A hardcover version of the Prado? The new Lexus GX will be unveiled or imported within this year!


A hardcover version of the Prado? The new Lexus GX will be unveiled or imported within this year!

Recently, overseas media released a set of imaginary pictures (unofficial) of a new generation of Lexus GX, whose design language is somewhat similar to the new Lexus TX. In addition, there is also news that the new GX will be unveiled in 2023, and it is expected to continue the previous introduction in the form of official imports, and the price may not fluctuate much.

For reference, the Lexus GX that was introduced into the domestic market has been updated until the 2015 model, and some models are priced at over one million.

According to the product plan for the next five years officially announced by Lexus, the GX model will be replaced in 2024.

In terms of appearance, the front face design of the new car is very radical. Lexus’ iconic spindle-type front air intake grille has disappeared, replaced by a large-sized trapezoidal air intake similar to the big mouth style, and the grille decoration has also been changed to a dot matrix. style layout embellishment.

(Some pictures are of old models)

The headlights on the new car have also changed to some extent. Although the daytime running lights are still sharp, their overall style is more simple and slender. With the segmented lower surround and the towering front of the car, the visual experience is still extremely atmospheric.

The bright chrome-plated decorations inlaid throughout the body enhance the sense of class and luxury to a certain extent, and the square and powerful body contour lines still have the consistent sense of strength of Lexus GX.

In terms of interior, there is currently no news about the new car from the official or other channels, but the new car will most likely continue the design layout of the old model, but it is expected that there will be some changes in details and configurations. Decorative texture has always been Lexus’ advantage.

(Some pictures are of old models)

For example, the iconic mahogany steering wheel, 10.3-inch floating multimedia display, Mark Levinson audio and other configurations may still appear on the new car, but the overall style may become the latest style of the Lexus family. Will be inferior to the old model.

In terms of power, the power system of the new Lexus GX has not been officially announced. It is expected that the overall changes in terms of performance may not be large, but there is a high probability that electrified components will be added.

For reference, the 2022 GX460 currently introduced into domestic sales through parallel imports is equipped with a 4.6-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine, which meets the National 6b emission certification. New cars may reduce emissions and add low-capacity batteries and motors to form a mild hybrid system to improve emissions and environmental protection requirements.

Although the current generation of Lexus GX series on sale has the same platform as the Toyota Prado, due to the positioning of the Lexus luxury brand, it will be different from the Prado in terms of hardware such as craftsmanship and materials. Therefore, the GX series is also regarded by many consumers as the “luxury version” of the Prado.

At present, after Lexus GX stopped production in China a few years ago, the official has not announced the plan to introduce it into the country. It is estimated that it is a bit uncertain to re-enter the domestic market. If the new model can be sold in China, compared with BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLE and Audi Q7, the advantage of Lexus GX may be its stronger performance and off-road capability. If you don’t want to be too high-profile, you can choose Lexus GX. A good choice.




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