topics like this probably get a few thousand comments. I will do my best to read as many comments as I possibly can. I’ll go through and I will look for trends, things that many of you are reaching out and saying, I want this, I want that. Let’s go for that.

Different things like this. So I want to kind of do the main consensus. And usually there’s some pretty good ideas. I mean, honestly, there are some really good ideas, which is exactly why I’m asking you. What do you think we should include in this letter?

Again, I want to make it relatively short and sweet. Straight to the point. By the way. I don’t mean sweet. I’m not going to make it sweet by any means at all.

In fact, I’m not going to make it sweet. Okay. Let’s just say that much. We’re going to write a letter and we’re going to ask for and call on exactly what we want. But I do want to make it relatively short.

Because here’s the thing. The longer that we make it, the less likely it is that they will actually read the whole thing in the event they read any of it at all. So I want to make it short. I want to make it direct, and I want to make it straight to the point exactly what we need. Right, So let me know your suggestions. What do you think as far as dollar amounts, what do you think? As far as one time ongoing. Anything else you may need right now? Let’s ask for it.

Because here’s the thing. Just like the old saying goes, ask and you shall receive, right? Or something like that. I’m sure I’m saying that wrong. I apologize.

But my point is, a lot of times if you don’t ask, you might not receive. Therefore, you got to ask. Right? And in this case, we’re going to ask. But more like we’re going to demand more like.

So that’s what we’re going to do here. Because realistically, we shouldn’t have to ask anymore. We’ve already been asking for so long now, it’s not really a matter of asking. It’s more like, hey, do something already. You know what I mean?

So I think all of us recognize what’s going on here. Anyway, I’m here for you. I want to wrap that up here relatively quickly. I’ll be reading through the comments on this video. And again, if you’re interested in sharing your feedback, please feel free to leave that down below.



  1. I live month to month with my disability check and it’s definitely a stressful struggle wondering if my bills are going to get shut off because it has risen badly example my electric is 1536 this month and that’s higher then my paycheck and I’ve got calls from my mortgage company wanting to foreclose because I’m only able to pay what I can and I have 3 kids along with my husband and kids aren’t old enough to work and husband can’t find work we’ve applied for assistance with the mortgage fingers crossed they help if not I’m going to be homeless

  2. We need this 2000 stimulus check to be handed down every month to be who really need this money. I know there are people who are struggling so bad to stay afloat. My brother and I are among the ones who are drowning too. Please if you have any kind of heart, I am talking to the President and Congress. You do not know how the rest of us feel. You are not crying while struggling each month to see if you will have electric or water, but yet all of you can sit up there in Washington D.C. each and everyday and do nothing to help us. How can you be so cold. There are some people in some states that are getting a little help, but that is not enough help for those people either. You did make sure that the staffers and the interns where taken care of, how thoughtful.

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  4. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this brilliant blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

  5. I live on ssdi and get 1519 a month. It is just me and my emotional support dogs. With my rent, builds, etc. I only get 20$ in food stamps for a month. I cant eat most of the food in the food banks, so I have to buy from a store. It is really sad as I have to buy dog food and that’s all my money. My rent goes up every year and it is over half of my check. So I could use anything that the government can afford. I would be happy with any form of stimulus check.

  6. I live on 12,000 a year and I struggle really hard. I think the government is full of crap, they’re dishonest and God doesn’t like ugliness. But, Regan warned us this will happen. Your articles are enlightening though and give hope to the people who read your web updates. I spend fifty dollars on groceries a month, I do have my rescue cat which is a service animal, but I still have to buy food for him, and litter and I splurge every month for him and get his treats for the month even if I have to put something back for me just to get him those. He keeps my spirits in stitches at him. Thanks again it was an enjoyable read. Have a great evening ahead.


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