$2,000 Fourth Stimulus Check – Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income

$2,000 Fourth Stimulus Check Update for Low Income, Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Seniors - $2000 Fourth Stimulus Check

We’ve got it. A $2000 fourth stimulus check specifically focused on the low-income and fixed-income beneficiaries of Social Security, retirement disability, SSDI survivors, SSI VA it, and RRB beneficiaries, plus ongoing monthly checks, all of which are clearly identified right here in this document. I have all the details and what you need to know about this topic.  All right, So I think all of us in this community probably agree it is finally time for Congress to approve and send out the very much needed $2,000 stimulus checks plus ongoing monthly payments. I think all of us can probably agree it is long overdue. This money was needed a very long time ago. It’s been over a year since they sent out the last stimulus check. And realistically, according to some people out there and what we’re finding, a lot of people are actually saying that this inflation is actually even more dangerous than the COVID situation. Yeah, right. Especially for those people who are low-income and fixed-income beneficiaries, which is exactly what we want to talk about right here on this topic.

As I am, you’re one and only daily advocate, and I’m very much dedicated to you in this community to continue to keep you updated each and every day, as well as to continue doing all the research so that you don’t need to and to break it down into these short topics so that you can get all the details hot off the wire every single day as this information is being released. And then, of course, talking about what is actually going on right now. So one quick side note. Remember a few months ago when the Senior Citizens League was out with that petition calling on many of the supporters, as in fixed income beneficiaries? They were gathering signatures for their petition and the letter that they would send out to Congress calling on them for a highly focused fourth stimulus check.

Remember that? Well, actually, pretty much the exact same thing we’ve got cooking right here. So amazing stuff with what’s going on right now. Seriously, we’ve got to continue to keep the pressure on Congress because realistically, they’ve got a lot on their plate. But the deal is with all this inflation that continues to move higher significantly, it just continued to put the pressure on the low income and fixed income beneficiaries. So we all recognize this. We’re living it right here, right now. It is a real situation. All right, So just the other day I was out in a separate video talking about how I’m going to be drafting a letter right here, sending out to Congress and calling on them for this $2,000 very much needed stimulus check, highly focused on about 50 million low income and fixed income beneficiaries. So on that topic, I was asking for some feedback, as in what would you like in this letter? What should we really hammer down on Well, there was a lot of really good feedback on that topic. Many people saying we need an ongoing monthly check-in conjunction with a lump sum payment to get us started.

So in other words, we need a big payment to start fourteen hundred two thousand dollars to get us started. And then, of course, we need the ongoing monthly checks pretty much through the rest of the year, maybe for the next six months, for the next eight, nine months, through the rest of 2022, or possibly even for the next twelve months until we can get beyond this massive inflation mountain that we’re still going up the one side. We have not even reached the peak yet. So as a result of that, I took all of that feedback and all the suggestions into consideration and drafted a sweet little letter right here. So I want to share this with you because I want to get your feedback on this again. And I’ll be very curious to read through the comments section here on this topic. And then, of course, this guy will be going out as soon as just a little bit later today. I do want to wait for some of the comments to come in on this video just in case there is something blatantly obvious that I missed out on. And some of you are reaching out to me saying, hey, you missed this.

You missed that. So I do want to take all that into consideration. I can always make some last minute adjustments, no problem at all. I can always do that. But I do want to share this document with you. So here’s what it is, calling on a $2,000 stimulus check and of course, the monthly ongoing payments. And again, I started out the letter a little bit nice, but at the same time, I also pointed out a few things that are very obvious, including their lack of action or lack of doing literally anything for the low income and fixed income during a very dire situation that we are in right now with the rapidly rising inflation. Well, not really too sweet, but it’s straight to the point more like and we’re calling on Congress to do what they’re finally supposed to be doing six months ago.

Eight months ago. They should have been doing this a long, long time ago. But the deal is here we are. And just like I said a couple of minutes ago, I mean, realistically, this inflation situation is almost an even more dangerous situation than Covid. Now, obviously, they don’t compare. But at the same time, inflation is hitting everybody in a really, really big way. And the deal is for low-income and fixed-income beneficiaries, it is getting to be a very bad situation, right? So again, we all recognize this.

Otherwise, this thing will be going out, which, by the way, it will be going out electronically. I’ll be sending it out through email and some of these little online sheets that you can fill out on some of these websites for different lawmakers, things like that. I may even throw some of the physical ones into the mail for some of the higher-profile lawmakers out there. Maybe like a Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, all of these guys, people like this. I’ll probably reach out to them probably in a couple of different forms simply because. Why not, right? The more the better. So anyway, let me know your feedback down below. With that being said, I’m going to get out of here.

Time Sensitive Message this urgent message is being written on the behalf of a community consisting of over 3540 low income seniors, older adults, people with disabilities, and fixed income beneficiaries of Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA, and other monthly benefits. We continue to notice your lack of action with providing additional financial support to the most vulnerable and high risk of Americans in the form of a stimulus check. Since early 2020, you and your colleagues have approved three stimulus checks during critical times. However, the current environment is even more dire with rapidly rising inflation and fixed incomes continuously falling behind. We are calling on you and your colleagues to immediately approve a highly focused $2000 stimulus check for the groups listed above. This consists of roughly 50 million people and would only cost the federal government a hundred billion dollars which is nothing to help restore which is nothing to help restore the dignity of struggling Americans. Some may argue that inflation is even more dangerous than COVID which is exactly why we are calling on you to act on this immediately and without further delay, we are also calling on you to approve an ongoing $300 monthly check for the same individuals through the remainder of 2022 or until inflation is brought back down to 4% or less.

Last year, 36 to 38 million households received ongoing child tax credit checks averaging over $400 per month. Meanwhile, fixed-income adults got absolutely nothing. It is now time to look out for those who were neglected last year and do what is right. An immediate $2,000 stimulus check with ongoing $300 monthly payments for low-income seniors, older adults, and people with disabilities as well as fixed income beneficiaries of Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA, RRB, and anyone with an annual income under $40,000. We will be awaiting an official announcement or response. Thank you



  1. Howdy! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog. Is it very difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Many thanks

  2. Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together. I once again find myself spending way to much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

    • You’re not alone Zori….I talk to myself every day… about the
      time, I spend, ‘Researching’…love it…but a little guilty about
      it, because I love it so much…but it’s….Work! And…it makes me smarter, and many people know, I’m full of information…
      and it feels a little ‘Intriguing’… I

  3. I’m wondering why the answers to the questions on rather or not people on SS will receive a raise or a stimulus check has to be so confusing? To me, the answer can only be yes or no. I have spent the last 3 hrs on the internet trying to get this information. Just when you think you understand it, as you read further or on a different site, it totally contradicts itself. I have worded these questions every way I know how, and I’m just as confused as I was when I started. I have received 3 stimulus checks about 2 to 3 yrs ago, but have not received any extra on my monthly benefit. From my understanding, we should get a stimulus check for $1,400 and a 5.9% increase in monthly benefits. Is this correct?


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