Biden Signed the Bill – Stimulus Package Update 2022

Biden Signed the Bill - Stimulus Package Update 2022

President Biden has signed the bill. Also, Democrats are changing their tune on the next stimulus package and what they’re going to do to help out millions of struggling Americans and three 7 million families have fallen back into poverty and what Congress plans to do about it. I have all the details for you on this topic.

As this information continues to change very, very rapidly right now, it is so incredibly busy with so many things going on right now. I do all the research so that you don’t need to I spend hours and hours reading all kinds of different things, and I distill it down into the shortest possible topics that I can deliver right here on the site.

Thank you so much to all of you for the very nice messages on that one topic from yesterday, which, by the way, thank you for all the nice messages on all the topics. But specifically, that topic yesterday where I talked about Snap benefits, and I even called that 1800 number so we could hear the automated system and how to connect with your local office to apply for benefits or to even ask your local representatives some questions about Snap benefits. I saw some really nice messages on that topic and I even saw some of you reaching out saying, hey, I think I might be eligible for these benefits. Maybe I should apply. Yes, you should apply.

Seriously, Snap is a great program out there. If you’re low income or if you’re fixed income, you’re probably eligible to receive some Snap benefits. Now, I know there are some of you out there that are not too fond of the program, but at the end of the day, realistically, it is money that you can spend on food at the grocery store. Why not? Seriously, especially right now when things are so incredibly expensive.

If you can get $100, $200 some money to help you out at the grocery store, it would certainly be very helpful. So again, thanks so much for the messages and I hope that you can grab some of those benefits. There’s a lot of money out there right now and I just want you to grab as much as you possibly can. So anyway, thank you so much. And let’s get into this update here.

All right. So in accordance with the new report, that was just released since the child tax credit payments have stopped as of 2022, they have now reported that 3.7 million families and kids have fallen back into poverty. Now, this is just the start of it because we’ve now had two months now where these monthly payments should have gone out, but they did not go out. However, at the same time, we don’t see a whole lot of updates out there talking about how all of these individuals, about 36 to 38 million families are still due another lump sum payment right here in 2022. So you probably know who you are.

I’ve talked about this in a few other videos. Please claim that money, seriously, because if you don’t claim it, you’re not going to get it. So you got to claim that money by filing a tax return. But again, this is not tax advice or accounting advice, just letting you know. But anyway, at the same time, it’s kind of interesting to see how these 3.8 million families have fallen back into poverty.

But at the same time, it’s interesting how we don’t hear all that many updates about roughly 25 to 50 million lower-income adults, fixed income beneficiaries of Social Security, SSDI survivors, retirement, SSI, disabled seniors. Seriously, there are so many people out there right now that are adults living in poverty right now, but yet we don’t really hear a whole lot about them. Right? We hear about the families. And again, nobody should be living in poverty in this country.

But at the end of the day, it’s kind of interesting that we hear about these reports there all the time. But yet we kind of sidestep all the talk about maybe adults that are living in poverty. Gee, I don’t know, maybe they could use a little bit of support right now, too. So maybe some ongoing monthly checks for all of these individuals would certainly be very helpful. So anyway, we just have to point that out as well, just because it’s very interesting to see there’s a lot of people living in poverty in this country right now.

And as the President said, no older adults or people with disabilities should ever need to live in poverty in America. I know that I’ve said that quote here a number of times over the last couple of weeks. But honestly, I’d like to keep bringing it up because it keeps reminding us how the President feels about this or maybe how he did feel about it. But anyway, it would certainly be very helpful right now to bring in these monthly checks for the older adults, seniors, and fixed income beneficiaries as well. But that’s the latest reading, and I’m sure that number will continue to rise the further that we go throughout the year without additional payments, ongoing basis, or a lump sum payment going forward.

So with that being said, let’s quickly talk about how Democrats are starting to change their tune on the stimulus package now that we see millions of struggling Americans, well, falling into poverty, as well as just straight up just a lot of struggling Americans out there right now. So here’s what the Democrats are starting to do. And again, I’m saying Democrats simply because they are the ones that are in full control right now. It’s not because I’m taking sides. It’s simply because they have full control of the House, the Senate, and the presidency.

Therefore, they have the ability to do these reconciliation bills, and they have the ability to get quite a bit through if they just wanted to do so. So that’s why I’m saying Democrats, however, when it comes to the stimulus package and what’s going on here, they’re starting to change their tune a little bit and actually starting to figure out what can we do to grab the attention of the people? What can we do to help out the millions of struggling Americans right now? So this has actually taken over a little bit here over the last few days or so, about the last week or so. This is actually a little bit encouraging because they’re starting to come up with some ideas, concepts, and different ways that the lower-income and struggling Americans can actually get some support right now.

This is a good thing. However, they have not come up with a solid solution quite yet, but the simple fact that they’re talking about it, they’re trying to come up with some resolutions, they’re trying to figure out what they can do to come together and actually have some legislation, some ideas, some bills, whatever it happens to be to actually help out the struggling Americans. This is actually a very, very good thing. So like I said, there are no concrete ideas quite yet, no legislation, no proposals quite yet. But again, this is something that Chuck Schumer just mentioned the other day, where these Democrats are going to be coming up for the next month or so with all of these different ideas and introducing them on how they can help out struggling Americans and get more money into their pockets.

I like it right? I’m not really sure what that means, but at the end of the day, money in our pockets sounds pretty appetizing to many of us here on the site. I would have to anticipate anyway, whether it’s who knows how much, a couple of $100, a couple thousand dollars. It would certainly be very helpful right now. But again, we don’t really know all the details quite yet.

But either way, the discussions between lawmakers and Democrats have certainly changed a little bit from mainly focusing on many other things within the packages, like reforming Medicare and climate change and all kinds of different provisions that were in the package to all of a sudden they’re starting to change their tune a little bit, discussing what can we do for the struggling Americans? They’re finally figuring it out that, hey, there’s a lot of people out there that are struggling. So this is a really, really good thing. Of course, as we get more details, I will continue to keep you posted, but there’s just a lot going on right now. And these are some of the discussions between lawmakers right now.

It’s encouraging, right? Even though we don’t have a solution quite yet, it is still very encouraging. Also, the President earlier today did sign the continuing resolution. Now, this is a very good thing. This is what’s going to keep the government funded for three more weeks.

So not like 90 more days or nine more months or whatever. It’s just going to be three more weeks until March 11. So this will actually be a really nice thing. We don’t have to worry about a government shutdown as of right now. But as of late yesterday evening, the Senate did pass through with a continuing resolution.

They sent it on to the President. And a lot of times it takes quite a while to get his signature. But this time he signed it earlier, right away. So we’re good to go. But remember, just because the Senate and the House passed it, it’s not a done deal until the President signs it, right.

So again, until he were to sign that, then we’d still be up in the air. But it’s a signed package. It’s a signed bill. We’re good to go. No more worries on that one, at least until about midish March time, when we get around to the next time we have to talk about this exact same situation when we’re facing a potential another government shutdown.

But either way, between now and then, there will likely be a lot more discussion about the stimulus package and what they can do to help out struggling Americans right now. And of course, as always, we will continue doing whatever we possibly can to get their attention, as well as crossing our fingers that hopefully, they figure something out for the low income, the fixed income, especially those people living on small fixed income benefits from Social Security, SSDI, retirement survivors, SSI, VA, RRB benefits. We’re always crossing our fingers that they come up with something. And I’m not necessarily saying expanding or raising benefits, that would be great, too. But realistically, that would be a very long, drawn-out process.

Something like an ongoing monthly check or something like a one-time lump sum payment would certainly be much, much more helpful than trying to figure out how to raise benefits right now because that would be a very long-drawn-out legislative process. So I think what we really need to bank on right now is for them to issue some kind of a guaranteed basic income program, some type of adult tax credit, just like what they’re doing for families, the 36 to 38 million families. That is where we need to really focus our attention because that is where the gravy would be for these groups of people right now, because that would be the fastest way that they could actually do it. So anyway, as we do get more details of course I’ll continue to keep you updated so I hope this update helps you out again. There is a lot going on right now.





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