$2,000 Fourth Stimulus Check Update – Low Income, Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA, Seniors, Elderly, People with Disabilities and Low Income Individuals

$2,000 Fourth Stimulus Check Update - Low Income, Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA, Seniors, Elderly, People with Disabilities and Low Income Individuals

$2000 fourth stimulus check update as millions of Americans are calling on Congress to immediately issue a $2000 payment to help out the low income and struggling Americans. I have all the details for you on this topic. All right. So I think all of us at this point can probably agree we are in a very, very different situation and landscape even from just a few months ago. And even honestly, just a couple of weeks ago, a lot of things have changed in a very, very big way now over the last couple of years here.

Yes, of course, we’ve been dealing with the whole Covid situation, which is still around. But now we’re dealing with some other very big things on a domestic level and even globally right now. There is a lot of things that have changed here over the last few weeks as a result of this. We are now seeing this new, massive renewed push with millions of people reaching out to Congress and pushing on Congress to issue a $2,000 immediate payment to help out the low income and the fixed income. Now, of course, we’ve been calling on this for practically a year now as well, calling on Congress for another fourth stimulus check, in immediate payment, a survival check, a relief check, a fourth stimulus check, whatever you want to call it.

Either way, we’ve been calling on Congress for all of these. In fact, here’s what’s interesting. Let me just lay this out for you really quickly. About a year ago, we had these 80 members of Congress reaching out to the President with these dedicated letters calling on him to issue a $2,000 recurring payment. Do you remember this?

That was only about one year ago from right now when about 80 members of Congress were calling on the President to issue $2,000 recurring checks. Anyway, I just thought of that and I want to throw it out there because it’s very interesting. That was only a year ago. But here’s the deal. One year later, we are yes, still dealing with COVID.

But at the same time, we’re dealing with some real big issues as well going on out there. Now, here’s the deal. We’ve also been talking about this for the last couple of weeks here. All of these incredible increases in price right now as a result of the energy prices going up substantially here as of recently, which is all translating into massive inflation on everything, all the products that we buy at our stores, food with literally everything. There’s nothing out there right now that has not gone up in price.

If there is, let me know. I’d be interested to know what that item is. But from where I’m looking at everything that I look at, everything has gone up substantially. Maybe some items, maybe not as much. But for the most part, everything is substantially over.

Even just the last few months here, even the last year has gone up significantly. But anyway, this is actually very interesting because as I continue to do my research every single day, by the way, if you’ve been watching the videos for a while now, you know that I am doing research literally all day, seven days a week. Yes, that’s my life and I’ve been doing it. And I’m glad to be able to do that because I want to be here for you and help you out in any way that I can. And I enjoy it.

I like being here for you. I like doing all this research. But anyway, here’s what I’ve been finding, and this is actually really interesting. Over the last couple of weeks here, I continue to see more pushes, more pushes coming out from all these people coming out, pushing on Congress to issue this check. Well, as of just the last couple of weeks, here where things have really kind of gotten bad here recently, kind of globally, you know what I’m talking about?

But my point is there’s been all this massive, massive push now, especially with all these prices rapidly rising on energy. There’s been a lot of people here recently, a lot of new information that I see pushing out there saying, hey, Congress has got to do something, especially for the low income and the fixed income. Here’s what’s interesting. According to the recent reports that I’ve been finding, they’re essentially saying that anybody earning $100,000 or less is literally living paycheck to paycheck right now, $100,000 or less, six figures. That’s a lot of money.

I mean, let’s be real right now for a long time. For a very, very long time. There was always this kind of misconception out there that if you earn six figures, you’ve made it right, you’ve done a really good job and you’re on top of the world and you’ve made it. Now they’re saying, according to these reports, that people earning six figures a year right now are still living paycheck to paycheck, that it just gives you a little glimpse of the idea of what is actually going on out there. This goes to show that anybody earning okay, if Sony earning six figures is living paycheck to paycheck, what is happening to the people that are maybe receiving fixed income benefits of maybe $8,000 a year or maybe $10,000 a year or maybe $12,000, maybe $20,000?

What about all these individuals? Yes, I think we know because the vast majority of you here in the community are receiving these benefits. I know because I see your comments down below. But anyway, so it’s kind of interesting to see this. But at the same time, I’ve also seen a lot of more signatures on these petitions.

So we’ve talked about these petitions previously, right? So we have the one major petition that we’ve talked about previously for the last couple of years now, this is the one on the Change.org website, by the way, that one has about 3,040,000 signatures as of right now, just a little bit less than that. So that is massive. So it reached 3 million signatures, I don’t know, maybe two months ago or something like that. And it continues to get signatures.

Anytime that I look at it, it still shows that people are signing it like literally minutes before that I’ve looked at it. It shows the last couple of people that have signed it says Nancy signed three minutes ago, Bob signed six minutes ago, Dylan signed four minutes ago, something like this. It’s like people are still signing these petitions as of right now. There’s about six petitions out there right now that are gathering signatures for additional stimulus checks here in 2022, especially with everything going on right now. And what’s interesting about it, according to what I’ve been seeing, it looks like these things have been gathering a lot more signatures as of recently with everything going on.

So the interesting part about it is it seems that a lot of people right now are kind of looking for different avenues in which they can reach out to Congress and show their support for additional checks. So here’s what I would actually recommend doing. If you’re comfortable doing so or whatever means that you feel possible, here’s what I would say. Do one of the following again, only if you’re comfortable doing so. I’m not saying you have to.

I’m just saying if you want to do something to help contribute to getting Congress to send out additional relief, here’s what you could do. You could just find your representatives or senators online. Simply do an Internet search. You can just go on a search engine, type in their name, and type in email address or phone number or mailing address, whatever you want. You can find all of that stuff online.

By the way, we’re not talking about their personal phone numbers, their personal addresses, their personal whatever, their email addresses. We’re not looking for their personal information. We’re looking for their elected offices. Right. So the email address associated with their position in Congress.

So maybe send out these people in the email and say, hey, my name is Bob and I’m really struggling. I’m living on Social Security. A $2,000 check would really be helped us out right now, especially with all this inflation. Just do something, anything like that would be very helpful. So you could call them, you could send them an email, you could send a letter in the mail if you want.

You could do that. I used to do that. But honestly, I don’t do that anymore. The last letters I’ve been sending out has all been going through email simply because the paper ones. Honestly, who knows if anybody even opens them and how long it takes to get to somebody.

But either way, if you wanted to do something to help, maybe encourage these representatives, the senators, anybody like this to actually issue another stimulus check, I would highly recommend get on the phone, make some phone calls, get on your email, send out a couple of emails, let them know. I would also recommend this. Try to make your email relatively short, maybe like two or three sentences. The reason I say that is if it gets too long, if they do happen to open it and it’s like three paragraphs, they’re probably just going to say, I don’t really have time to read this. But if it’s two or three, maybe four sentences long, they might actually gloss over it really quickly and they might kind of get the general idea.

So I would say do something like that. Again, the same with a voicemail. If you call and leave a voicemail or you talk to a staffer, somebody like this, I’d say make it relatively quick, maybe try to make it 30, 45 seconds, something like that. Kind of get to the point right away. My point is on that is simply because if it gets to be too long, they’re probably just going to probably go click next and they’ll go to the next one.

So I just want to let you know, kind of get it out right away. Hey, my name is Bob. I’m struggling right now, living on Social Security. If you guys could issue a $2,000 check, that would really help us out right now and we’d be in a much better position. But we’re really struggling right now with this massive inflation.

So anything like this would certainly be helpful. So we’ve got to stick together through this time. We need to continue doing everything we possibly can to get out to Congress to let our voices be heard, do anything we can, emails, letters, phone calls, anything. It all helps, especially as many of us reach out to them.

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