BIG News Fourth Stimulus Check Update for the Low Income

BIG News Fourth Stimulus Check Update for the Low Income

Some good news when it comes to a fourth stimulus check specifically focused on the low income. I have all the details and what you need to know right here on this topic. Alright, So many of us right here in this community, as well as many people all the around the country are wondering the exact same thing.

When are we going to get the infamous fourth stimulus check specifically focused on the low-income and fixed-income beneficiaries? Well, there are a lot of pieces of this puzzle and various different aspects that we need to watch very closely, which is exactly what I want to layout for you right here on this topic, because it all pertains to what is coming, what is currently going on, and how all of this could translate into the infamous fourth stimulus check specifically focused on all of these groups that we advocate for right here on the site.

I am your one and only daily advocate and I’m very much dedicated to you and this community to continue keeping you updated every single day with everything going on right now as things are changing very rapidly. If you’ve been reading the topics for any length of time now, you know it is pretty much on a daily basis. New announcements, packages, proposals, amendments, things are being introduced, as well as all of these different packages and different programs that are opening up for the low income and fixed income to start taking advantage of as anything is introduced or new money starts hitting the table. Of course, I want to make sure that you know about it immediately so you can start taking advantage of it and getting in line for your share of the pie.

All right So like I said, there are various different pieces of this puzzle. Therefore, I want to walk through many of them right here in this topic and show you how all of this could actually translate into simulation check number four going forward. So let’s get into all the details.

Number one, let me kind of set the stage on this because there are a few announcements that have come out recently that are actually a little bit important that we certainly need to pay attention to. Number one, just a couple of days ago, the administration said that later this year they’re anticipating 100 million people in the United States to get coveted. Yes. Do you remember this? A few days ago I talked about this.

The administration is anticipating as a result of everything going on right now and without additional packages coming forward. In other words, another COVID relief bill, which is exactly what the last stimulus packages were without another package going forward. They’re anticipating 100 million COVID cases this year going forward in the next few months here. As a result of that, that is about a third of the population right here in the United States. So basically, one out of every three people.

That’s a huge, bold prediction, right? That’s not going to be a good situation. Think of that earlier this year. Just earlier this year, we were seeing a million cases a day. Actually, at the peak, we were at about 1.3 million cases a day for a few days, but we were certainly over a million cases a day for many days in a row.

That was pretty big. But could you imagine 100 million cases, new cases? That would not be a good situation. Okay. Remember, COVID is the reason why we got stimulus check number one, number two, and number three, it is all because of COVID.

So if you think, oh, covid has nothing to do with stimulus checks, actually, they do Covid is the only reason we got stimulus checks. So, yeah, covet is the reason why we got checks in the first place. Therefore, we need to watch it very closely. Next, we’ve also heard out of Bill Gates, and again, I know there’s varying opinions about Bill Gates, things like this, but again, we also have to agree that he’s probably a pretty smart person.

Right? So here’s the thing. He was also out recently in a prediction saying we likely have not seen the worst of COVID yet. So here we are. We probably think that we’ve seen the worst of it and all is behind us.

But actually what’s interesting is there are various different places around the country right now where COVID cases are once again spiking, and there are actually mask recommendations in some locations once again. So just when you thought you were out of the whole mask thing. Well, we are as of right now, but there are mask recommendations in different locations all around the country right now as once again, we started to see COVID cases spiking up once again. So again, I want to make it very clear, that I’m not here to scare anybody. I’m not here to instill fear in anybody.

But rather, we’ve got to talk about what really is happening. Right. This is really happening. All right So these are a few things that are going on right now.

We also do know that the administration, as well as many lawmakers, do want to bring in another package, another reconciliation bill, another package, another coveted relief bill, even the resurrection of the build-back better agenda or whatever cute name that they give it going forward. That is the nearly $2 trillion package that they were introducing late last year. We already know that there have been many Democrats many people in Congress, and many lawmakers coming out who want to bring that bill back, Or at least.

Just a version of it going forward. So once again, these are more people saying we need to spend another $2 trillion going forward Right. So this is something else we got to pay attention to next. I want to throw this out there as well, just something that we need to kind of keep in our back pocket.

And then we’ll we need to keep an eye on because ultimately, at the end of the day, these are the people who kind of make the calls. Right. So Dr. Fauche and Dr. Burke, two of people that we’ve heard from many, many times here over the last two years, both of them are predicting that going forward, we’re likely going to see spikes in COVID cases over the coming months.

So again, something else that we need to pay attention to because this could ultimately result in more covered cases, more potential closures of businesses, more restrictions coming in, which ultimately, like we talked about before, will impact the economy. Now, that’s what the administration and that is what Congress is most concerned about is the impact to the economy Right. Because at the end of the day, they want the economy open. They want the economy running.

They want the economy strong because it brings in tax revenues. And ultimately, that’s how they get their income. Right Is through tax revenues Right.

It’s all like this big circle Right. So you’ve got to keep the economy open and keep the economy strong, keep things operational. And that’s how they continue to bring money in Right.

That’s kind of like the business that the federal government is in Right. So anyway, that is something else that we need to consider as well. Now, a few other things that are going on we also need to take into consideration is this persistent inflation that continues going on month over month over month. This is also something we need to watch closely because we’ve also heard from many people, again, high profile people that have said some of the best ways to get ahead of this inflation is actually to print more money and actually push more money out into the system.

So it’s like we’re printing money faster than inflation can actually raise Right. So that’s one of the logic and one of the schools of thought that’s out there right now. So again, if this is something that they’re considering printing money and sending it out into the system, the best way to get money into the economy, they have found is by sending it out to the people, you, me, and everybody else here in this community, sending it out to everybody, and then having us go out into the economy and spend it on the goods, the services, all the products, whatever it is that we need as necessities. This is something that they have found.

And we’ve talked about it over many, many reports here, many different videos that we’ve talked about showing the reports that have come out showing the evidence that sending money out to the people and giving it to us is the best way to stimulate the economy very rapidly. Right. So this is actually a pretty good thing as well. Next, another catalyst that I want to point out as well. And again, I know that not a ton of you here in the community watch this all that closely or even care about it all that much.

But it is a big, big factor that we do need to take into consideration the stock market, which is pretty much rolling over and going down a lot. Here’s the thing. Previously, as the stock market rolls over and as it does go down significantly and loses a significant portion of its value, what do they do during these times? Yes, exactly. They print money and they plow it into the system.

That is what they do to prop the bubble back up once again. Well, if that happens with this economy, with the stock market, if it rolls over, and if we’re starting to see a big bear market coming in once again, they may need to be forced to print up trillions of dollars, once again, plow it into the system. And that ultimately props up the stock market and brings things back like the economy. Right. Because here’s another thing, too, that we need to take into consideration when the stock market rolls over, when the stock market is doing what it’s doing now.

And realistically, this is probably just the start of it. When the stock market does things like this, consumers, as in us, the American people, we typically spend less money because we get a little bit fearful. We start thinking, this is it. I don’t want to spend any money. I want to conserve.

I want to save. I want to tighten up a little bit right now because maybe my investments are getting hit, maybe the real estate market is going down. Maybe things like this are getting hit as a result of that. We don’t spend as much money, therefore, we don’t stimulate the economy as much. We don’t go out and spend as much money as we typically would because maybe we’re trying to tighten things up a little bit.

We’re trying to actually be a little bit more conservative every so often just because we don’t know what’s going on. We don’t know the certainty of everything going forward into the future. Therefore, usually when a bear market hits and when the market starts going down, a lot of people kind of shore up their spending a little bit, and a lot of people stop spending a lot of money on things. Therefore, the economy also takes a hit as a result of that because it’s less money going out buying goods and services Right.

So it all flows back into the economy. So that’s something else we’ve got to watch very closely going forward. So all of this tied together again, I just want to point this out previously back in 2008, and 2009 when we saw the last big dip in the stock market and the real estate market was collapsing on itself. This whole big thing going on. They sent out stimulus checks back then. Do you remember that? Was there COVID no, there was not. Was there anything else going on like that? No, there was not. There was literally an economy that was going down and the stock market going down and they sent out money to the people. Do you remember that?

They sent out checks to people. They passed an $800 billion stimulus package back in 2008, and 2009 when the market was going down. So again, we didn’t have copied back then. We didn’t have anything. All of these other factors that we’re currently dealing with right now here, domestically as well as globally, the things that are going on now, we’re not happening 1213 years ago when 2008, 2009 crash came in.

Right, But they still sent us out money. So something else we got to take into consideration. And remember that when things like this do occur and when things like this do happen, they do send out money to the people. Right.

Just like they did about twelve or so years ago during the last little crash. So got to remember that as well, right? So because they know if they give us money, we’re going to go out and spend it, because that’s what they want us to do and that’s what they’ve instructed us to do as well Right? So a few things that we need to watch closely.

All right, so these are some of the factors that we need to continue watching going forward into the future. Now, one more thing that I want to point out, bringing this whole thing full circle, if the administration is actually correct and if there does happen to be 100 million COVID cases going forward later this year, if Bill Gates is potentially correct, saying that the worst of COVID is still ahead of us and we haven’t seen the worst of COVID quite yet, if all of this is taken into consideration and we start to see business closures, we start to see restrictions put back in place. Is this going to encourage people to go out into the economy and spend more money? Probably not. Most people are probably going to say, okay, we’re not going to do this anymore.

We’re not going to go out into the economy. We’re not going to spend a bunch of money right now. The restrictions are coming back in Covid is raging. Let’s just kind of keep it tight right now.

It’s kind of just we had fun while we did. And whatever people say, honestly, I don’t really know. But the fact of the matter is they may say we’re just not going to go into the economy right now. We’re not going to spend any money. We’re just going to kind of keep it tight for the next couple of months.

So if that does actually happen going forward, once again, we may be seeing kind of a little bit of a replay of maybe 2020, 2021 where the economy is slowing down as a result of consumers not really going out and buying things as a result of that, they may need to once again print up a bunch of money and plow it out into the economy, which would be sending money out into the pockets of the people. And again, I’ve talked about this many times, but let me throw it in here just for one more point that we can all consider. This is all coming home at the same time. The stock market rolling over, the economy slowing down, recession fears that many people are talking about, as well as spikes in COVID cases, according to the experts, all coming in around the same time as the midterm elections. You kind of see how all of this is converging around the exact same time frame.

Kind of interesting, isn’t it? Yeah, kind of weird. Almost like the whole thing was planned. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I’m just simply saying it seems kind of weird how all of this is kind of converging at the same amount of time Right?

Anyway, something we got to consider going forward into the future. Now, again, could checks be approved next week? They could be Again, I don’t want to lead anybody on and say that they will be because I honestly don’t think checks will be approved in the next week. However, could it be a couple of months?

It could be could it be a month? I mean, by all means, yeah. Anything could happen Right. So again, I don’t want to sit here and say that for sure.

Checks will be approved in a month. I don’t know they will checks be approved in three months? I don’t know that I’m simply laying out some different catalysts for you that we need to consider going forward, because all of this is going to ultimately pertain to the final decisions. At the end of the day, does the economy need more cash? That’s what they look like.

They don’t look at the American people and say people are struggling right now. Let’s get some money into their pockets. It would seem to us at this point that they probably don’t care that much Right. I think all of us at this point can probably agree.

Maybe they don’t care as much as we want to start. They did it Right. Just based on everything going on, considering how many people need additional money and stimulus right now, if that was the case, if they knew and if they cared, then money probably would have been sent out a long time ago. However, they do care about the economy.

They do care about tax revenues. They do care about all these other factors. They do care about the market collapsing and going down. They do care about all this stuff. And the way that they can fix it is by sending out money.

They know that we know that the reports have shown that everything has proven that to us over the last few years. Anyway, I want to leave this all up for you and give you some of the perspectives, as well as some of the catalysts that may actually pertain to the distribution and or the approval of additional checks going on. And again, all the reports have shown us the low income and the fixed income are those people who need these ongoing checks. Anyway, as I do get more information on any of this, of course, I’ll be right back here for you, breaking it all down and letting you know what is actually going on. But like I said earlier, the good news behind this is it’s kind of like a good bad news.

Here’s what the good news might be. All of this converging later on, a little bit later this year, whether it’s in a month from now, whether it’s in three weeks from now, whether it’s in six months from now. We don’t really know when all this is going to converge completely. But we do know that the good news may be all of this may spur the distribution of additional checks going forward Right.

And then the bad news about it could be, well, if Covid is spreading that quickly, that would be obviously the bad news about the equation Right. So anyway, I just want to leave this all up for you, let you know what’s going on right now. I like to give you these updates just give you an update as far as what is going on, the things that we need to watch closely, and what we need to consider going forward as we work our way through the coming days, the coming weeks and of course the coming months. Share this topic with your friends, family, social media.

Thanks again, I appreciate it. Enjoy your day, stay safe and I’ll catch you again later.





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