$2,000 Fourth Stimulus Check Update – SSA, SSDI, SSI, VA – June 2022

$2,000 Fourth Stimulus Check Update - SSA, SSDI, SSI, VA - June 2022

$2000 fourth stimulus check update for Monday, June 6, 2022. This is in regards to the low income and fixed income beneficiaries of Social Security, retirement, disability, SSDI survivors, SSI, VA, and RRB. I have all the details and what You’Ve been asking for right here on the topic.

All right Now this is a question that I’ve Seen down in the comments section a Number of times here. Over the last couple of weeks, some Of you have been reaching out saying Hey, what’s going on with the $2,000 4th stimulus check? You haven’t talked about it in a few weeks. Now Can you give us an update, let Us know where we currently stand, and What is going on with a fourth stimulus check or even a $2,000 for a stimulus check. So that’s exactly what we’re going to Be focusing on right here on this topic.

I’ll give you the latest updates where We currently stand, and any new information that May be out there right now. So let’s get into it as there’s A bunch to talk about, however really Fast before we do Thank you so much for visiting. So I can keep you updated on a daily basis. With everything going on right now during this very busy time, things are changing very rapidly. There are new announcements literally every single day. I’m watching everything closely. If you haven’t done so yet, and let’s get right into the update. All right, so let’s quickly talk about one little piece of information really fast. Here as well, which I also do Like to keep an eye on. This is the $2,000 Ford stimulus check petition on Change.org. Now, this is something that I do check in on every so often just. Because I want to see what’s going on with it. Is it still getting signatures? What is going on? And yes, it is still getting signatures every single day. So what’s interesting about it is when You go to look at that petition.

It shows the last few people that Have signed on there and there are people signing up to just the last hour or two here So anyway, people are still signing this petition As of right now, it has just under 3,045,000 signatures from people coming in saying, hey, I really need a $2,000 stimulus check. And of course the ongoing monthly payments as well So that is out there still as well. But remember, I just want to say this much. This is not my petition It is somebody else who started this petition. Actually, a restaurant owner in the state of Colorado is the person who started this. She actually started it a couple of Years ago when this petition was actually originally started. It has nothing to do with Congress. It has nothing to do with the Administration and has nothing to do with the President It is on this website where just Independent people can go out and start a petition.

So that’s where that is coming from And by the way, like I said. It is not my petition, but I do like to check in on it just to see what is going on next Let’s quickly talk about where we currently stand with this Now, as I’ve mentioned in previous topics. In the event of a fourth stimulus Check, I think it’s going to be Kind of a difficult road to go Down in the event of a $2,000 check. Now, again, please don’t be upset with me. I’m simply giving you my opinion on this Now, I do still think that there Is a pretty high likelihood of some Kind of payments coming out of Congress Is going to be $2,000. Well, like I said, I honestly think. It’S going to be kind of hard to get two grand out of Congress. These days unless it is very highly focused. I mean, like a very small group Of people, 10 million, maybe 20 million people, maybe something like this If they came out with a very highly focused group of people, then maybe. We could see $2,000 But otherwise, other than that, a broad $2,000 stimulus check for everybody, like the 85% of people who received the last Stimulus checks the last few times. I don’t foresee that happening Okay. I’m just being totally honest with you. However, I do foresee some kind of payments coming out of Congress.

Now, again, I have no clue Congress is going to do I have no clue. No promises here at all with anything. I’m just giving you my best estimates based on everything that I’m seeing going on right now. Here’s the thing. Let me tell you where we currently Do stand with everything being announced by the Congress and what’s going on. Now, here’s the thing. If we do see a fourth stimulus Check and if something does get approved. I could see another $400 check being approved. But again, I do believe if it. Actually does happen, that it would be Once again, another highly, highly focused check, it wouldn’t be going out to 85% of the population. It wouldn’t be going out to 282,000,000. People across the United States. There’s just no way, not a chance that’s not happening. However, in the event that they do approve another check, I could see it going out to 20 million, 30,000,040, maybe 50 million people tops. But that’s probably about it Again, I could see another highly focused Stimulus check going out But like I said, I really want To emphasize highly focused And again, highly focused would mean low Income, fixed income, basically anybody with an. Income under 30,000, 40,000, whatever kind of Parameters that they would put around it. I’m not really sure because it’s Congress.

They’re the ones who have the final say But again, I think it would be. In the event we actually do get Something, it would be a highly focused. Check on very low income people or The fixed income, because we continue to See report after report saying these are The people who are struggling the most right now and being impacted the most By all the inflation. We’ve talked about it a million times in previous topics. We don’t need to talk about it again in this one. But that’s what I kind of foresee However, along with that, I also foresee. A couple of other things that may Also be taking place of a fourth stimulus check. And now here’s what it could be. We’ve seen multiple proposals here over the last two months, two and a half months or so, even as recent as just a few days ago.

The administration wanting to tax these big oil companies even more and then take. Some of that taxable money that they’ve been throwing down on taxes here from These big oil corporations and then giving It back to the people in the Form of rebate checks. So here’s what I could foresee coming, as well as a fourth simulation check. Now, again, it wouldn’t be $2,000, but I could foresee some kind of additional Tax rebate, a tax credit, some type Of inflationary relief check, something like this Highly doubt it’s going to be called a stimulus check. Just being honest with you Once again, I don’t foresee another check. Being called a stimulus check because that’s not really the game that we’re in anymore.

We don’t really need a stimulus check. Because stimulus is the whole idea behind it, as in stimulating the economy. We don’t need to stimulate the economy anymore. It’s already red hot. It’s already causing all this massive inflation. However, we could see some kind of like, inflationary check, or I should call It anti inflationary check. We could call it like a cost of living boost I mean, we could give it so many different names. Who knows what kind of cute name. Congress would come up with? I mean, seriously, they spend. I can’t imagine how much time they sit around spending trying to figure out these cute names that they give to. All these different bills. Have you ever noticed all the bills. They hit the table have a really fun, interesting name. Yeah, I can’t even imagine how long. They sit around trying to think of. A name for these bills. Anyway, I could foresee something like this. Coming out as well. Maybe it’s some kind of tax rebate check. Maybe it’s a tax inflationary check, or maybe it’s a tax gas rebate or Who knows what I mean Seriously, there’s so many different names that could be called. My point is with rapidly rising inflation, with rapidly rising prices on everything, with rapidly rising gas prices every single day.

As we’ve been talking about literally in Every single topic that I produce in the evenings, I’ve been telling you, gas Prices are going up every single day In fact, yesterday the price was four point gallon. That’s unbelievable. That’s the national average. We’re going to be at $5 probably By the end of this week. Unfortunately, that’s probably going to be the case. So I could foresee something like this Coming out, considering about two months ago when gas prices hit the new all time high back two months ago at Four point $33, which, by the way, that was the record at that point. There were all kinds of proposals coming Out talking about a gas tax rebate act of 2022 sending out ongoing monthly checks.

There was a voucher program, a rebate check. There was a one time check being introduced. There was a one time check of 600 introduced per person. There were quarterly checks being introduced. There’s the windfall profits checks. I mean, seriously, there were so many different proposals coming out. And as of just a few days. Ago, like I said, the administration once Again is talking about these checks going Out as a result of taxing these big oil companies, who do the drilling. Who do the refining things like this and sending those profits back to the people Now, how much of those profits would we actually see? Well, that’s up for debate, right? Would they actually send all the money Back to us or would it just Be a small fraction? Again, who knows? I’m not going to go down that Road right now because we don’t know quite enough information on it. But for those of you that have Been asking about a specific $2,000 Fourth Stimulus check as of right now, other. Than the petition out there right now. In regards to the Change.org petition, and Of course, there are a few other. Little petitions floating around out there as well. That’s about the only information out there. In regards to a $2000 stimulus check Like I said, I’m still very optimistic. That there will be something coming out of Congress Will it be one $400? I’m not sure Will it be $100 a month on. Ongoing monthly checks as a result of Rapidly rising gas prices? I’m not sure. It could be. Could it be a one time $600 check per individual and $200 for a married couple? Again, it could be And that wouldn’t as a result of The proposal out of Jack Reed, who Is a Senator out of the state of Rhode Island, the Food and Fuel Family Savings Act. That’s what that one is called, the $600. It could be any combination of any Of these, or it could be a brand new proposal Any of this at all could be coming out So for those of you that have Been asking in regards to a $2,000 Focus check, again, I just don’t foresee a $2,000 check happening Maybe again, a focused $600 check per person, something along these lines.

It could be any of these combinations or something else Who knows what? It could be any of these combinations. So that’s kind of where we currently. Stand as of right now. So for those of you down in The comments section, I hope this better kind of explains the situation that’s going on right now Helps you better understand what is actually going on with this Again, I’m watching all this stuff very closely. There are continuously proposals and different bills and piece of legislation hitting the table on a regular basis. It’s not every single day, but on a pretty regular basis. Now, there are still proposals coming out for checks of some kind A lot of these that have been hitting the table lately have been revolving around inflation, food and fuel, as in gas prices. So that’s kind of what they’re using to justify sending out this next check is these rapidly rising gas prices. So, yes, they should probably do something right. I mean, to see gas prices go Up a Penny, three pennies, four pennies. A $0.05 every single day, day after day, for three weeks straight is a. Sign of something very wrong. That’s the problem Okay, so they got to get grips around this thing. They got to get something figured out here. This is going to lead to massive. Inflation on literally everything, because all of These fuel prices, gas, diesel, all of this ultimately translate into the price of Everything that we buy on our store shelves. It could be as simple as a Bag of sugar to all the way down to milk on our shelves Eggs, meats, anything.

It doesn’t matter what it is if it’s brought to the store, which obviously it’s not made in the store, not Most things aren’t anyway. But if it’s brought to the store by a vehicle, that vehicle is running on diesel, most likely. Therefore, all of this translates into higher prices on everything Kind of makes sense. Anyway, hope this better answers the question for those of you that have been asking and if you just wanted a General update on where we currently stand With a $2,000 for stimulus check. Anyway, as I get more information on any of these proposals or any piece Of information floating around out there right now, of course, I’ll be right back. Here for you breaking It Down, letting. You know what’s actually going on right now and what may be available for you to grab Remember, there’s a lot of other programs, proposals, checks, money reform.

So I hope this one helps you enjoy your day. have a nice day and I’ll catch you in later.



  1. Seems like to me, our so called Government has forgot who brought them to the dance. They’re leaving with someone else and leaving SSA people behind. This so called President (what a joke). Is doing just what he wanted, in a comment he said awhile back. The elderly should die. Me I’m a survivor. I worked for a living, I’m disabled, but I can’t get a stimulus check because I’m on SSA now. If it wasn’t for my husband’s death benefit I wouldn’t have anything.


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