Christmas Day $1,400 Fourth Stimulus Check Update – Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income – Fourth Stimulus Check Update 2022

Christmas Day $1,400 Fourth Stimulus Check Update - Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income - Fourth Stimulus Check Update 2022
Christmas Day $1,400 Fourth Stimulus Check Update - Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income - Fourth Stimulus Check Update 2022

Christmas Day $1,400 Fourth Stimulus Check Update – Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income – Fourth Stimulus Check Update 2022

Christmas Day $1400 fourth stimulus check update specifically focused on Social Security, including retirement disability, SSDI survivors, SSI, VA, RRB, low income, no income, seniors, older adults and people with disabilities. I have all the details and what you need to know right here on the topic, so let’s get right into it. All right, now, this is one and I’ve seen showing up in the headlines quite a bit lately. So I want to discuss all the latest details in regards to a Christmas Day. $1,400 for the stimulus check, where we currently stand, where we go from here, and all the latest updates as things have changed in a quite a big way as of recently, and a lot of big announcements have also come out recently.

Therefore, I want to bring up to speed as far as what’s going on, is there actually a check coming and what are all the latest details. Let’s get into it as we have a lot to talk about yet again right here in this topic.

And most importantly, anything out there right now you can possibly grab and or take advantage of, including money, benefits, raises to benefits programs, checks, stimulus or anything else along those lines. I want to bring it to your attention right away. And also so you can see how this is going to impact you, your money, your benefits, your lifestyle, your bank account, and anything else going on right now during this very, very busy time. So again, thanks so much for joining me. I am here for you in any way that I possibly can be.

That’s my dedication, that’s my commitment, and as always, I’m sticking to it. so you don’t miss any topics going forward and let’s get into it and talk about Christmas Day $1,400 Stimulus Check what is all of this business? All right, so maybe you’ve also seen this in the headlines or maybe you’ve heard other people talking about it, or maybe you’ve seen it while browsing around online as well. I know that I’ve come across asked this multiple different times and I thought, what is this going on? Every time that I see it, I think, okay, let’s read about it and see what this is all about.

So, of course, I wanted to talk about this right here in the topic because many of us are wondering what is really going on? Are we going to get another check? Are we not? Is there going to be some kind of update on this? Are we going to get something?

How much is going to be who’s it going to include all the details and all the questions that many of us have been asking for a very, very long time now, right? It’s been a very long time. In fact, we’re coming up on two years since the last time that we saw a stimulus check in the amount of $1,400 or any check in that sense from the federal government. Now, to be completely fair, yes, there are a bunch of states out there that did send out checks in the year of 2022. And again, I just want to be completely fair, yes, there are a bunch of states out there, but does that encompass everybody across the entire United States?

No, not even close. Does it encompass half the people? Probably not even really. Obviously, I don’t know exactly how many people have gotten state stimulus checks, but I’d be willing to bet that it’s probably not even half the people out there. There’s no way, because it’s only been not even half the states.

So again, there’s no possible way that half the people in the country could be getting checks. So again, we’re all waiting on the big check out of the federal government because that is all encompassing across the entire United States, not by a state by state kind of level. So that’s what I want to talk about. But anyway, let’s quickly talk about what a Christmas Day $1,400 stimulus check means and what is this all about? So every time that I come across this, I feel like I want to dig into it a little bit further and see what is really going on here.

And what does this talk about here’s what it comes down to. As we know, the holidays are here. In fact, we’re the holidays are kind of wrapping up here really soon, right? The days go by very, very fast. The week zip on right on by and before we know it, we’re going to be right into 2023, right?

It’s not that far away, right? Only a couple of weeks away and there we are, boom. 2023. And there we go, right? So anyway, what it comes down to is essentially during this year, we’ve already seen a lot of people cutting back on spending in a really, really big way, right.

We knew this coming into the holiday shopping season. We knew that there were going to be a lot of people that simply don’t have any money. We know that credit cards are tapped out. We’ve seen this for a very long time now. In fact, I’ve been talking about it all this year.

We continue to see credit card balances rising. We continue to see all the reports out there that like 63% of the population are living paycheck to paycheck. 48% of the population earning $100,000 or more. Again living paycheck to paycheck. The lower the income, the more that people are living paycheck to paycheck or just really scraping by right now.

So we’ve been seeing this for a very long time that it’s highly likely that this shopping season and going into the holidays right now and again, I know that there are more holidays out there than just Christmas but again this is kind of the big headline that I’ve been seeing showing up out there. So again I completely recognize there are way more holidays than just Christmas and there’s a lot of people out there that’s celebrate more than just that. I totally understand that. But here’s the thing. The holidays are just basically a time where a lot of people are getting together, friends, family, people that they enjoy spending time with, loved ones, things like this.

And a lot of times it also encompasses sharing gifts, right? Exchanging gifts, things like that. Well, we’ve been seeing this coming out for a very long time but here’s what the reports are showing. The reports are continuously showing that less and less people out there right now are buying things for others because we can’t even buy things for ourselves right now. How are we supposed to buy something for somebody else?

Right? So the studies continue to show that huge percentages of the population actually either didn’t even do any shopping this year for the holidays or they cut back in a huge way this year because of inflation, rapidly rising prices and yet again you know that incomes are not keeping up with this inflation, right? And when I say incomes, it could be income from anything. It could be a nine to five, it could be earned income from some kind of job. Doesn’t really matter.

It could be fixed income, benefits from all the benefits I mentioned at the beginning of this topic, income is income. It doesn’t really matter your income from Social Security or SSDI or retirement or SSI or survivors or VA benefits or RRB that benefit I’m guessing this much. It’s not really rising too fast with the exception of the cost of living adjustment that will be coming into play here in a matter of just a couple of weeks. Very exciting, right? Once that goes into play that’s going to be your raise for the year.

That’s it. One raise for the year and that’s it. Unless Congress comes together with another raise to benefits at some point mid year with a new piece of legislation or something like that. Other than the Cola, that’s the one and only raise that we’re going to be looking at unless we get an act out of Congress which again could be something that we need to talk about. There will certainly be lots of pieces of legislation coming up but will they actually act on them?

Again, that’s a discussion for a separate topic. But the fact of the matter is we continue to see here right now that all of these incomes are not keeping up with the cost of living. Right. Cost of living. Meaning the prices on things that we buy on a regular basis.

The necessities, food, shelter and all the other things that we need to buy on a regular basis. So we continue to see this, right? So basically what these headlines are coming out as, and the reports that I’ve been seeing out there right now are essentially saying that right now during this time, the holiday shopping time and again the headlines are just pointing toward Christmas. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what the holiday is. It could be all of the different holidays that are going on right now.

Essentially what it comes down to is people need more money. And realistically right now, even a $1400 check would almost to be an insult at this point. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to deny $1400 check. If they want to send us a $1400 check, by all means I will be glad to take it with both hands open and wide open, ready to grab it, right? But the fact is, right now, even $1,400 check, considering it’s been almost two years since we’ve received a check, right, 21 months or so since we’ve received a check.

Yeah, we’re coming up in two years really rapidly here since we got that last $1400 check. So what it really comes down to is even a $1400 check today is worth significantly less than what $1400 was back when we got it in early 2021. Remember that? Here’s why the purchasing power of $1,400 check today would get you significantly less than what $1,400 check got us way back in early 2021 when we got it. So even though these reports and the headlines are coming out suggesting a Christmas Day $1,400 stimulus check, I agree.

But here’s what it comes down to. They should really change that to a Christmas Day $2,000 4th stimulus check because realistically, that’s about what we would need these days just in order to keep up with this inflation. Now let me give you a quick example we’ve seen here over the last year or so, food prices are up about 14%. So get this, for every $100 that you would have spent a year ago on food, you would need $114 today, right? So if we ran the math on that again, I usually can run mental math pretty good in my head.

What would that be? An extra 140? I’m quickly running some math here. 140? No, like $200 Okay. So yes, I just kind of roughly ran some math here in my head as I was talking there. So realistically, what we would need to do is this $1400 check that we’re talking about today. It would need to be more like $1600, you know, give or take a few dollars. They’re roughly rounding that off.

It would need to be about $1600 today just to buy you the same amount of food that it would get you about a year ago. That’s not taking into consideration the same 1400 that we got back in early 2021. If we were to calculate all of that realistically, we’d need close to $2,000 today just to make it the same as the 1400 as it was almost two years ago. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Did you ever realize that our money is depleting that fast?

It’s true, it is. It’s because of this inflation, right? So the money that we have back then was worth a lot more. Even though it’s the same dollar amount. It’s the same amount.

But anyway, when it comes down to it, there’s reports that are essentially saying the same thing. We need a check. Many, many people right now really, really need some extra money, right?

And as a result of it, a lot of people aren’t being able to do a lot of the holiday shopping and even celebrate with their friends and family and the people that they love and care about. In fact, we just saw a few weeks ago that about 51% of people cut back on Thanksgiving because of inflation. That’s crazy. Half the people out there cut back on Thanksgiving. Another big holiday that many people get together with people that they love and care about.

Friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, people like this. And they cut back because of what? Money? We didn’t have the money to get together, right? Super sad situation.

But anyway, same thing comes down to Christmas. So again, it’s only a matter of days here until the new Congress will be brought in. And let’s just cross our fingers that this new Congress is going to do something for the people, right? Remember, these Congress members, the lawmakers, are brought in to work for us, right? They are there to represent us.

It’s a group of a few hundred people that represent the entire United States, right? They are supposed to be there working in the best interest of the American people and of course the United States. Do they really do that? Again, that’s up for debate in a separate topic. But again, maybe they’ll actually do something here.

Maybe they will look at this inflation situation. Maybe they’ll look at the economy, maybe they’ll look at the entire picture as a whole and say, this thing is going down the tubes. It’s going down the tubes fast and we need to maybe flush it down with some cash behind it, right? So maybe they’ll follow it up with some cash. A little chaser with cash.

Not bad, right? What do you say? I’m all for that, right? Once you say so. But anyway, when it comes down to it, this is what the reports are talking about.

It does not mean that a Christmas Day $1400 check is going to be delivered on that day. That’s not what I’m saying. That’s not the reports are saying either. The reports are not saying that a check will be delivered, which by the way, as of right now, a check in any dollar amount has not been approved. Okay?

A $1400 check, a $2,000 check, $1200, $1,000, $5,000, it literally doesn’t matter the dollar amount as of right now. Another check has not been approved as of yet. But like I said, let’s cross our fingers that this new Congress, when they’re brought in, in matter of just days from now, hopefully this new Congress will have something up their sleeve and hopefully they’ll get to work right away and get something done for the American people. And again, maybe it’s a check, maybe it’s an ongoing payment. Maybe it’s a guaranteed basic income program.

Maybe it’s a raise to benefits. Honestly, at this point, it doesn’t really matter what the name of it is. All we know is it’s some kind of payment, some type of relief. Something needs to be done for the low income and the fixed income and all those beneficiaries that I mentioned at the beginning of the topic. So anyway, hope this one gives you a little bit more clarity as to what’s really going on right now.

The reports that are out there now, the different information that is hitting the wire, I’m bringing it to you in these short topics and I hope this one helps you to give you a better glimpse into what’s actually going on out there during this crazy time as things continue to update very rapidly. Share the topic with your friends, family, and social media.




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