$2,000 Fourth Stimulus Check Update – Social Security, SSI, SSDI, Low Income

$2,000 Fourth Stimulus Check Update - Social Security, SSI, SSDI, Low Income

$2000 fourth stimulus check update specifically focused on the low income and fixed income beneficiaries of Social Security, including retirement disability, SSDI survivors, SSI, VA, and other RRB. I have all the details and what you need to know as of right now, so let’s get into it and discuss all the details. Now, this is a really good question, which I continue to see showing up down in the comments section where some of you are reaching out, asking what is going on with a $2000 stimulus check? Are we still getting something? Is something going to be happening here?

Are they talking about it? Is there any updates on this thing? What is actually happening with another check, whether it happens to be a $1,500 check, a $2,000 check, or any type of ongoing monthly payments? Where do we currently stand? What’s going on there are just some really good questions, which I want to focus on right here on this topic.

And of course, focus on a $2,000 Ford stimulus check for all of those fixed-income beneficiaries that I just mentioned a few seconds ago at the beginning of this topic. So let’s get into it and discuss where we currently stand, because things have changed as of recently, and discuss where we go from here. All right, with that being said, let’s get right into it. However, really fast before we do, thank you so much for visiting our site.

I am your one and only daily advocate and I’m very much dedicated to you and this community to continue doing all the research and breaking it all down into these short topics so you can stay updated with what is actually going on right now as far as money, benefits programs, new bills, pieces of legislation, checks, stimulus raises to benefits, as well as so many other things that continue to pop up right now, including announcements out of Congress, announcements out of the President and administration. There are a lot of different things that are being mentioned right now, a lot of ideas that are being floated. So again, I want to continue watching all that stuff very closely and bringing those updates right here on these topics so that you can grab as much as you possibly can right now during this very expensive time that we continue to live through with rapidly rising inflation and virtually everything else that continues happening during this very weird time. So, again, thanks so much for joining me. let’s get into it and discuss where we currently stand with a $2,000 for a stimulus check.

All right, so again, really good questions and I’m glad that some of you are asking because I think all of us at this point are wondering the same thing. They talked about it they floated the ideas. In fact, a lot of lawmakers, over 80 lawmakers wrote letters and sent them over to the President saying, hey, we need a $2,000 check. Remember all those? Yeah, exactly.

So here’s what’s interesting. For quite a while there, we were getting a little bit of updates on ongoing checks, either monthly checks, a one time $2,000 check, a one time $1,400 check. So for a very long period of time, we saw some updates. Every so often. There was some new information coming out and a few things as far as lawmakers talking about it, some remarks out of different high profile people.

There were some things here and there, but that was kind of a slow time, right? There wasn’t a whole lot being said, but there was a few updates here and there. But now things have changed in kind of a big way here. So I do want to talk through all the details for you. Now, one quick side note.

I want to give you an update on this just because I’d like to bring you the latest updates on this, just to let you know where we currently stand with this thing and just kind of keep you updated with what’s going on. That is that $2,000 for stimulus check petition over onchange.org. Now, I don’t talk about it all that often, but I do like to keep you posted on this thing just because, again, it kind of gives me a glimpse into what are the American people doing right now? Are people still signing this thing? And you better believe it.

Yeah, they’re still signing this thing. This petition was signed up over two years ago and there are still tons of people signing this thing on a regular basis. So as of right now, it has almost 3,050,000 signatures on that petition on change.org. So anyway, if you want to check it out, that’s where you can find it. It’s change.org.

It’s a $2,000 4th stimulus check petition. But anyway, so we’ve gathered even more signatures on that thing, which, by the way, that is not my petition, it’s just somebody else’s. But I do talk about it every so often just to give you the updates on it. However, here’s what’s going on. So for a while now, we’ve been living with this rapidly rising inflation.

And realistically, with everything going on right now, it does not look like it is going to be slowing down anytime soon. Well, that’s not exactly what we want to hear right now. According to the analysts and experts, with this rapidly rising inflation and again, what we’ve been witnessing in our own personal life, and of course, with all of the economic announcements that have been coming out over the last several months now, we continue to get all of these increased reports on inflation. Oh, wow, inflation went up again this month. Are we surprised?

No, not really. Right. So the analysts and experts are also watching this and suggesting that this is likely going to continue for a very long time going into the future, this rapidly rising inflation, while at the same time we’re also watching the house of cards crumble right before our very eyes. As far as the economy, what the Federal Reserve is doing with interest rates, the stock market, the real estate market, the crypto market, all of these different things that are highly correlated because any collapse in any of these is likely going to take down everything else at the same time. So here’s what else is interesting.

As we continue to watch this whole house of cards crumble right in front of us is all of this is being predicated and all of this is basically happening because of this rapidly rising inflation. Now, about a year ago, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen were out last year, about a year ago saying all this inflation is transitory. Don’t worry, it’s going away. Well, it turns out that it’s not transitory, not even close. And they probably knew that the whole time, but yet they continue to say, oh, it’s transitory.

It’ll be around for only a short amount of time. Don’t worry, it’ll be gone. Well, yeah, now here we are a year later and it’s still going very hot right now. So with all that being said, this is kind of the consequences of that rapidly rising inflation is that everything kind of collapses right before our eyes. So here’s what’s happening as we continue moving forward.

The more that things kind of fall on top of each other, as far as this house of cards collapses, the likelihood of ongoing checks like this, either a one time check or some type of ongoing monthly payments, continues to increase more and more. Because here’s the thing, as I’ve talked about in a previous topic just maybe a couple of weeks ago, I want to show you the details on this because this is actually pretty interesting. So back in 2000 well, first of all, let me say this much. Over the last few recessions that we’ve all been through, let me tell you the details on this because it’s kind of interesting and it’s a little bit eye opening. And again, this gives us a glimpse into what we’re likely going to be seeing probably relatively soon because of this current recession that we’re basically playing in right now.

So back in 2001, we got $300 stimulus checks as individuals because of the current recession in 2001. If we fast forward up to 2008, we got $600 stimulus checks once again, because of the recession in 2008. In 2020, we got $200 stimulus checks because of the recession in early 2020. Guess what? A recession is upon us.

Once again, however, let me point this out for you. All of those numbers that isolate out $300, $600, $1200, do you see a trend? They continue doubling every single time. 300 doubled is $600, $600 double the $1200, $1200 doubled would be $2400, right?

So kind of interesting to see this whole thing play out. So as of right now, when it comes down to a fourth stimulus check, and many of us are wondering is there going to be a $2,000 stimulus check at this point, the first thing we need to wonder is how prolonged is this recession going to be? How deep is it going to be? How hard-hitting is it going to be? How far is it going to impact the people?

Is it going to be global? Is it going to be isolated here in the United States? There are a lot of different issues here that we need to focus on. But with the current environment and everything that we’re watching play out right now, we’re basically seeing this all play out once again. And this is likely going to lead toward more checks being distributed just like we saw with the last three recessions.

Why would this one be any different? It’s not going to be all the same. Things happen every single time. They do the same thing every single time. Look back in history over the last 21 years, you can see the same process play out every single time with every recession.

They print money and they send it out to the people in the form of stimulus checks. So I would anticipate that is going to happen again. Now, when it comes down to a $2,000 check, here’s the thing. As we saw in May of 2009, there was a $250 focused check for the fixed income beneficiaries, like all those beneficiaries I’ve been mentioning throughout this topic. That’s pretty good, right?

This happened in 2009. Now, I could foresee another focus check going out to the fixed income beneficiaries. However, I don’t foresee it being $2,000, I foresee it being something more like 1000 or maybe 1200, possibly one $400, something along those lines. However, when it comes down to another recession, a deep recession, a prolonged recession, something like this, where we’re seeing really deep economic contraction, then we’re likely going to see widespread stimulus checks to everybody in that case. And in that situation, they could be $2,000 once again because they would need to send out tons of money to get this economy pumped back up and bring it back to life after basically collapsing onto itself, just like we’ve been talking about throughout this topic.

So when it comes down to it, I know it’s kind of a long story short. Well, it’s not even a long story short, it’s just a long story long, right? So I apologize. But the fact of the matter is I want to talk about all the details about this because this is something that we need to understand and watch closely going forward, because this is something we are watching play out right before our eyes right now. And again, depending on how this whole thing plays out, is going to determine also how much money they decide to print up, how much money they decide to send out in the form of stimulus checks, what it’s going to be when it’s distributed, things like this.

But in the meantime, I want to point this out. As of right now, of course, there is not a fourth stimulus check that has been approved.

Of course, when I throw that out there so we’re all on the same page here, a fourth stimulus check has not been approved as of right now. But I want to point this out as well. The more that we move into the future and the more that we see all of this stuff happening right now, the evidence and all of this information continues to pile up day after day after day. With all of this piling up, the evidence is getting very high right now when it comes down to another stimulus check for the people. So I hope that kind of makes sense.

But as of right now, nothing has been approved. But when we see this thing getting full swing here, you’re going to see all the lawmakers, you’re going to see all kinds of people scrambling to figure out what can we do? What can we do? The economy is collapsing. What can we do right now?

Well, they know what to do, get money out to the people and have them spend it. And that’s how you stimulate the economy back into where it’s supposed to be. So anyway, kind of an interesting concept, kind of an interesting update but this is what is actually going on right now. And I know that a lot of us here in the community are not economists and we probably never want to be economists, but at the end of the day, this is still something we need to watch out for because we’re watching this play out and this is likely something that will be happening going forward. So again, of course, as I do get more details on any kind of checks, whether it’s a one-time stimulus check, monthly ongoing payments, a $2,000 check, $1,400 check, focus stimulus checks, specifically focus checks, whatever it happens to be, of course, I’ll be right here for you, breaking it all down and keeping you updated with what is actually going on right here.

So again, I hope this gives you an update of what’s actually going on out there. There are a lot of things that are changing. It’s a very weird time that we’re currently living through right now. But again, when we see things like this happen, when we see massive contractions coming into the economy, then you got to watch because that’s the time when they come out and start printing a bunch of money and sending it out in form of stimulus checks. So again, one more time, as of right now, a fourth stimulus check has not been approved.

But again, this is something we got to watch going forward because as this thing continues to unfold, we’re going to watch them scramble like an ant farm, right? It’s going to be like a big old ant farm where all these people in Congress will be scrambling around trying to figure out something to do, as if they don’t know what to do going forward, which is pretty obvious what they need to do. Anyway, hope this one helps you out. Again, thank you so much for visiting.

Yeah, shares the topic with your friends, family, and on social media. Enjoy your day. Until next time, have a good one and I’ll catch you again later on the next topic.





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