Bonus Benefits Approved! SNAP, Food Stamps Update

Bonus Benefits Approved! SNAP, Food Stamps Update

Bonus benefits have been approved for millions and millions of low-income beneficiaries. This is in regards to Snap benefits, otherwise known as food stamps. I have all the details and who will be getting this extra bonus benefit right here in the topic. All right, This is some pretty great and exciting news as millions and millions of low-income beneficiaries receiving Snap benefits, otherwise known as food stamps, will be getting that extra bonus this coming month. So I do want to get into it and talk about the full list of who will be getting these extra bonus benefits as of what we know right now. But remember, this list could be updated here over the coming days and maybe the next week or so adding more people onto this list who will actually be getting the bonus benefit. So let’s get into it and talk about all the details, however, really fast, before we do.

And so I can keep you updated each and every day with all of these moving parts, as there are new announcements every single day coming out in regards to the low income, fixed income seniors, older adults, elderly people with disabilities, and as far as all of these other programs that continue to be announced, including money, benefits, raises, stimulus checks, programs and so much more that we’re covering right here on the site every single day in these dedicated topics, as I’m doing all the research, watching everything very closely, and I’m breaking it all down into these short topics a couple of times each and every day as this information is hitting the wire.  All right, So this is actually pretty exciting because this actual bonus raise is extended once again. Now, over the last few months here, there’s been a lot of talk about this bonus benefit disappearing, but because of what they continue to do as far as the Health and Human Services Secretary and announcements out of the administration and things like this, they continue to extend this actual bonus to all these beneficiaries.

This is really good stuff. And as of some information that came out maybe about a week or so ago, a week and a half ago, we’re actually getting more information now that these bonus benefits will likely continue to be extended even beyond the current expiration, which would be mid-July. So it’s actually pretty exciting so as of right now, the public health emergency declaration, which is still in place, was supposed to expire a while ago. However, they extended it out for another three months or 90 days out until mid-July. However, they were also supposed to tell us a few weeks ago that they were going to be canceling it or letting it expire as of mid-July. They didn’t give us that announcement. Therefore, we can anticipate that this actual extension to the bonus benefits will continue on for much further than just July. And I think a lot of this is probably counting toward all of these rising cases of COVID all across the country that we’ve been talking about a little bit here on the channel over the last couple of weeks. So this is pretty good stuff, especially for the low income, because there are these special programs and provisions in place that allow you to get extra bonus benefits just like this we’re talking about right here in this topic.

So this is actually pretty exciting, right? So let me get into the list. Now, one more thing before we get into this list really fast here, I just want to throw this out there. As of right now, this list is encompassing 18 States. However, this will likely be updated once again. For example, about a month ago, I was out on a separate topic talking about the list at that time. Of the States that were announced at that time, there were 19 States announced. This was about a month ago for the current month. However, within a couple of days after that, a new list came out and it went all the way up to 33 States that were included. So this list will likely be expanding. So if we read this list here for you and your state is not on the list, let me tell you this much. Just hang tight. We’re still a few days out right now, but it’s likely that this list will be updated here within the next few days and many more States will probably be added to this. I’m guessing we’ll probably get somewhere close to that 33 States once again, just like we had for this month.

Now, again, maybe some of these States will start dropping off, but just letting you know that these States are available and still sending them out. But there are some States out there that have already canceled the extra allotment, which is kind of unfortunate. So it’d be nice if they brought that back. Not really sure if they will, but either way, these are the States.  Again, there are 18 States on this list as of right now. But hang tight. If your state is not on the list, please do not get discouraged, as it will probably be within the next few days. Here, many more States added to this list, probably another 15 or so States. I would anticipate being added here within the next few days. So, of course, as I do get the updated list, I will bring that to you right away and I’ll let you know who is on that list. But again, this is the extra allotment as a result of the public health emergency declaration still in place.

Good stuff. It’s been in place for over two years, coming up on two and a half years now. It’s pretty good.

Emergency allotments for food stamps will continue in June for millions of Snap beneficiaries. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or Snap, in at least 18 States will continue to send extra money in addition to a recipient’s monthly benefits. The amount a household receives varies by size, but $95 is the minimum amount. Households will be given on top of the regular Snap benefit amount each month. The money will be deposited onto an electronic benefit transfer or EBT card. Snap benefits can be used to purchase food for your family at authorized stores. There are also a number of online retailers which accept Snap. For much of the pandemic, Snap agencies across the country were providing emergency allotments each month. The US Department of Agriculture, which oversees Snap, extended the public health emergency through July 15, 2022. Some States, such as Nebraska and Tennessee, have already phased out this added benefit. The States are able to do this if the state issued emergency or disaster declaration has expired or will expire in the current months. The amount of extra money eligible families may receive depends on family size. The emergency allotments are being offered in Washington, DC and Guam for June.

The following States are sending extra money as well Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. If your state is not on the list, it may still approve emergency benefits in the coming days and weeks.




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