Approved! Stimulus Checks for the Low Income – Stimulus Checks Specifically Focused on Low Income

Approved! Stimulus Checks for the Low Income - Stimulus Checks Specifically Focused on Low Income

Stimulus checks have been approved. And I have all the details for you right here on this topic. As I am your one and only daily advocate, and I am very much dedicated to you and this community to do all the research so that you don’t need to and to break it all down into these short topics so that you can stay updated during this very busy time as information is changing very rapidly.

All right, So as we continue to wait for Congress to approve a one $400 stimulus check or a $2000 stimulus check or even monthly recurring payments for everybody that is low income across the entire United States, there are actually multiple different States out there right now that have already approved stimulus checks on the state level. And there’s a bunch of other States out there right now that have stimulus checks on the table that are still awaiting approval.

So in this topic, I do want to break down all of the States that have actually already approved stimulus checks. And then, of course, I do want to give you a list of other States out there right now that do have stimulus checks on the table that are waiting for final approval. There are a lot of States out there that have a lot of extra money, and they do want to give that back to the people. Now, to be totally clear, the stimulus checks on the state level are significantly less than those that are sent out from the IRS, with the exception of one state. However, I do want to walk through all of this because realistically, during this time that we’re living through right now, even if it’s $100, it’s still better than absolutely nothing, even though we need significantly more than $100.

My point is, anything will help right now, even if it happens to be just a little bit. So I do want to run through the full list with you on this topic. A couple of the key things that I want to point out as well. For the vast majority of these States right now, they do have approved stimulus checks or stimulus payments on the level, whereas they are still awaiting a final approval. Here’s what it basically comes down to.

And this is pretty much across the board for pretty much all States. For the vast majority of these States, you need to be a resident of the state for pretty much the entire last year, for the entire year of 2021. Next, your income as an individual needs to be under $75,000 or $150,000 as a married couple. Other than that, that’s pretty much the same across all of these States. So just want to lay that out there.

But I think the vast majority of people in this community are probably falling within these parameters. There’s probably nothing to worry about. But again, just want to throw it out there so we’re all on the same page here and know everything that is going on. All right. With that being said, let’s jump into the list and I will walk through these States one at a time.

Now, one more thing. If you’re located in one of these States that I’m about to list right here, I would highly advise doing some research on your own. I’m not going to go into a ton of detail. I’m briefly going to hit on the States and then give you the dollar amount that’s up for grabs right now in each of these States. So again, there are a lot of things to talk about here.

Let’s buzz through these one at a time. All right, So first off, Georgia, if you’re in the state of Georgia, $250 as an individual or $500 as a married couple. So that’s the state of Georgia. Next, Idaho, $75.

If you are in the state of Idaho or there is up to 12% of your Idaho state taxes, here’s what I would recommend. If you’re in the state of Idaho, I would highly recommend looking into this one. This one is a little bit different. When I originally saw this one at $75, I thought, really, $75? That’s it.

So here’s what I would recommend. If you’re in the state of Idaho, I would look into this one a little bit more here. It’s kind of a different program. I’m going to be honest with you. The parameters on this one out of Idaho is a little bit different than other parameters that we’ve seen out of other States.

Either way, it’s still better than nothing. Also, I want to throw this one out of the city of Chicago. In Illinois, those gas cards, 50,000 gas cards worth up to $150 each. We’ll be going on the table here. Starting on April 27, you can start putting your name in the hat to draw in that lottery to grab one of those $150 prepaid gift cards in the city of Chicago.

So please remember that one as well. All right. Next on my list is Indiana. If you’re in the state of Indiana, over 4.3 million residents in that state will be getting a $125 check as an individual or $250 check as a married couple. Again, that is the state of Indiana.

Next, the state of New Jersey. If you are in New Jersey, $250 as an individual or $500 as a married couple, check that one out if you’re in the state of New Jersey. Next on my list is the state of New Mexico. If you are in the state of New Mexico, the same thing is $250 As an individual or $500.

As a married couple. Now, all of these States that I just mentioned right here are already approved. These checks are not up in the air. They are already approved. These are the ones that are already a done deal.

They’ve passed the legislation on the state level. They’re good to go. Here’s one more thing that I want to point out as well. With all of these different payments that are going out here for the vast majority of them, they will be hitting bank accounts anywhere between March and July of this year. So some of them in some States have already started going out in March.

But the vast majority of them will be going out starting in May and then again through July. So just remember that based on your state, they’ll be going out throughout basically the next several months here. Many of these payments will continue to go out. Here’s what they’re doing. First, all of these States will be sending out electronic payments first, as in direct deposits in the bank accounts first, and then after that, they will be sending out paper checks.

But remember, just like the stimulus checks that we’ve received here over the last couple of years, if you can get direct deposit, you certainly want to grab a direct deposit payment versus a paper check. Paper checks can take a very long time, right? They got to print it up, they got to send it out. You got to wait for it, and all of a sudden, once you get it, you got to cash it or deposit it. It’s just a very slow process.

So if you can get a direct deposit, I would highly recommend doing that as well. But again, everybody’s situation is different, and that may not be realistic for everybody. I totally get that. But I’m just saying if you can avoid a paper check, that would be much, much better and way faster. We need the money quickly.

Right? All right. So those States and programs that I just mentioned right there are already approved. These payments will be going out here over probably the next couple of months here, starting mostly in May and going all the way through July, depending on the state. All right.

Now let’s get into a list of different States out there right now that do have stimulus checks on the table that are still awaiting final approval through the state legislature. So want you to be aware of this. There are again, many States out there right now that have stimulus checks. Now you might be wondering why do all of these States have so many different stimulus check programs here’s? Why?

Number one, all of these States have billions and billions of dollars that they honestly don’t even know what to do with. Right? So they’re starting to give a little bit back to it, back to the people. Number two reason is the midterm elections are coming up and they want to give money out to the people. And I think all of us know why.

Right. And again, that is not a political statement. That is just the truth of the matter. We all recognize in an election year, we know what happens. Right, They like to give a little money out so that they can maybe get a little bit attention later this year when the midterm elections come down. So that’s what’s going on right now. Also, one more thing out there as well, because of all this massive inflation, remember this much state taxes are paid based on the amount of money that we payout at the stores. Right. Sales taxes.

Well, it’s a percentage. Well, therefore, as we’re paying more higher prices on the same old things, we’re ultimately paying more in sales taxes because remember, it’s a percentage of our total at the cash register. Right. So they’re getting tons of cash right now. The States have so much money coming in, it’s unbelievable how much of a surplus all these States have right now.

It’s ridiculous. Like billions and billions of dollars how much money they have on the table anyway. So let’s get into a list now and talk about all these States that have programs on the table not quite approved yet, but basically working their way through the process. All right. Number one is California.

A couple of weeks ago, the governor of California was out and introduced a $400 gas card per vehicle in the state of California, up to two vehicles. So if you’re somebody in California and you have two vehicles, you could be getting $400 times two would be $800. Remember that one? I talked about it in a dedicated video maybe three weeks or so ago, that one was out of the state of California. So if you’re in that state, just be aware that you might be getting up to $400 per vehicle.

And if you have two vehicles, it’d be worth $800. And that’d be the cap on that one right there. Right. Next, the state of Maine. The governor of the state of Maine has introduced a one-time $850 check for a bunch of the residents right there in the state of Maine.

Again, this is another one that has not been approved quite yet, but rather it is still on the table right now. And the governor there is pushing for this as well, $850 in that state, which honestly is a pretty nice and it’s a pretty generous offer. Realistically. It’s way higher than most States are offering out there right now Right, So that is in the state of Maine. Next, Kentucky. You guys have one on the table as well. Kentucky is offering up to $500 as an individual or up to $1,000 as a household. So this is once again in the state of Kentucky.

If you’re in that area, again, $500 as an individual, $1,000 as a household. But again, that one’s still waiting for final approval. And as we get more information. Of course, I will keep you posted on that next the state of Minnesota.

$500 as an individual, $1,000 as a married couple. Again, this has not gotten final approval quite yet, but rather it is still awaiting final approval.

And as I get more information, of course, I’ll keep you posted. Hawaii. Yes, there are more. Hawaii is next, $300 for those individuals with an income under $100,000 and $100 for those people with an income over $100,000. I thought this was kind of a funny one.

I mean, seriously, somebody earning $100,000, do they really need $100? I mean, seriously, what are they going to do with $100? Do you know what I mean? So I just thought, like, why don’t you just take that money for somebody earning 100 grand and just give it to the lower-income people? Seriously, somebody earning 100 grand a year, they don’t really care about $100.

I mean, maybe they do, but probably not that much. My point is don’t give it to them. Take that $100. Give it to the low-income people. Seriously, just Jack up the amount for the lower-income people under 100 grand.

I guess that’s what I would say if I were in Hawaii. But again, that’s just my opinion. But anyway, Hawaii, $300 for those people with an income under $100,000, and $100 for those people with an income over $100,000. So these are some of the other programs. One more I have here on the table for you.

Actually, technically, I have two more Pennsylvania. This is actually the most generous program out there right now. $2,000 stimulus check. Yeah, that’s a big one, right? Yes.

The governor of the state of Pennsylvania is talking about a $2,000.01 time stimulus check for those residents in the state of Pennsylvania. That’s a lot. That is by far the most generous stimulus check on the state level. So that governor is going in big, go big or go home, I guess is what they’re saying is in Pennsylvania. Right.

So anyway, again, this one has not been approved yet. But the latest details on this is that the governor was out talking about this yesterday and wants these checks to be approved, like right away. So, hey, those people in the state of Pennsylvania, you could be looking at a massive, massive payment here. This would actually be even bigger than any payment we’ve ever received out of the IRS and out of the treasury. So the biggest check that we’ve received from other stimulus checks on the federal level was $1,400.

And that was about a year ago, Right. So Pennsylvania, hey, keep an eye on this one. This is potentially a pretty big one. And I do know that there are some people right here in this community from the state of Pennsylvania.

So keep an eye on that one. Your governor may be looking out for you. Two grand, man, that’d be awesome, right? So the governor of Pennsylvania knows where it’s at right now with everything going on. So maybe people in Congress will maybe follow in the footsteps of the governor out of the state of Pennsylvania.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. One more is out of the state of New York. So New York has a variety of different programs out there. This one is about $600 for those people in the state of New York. Now, there’s a variety of different programs and a variety of different parameters.

But New York is kind of interesting because New York is just like California in a sense. Whereas these programs are popping up. California has multiple different programs, multiple different offers, multiple different checks, and UBI, universal basic income, or guaranteed basic income programs. The same with New York. What’s interesting about it is New York and California have some of the highest populations in the country as well.

These States happen to be pretty generous when it comes to giving money to the residents. I would say California is by far the most generous state out there right now, giving money to the residents, especially the low-income. But again, New York is not that far behind. Anyway. These are the programs that are out there right now.

Of course, as I do get more information, I’ll be right back here for you breaking it all down and we will continue doing everything we possibly can to get out to people in Congress, as in those individuals who represent the entire country, not just on a state level. And we will continue to hammer down on these people doing everything we possibly can to get a $2,000 check out of them, a one $400 check out of them, monthly checks out of them. Anything we can possibly get out of them other than lint in our pockets Would probably be a pretty good thing right now Right. And I will continue to do whatever I possibly can for you right here in this community to not only keep you updated, but to continue to be your voice and advocate for you in any way that I possibly can to help you get some extra relief right now.

So again, I hope you’re having a nice day and I hope this video helps you out. And again, as I get more information on any of these programs, of course, I’ll be right back here breaking it down for you. If you are in any of those five States that I mentioned at the beginning of the video that already have approved checks, I would highly recommend doing some research on your own and see what you got to do on your state level to actually claim that money, if there’s anything you need to do. So again, those States are Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, New Jersey, and New Mexico, as well as those people in Illinois, in the city of Chicago. Be aware of those 50,000 gas cards going out here in about a week and a half time, so be aware of that as well.

Enjoy your day and I’ll catch you in later.





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