Exciting! $1,200 Monthly Stimulus Check Update | Fourth Stimulus Check Update 2021 – 2022


Exciting! $1,200 Monthly Stimulus Check Update | Fourth Stimulus Check Update 2021 – 2022


An exciting update on the $1200 monthly checks for low income as introduced just a few months ago. Let’s get into it and discuss all the latest details. But if you haven’t done so yet, or if you happen to be new here, make sure to subscribe our website so I can keep you updated each and every day with all of this information that continues changing very rapidly. I’m doing all the research each and every day on your behalf and taking all of that valuable information.

So you can stay connected with everything going on.

And if you’ve been reading my content for a while now, I like to focus on things focused around low income and fixed income beneficiaries as well as everybody else. But I really do like to focus on lower-income people because I know the struggle is real right now, and I know that everybody in these communities need additional assistance right now. So I’m watching everything very closely again. Thanks so much for visiting our site.

All right. So this is in reference to those $1,200 checks on a monthly basis focused on low income, which was introduced just a few months ago from Representative Ilhan Omar. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, let me explain for just a minute. So over the summer, Representative Ilhan Omar actually came out with this official proposal to send out $1200 stimulus checks or otherwise known as universal basic income or guaranteed basic income on an ongoing basis for low-income individuals. Now, here’s the thing I just said, stimulus checks.

Realistically, you could call it a stimulus check, but at the end of the day, it’s most likely more like a universal basic income program or even a guaranteed basic income program, because it would be ongoing checks focused on low income. So that falls more in the category of UBI or GBI versus a stimulus check, because it would be ongoing for a long, long period of time and possibly even indefinitely. Now, here’s the thing. These checks would be focused on lower-income individuals in the amount of $1,200 per adult per month ongoing, with an initial $600 per month per child ongoing.

So as you can see, if you’re somebody who possibly has children, you could be seeing a lot more money than just the one $200.

But even if you’re an adult $1200 and if you’re a married couple, $2,400 provided your income is within the actual income limits in which they identified as who would be eligible for this or what they’re calling as a low income. So let me walk through these numbers a little bit more here. So what they’re identifying as low income and somebody who would actually be eligible for this is somebody earning under $75,000. Now, again, income under $75,000 per year, which, according to the national averages, that would encompass the vast majority of Americans.

So these are kind of the same parameters as what we saw earlier this year with the stimulus checks that went out as a result of the last stimulus package.

So as you can see, pretty much everybody would be encompassed within this. And this is actually a pretty cool proposal, right? So basically, it would be a no-strings-attached payment, just like the stimulus checks were where you could take this money and spend it on anything that you desire. No strings attached. Meaning there’s no restrictions, right?

you’re not required to go and spend it on food or clothes. You’re not required to go spend it on a new car or anything like that. You’re not required to spend it on utility and housing. It’s literally anything that you desire. So what’s interesting about this is we’re seeing all of these other guaranteed basic income programs pop up all over the country.

Right. So if you’ve been reading my content for a while now, you know that I’m back every single week with more of these programs that just popped up. In fact, yesterday alone, I was talking about one that just showed up out of San Diego, California. That’s just the latest one that I talked about yesterday. But last week I talked about, I think, four or five of these programs that just recently popped up.

So they’re still popping up all over. And here’s the other thing, all of these ones that are popping up around the country right now in different cities, States, localities, counties. These are pilot programs. These are little pilot programs, in other words, sample programs or experimental programs to see the response behind them and to see how they impact lower-income individuals who are actually taking advantage of these programs right here right now. Well, here’s what else is interesting at this introduction or this bill that representative Ilhan Omar introduced a few months ago.

She actually wants to set up hundreds of these little pilot programs. Well, guess what, they’re already being set up. These little pilot programs are already popping up. There’s about 60 or 70 of these little programs. Honestly, I have not counted them recently because there’s so many of them that keep popping up.

Last time I counted, there were about 55 of them. And that was about three months ago. And since then, we’ve seen numerous other of these programs popped up. So I’d say we’re probably pushing about 70 of these programs around the country right now that are already sending out monthly checks. But these other programs that are already out there right now, these little pilot programs are usually sending out anywhere between about $500 to maybe $1,000, depending on the location, but usually the ones in the Northeast, like New York area.

Those are the ones that typically send out a little bit more, maybe, like $1,000. But generally I would say the vast majority of these programs send out $500 per month per individual going forward for the people who are actually eligible to start drawing on these programs. But these are just the pilots, remember? And with this other big nationwide program as introduced by Ilhan Omar, this would actually be going out nationwide. So it would be a federal program rather than instituted by the state, the city, the county, or the locality in which it’s being implemented, which is what we’re seeing right here right now.

But this is where the program was actually going to start. It’s setting up hundreds of these little pilot programs all around the country to see the effectiveness and to see the actual impact on the communities and the low-income people taking advantage of these programs to get a case study of figuring out. Okay, how popular are these programs are they working? Are the people who are in these programs taking the money and spending it on whatever one. The whole point was to get a study behind this and to figure out what is actually going on with these people.

What is the impact behind these benefits and these monthly payments? Well, we’re already seeing the massive impact behind these payments and these little programs, right. So the first guaranteed basic income program, I shouldn’t say the first one, but the big first one that we saw pop up was actually in Stockton, California, back in late 2019. So about two years ago now, that program popped up and we saw enormous success with it, which is exactly why we’re seeing all of these other programs popping up all over the country right now, which again, tends to lean toward this nationwide program from Ilhan Omar, which was introduced just a few months ago.

So it’s actually getting pretty exciting to see how all of this is kind of evolving over the months.

Now. I get it. It’s a very slow process, right. We understand that. And it’s taking a very long time to get all of the statistics and all of the data that we need behind these pilot programs to actually figure out the best steps forward when it comes to a nationwide program like this one from Ilhan Omar to send out $1,200 checks for adults and another $600 for kids.

So all the pieces of this puzzle are coming together now again, one more thing, not one more thing, a few more things. But I wanted to point this out as well. This one nationwide program from Ilhan Omar right here that I’m talking about, this is actually set to go into effect in a few years from now. So it’s not actually planning to go out quite yet, but they’re still gathering all the data. As far as how popular are these programs are, they actually successful?

Are they sending out money to people and it’s impacting their lives? Like I just said, we’ve been seeing this for a very long time now we’re already seeing the massive impacts of these programs, so they still want to gather more of that data. Why it’s going to take a couple of years? Honestly, I don’t really know, because we’ve already seen a couple of years of track record on some of these programs that have been around since early 2020, mid 2020, late 2020. It’s already been a significant number of months that these programs have been in effect, actually sending out these payments for quite a while now.

But the big thing about this introduction from Ilhan Omar is that it would be a nationwide program rather than on the state by state level or city by city level. So it would literally be a program administered by the federal government. So when anything is a federal bill like that, it’s nationwide and wide right. So federal is usually nation. And then state by state is obviously within the borders of the state. Right. So that’s why it’s such a big deal that this federal program, in other words, a nationwide program that would be instituted by the federal government is such a big deal because it would literally encompass, like, a big umbrella going over the entire country rather than just on the state by state level. So that’s why this is getting to be such a big deal. Now, another thing, too.

We do know that right now, right here, right now, Democrats have full control of pretty much all of the government. Right. So they have the House, they have the Senate, and they have the presidency. However, we’ve talked about this previously in other videos, the midterm elections that are coming up in late 2022. So, like November of 2022, we could potentially see some changes in Congress, as in the House or the Senate due to, however, those elections come off.


Right. We have no idea how that’s going to happen as far as what the actual changes are going to be, if any. But that is something the Democrats are looking at. And with that kind of in the back of their mind looking at that if this is something that Ilhan Omar wants to actually take into effect and actually get implemented as soon as possible, this is something that Democrats could possibly be looking at over the next ten or so months, because before the midterm elections, because if this is something they want to get written in stone, they’ve got to get it done before the midterm elections, because if some seats flip in the midterm elections and maybe Democrats lose control of maybe the House or the Senate or something like that, maybe one or both this whole agenda of getting these $200 checks out the door could be put on the back burner for quite a few years until they regain control once again at some point in the future.

If that happens, it probably would.

But when we don’t really know. In fact, this is the first time the Democrats have had full control like this in many, many years. So it’s been a very long time since they’ve had full control of all of Congress and the presidency simultaneously right now. So that’s why it’s so important for Democrats to get all of these initiatives done right now that they’re working on, because if they lose one of the Chambers, they could be sitting for a very long time waiting to get all this stuff done, because we’ve already known that Republicans probably aren’t too supportive of these monthly checks.

We know this because we’ve seen it play out and we’ve seen them actually announce it.

I literally just tell you the information that I find. But this is something else that we also need to take into consideration is potentially a flip in Congress coming forward over the next year or so as we go into the midterm elections. But here’s what else is something that’s very interesting. We’ve seen people like very influential figures like Elon Musk. If you’re not sure who he is, feel free to just Google the name.

He is the richest person in the world by a lot. Right. But anyway, even he has went out a few months ago saying it’s inevitable that we’re going to need a universal basic income or guaranteed basic income in the United States because of automation. Right. Robots taking over jobs.

Well, in a lot of cases, the people who are going to be out of jobs, they may only have skill sets in a certain areas. Right. Well, if their jobs are taken over by robots, what are they supposed to do? That’s where Elon is basically saying, hey, we’ve got to set up a universal basic income or a guaranteed basic income. It’s almost inevitable, which is exactly what so many people have been calling on for a very long time now.

Elon has said it. Ilhan has said it. Those names are kind of similar, right? Elon and Ilhan, they’re kind of like the same name. Almost kind of like just switched around a couple of characters.

Anyway, I didn’t realize that before, but kind of interesting. But I’ve been saying this for a very long time, as well as we continue to see these pilot programs popping up all over. We’ve been seeing these stimulus checks come out. We’re seeing the child tax credit payments being sent out on a monthly basis, which, by the way, is basically a guaranteed basic income program already being set up for about 38 million families and households. So that’s just another one of these programs.

So we’re already starting to see it on smaller-scale experiments. Right. The child tax credit payments, all of these pilot programs all over the country. So for Ilhan Omar and her initiative of getting one $200 checks out the door on a nationwide level, honestly, is looking pretty good, right? It’s all leaning toward that everything that we’re seeing out there, being said by economists and people influential figures.

Like I said, What’s his name again? Elon Musk. I was about to say, Elon Musk and all these other people economists, basically, they’re all leaning toward, hey, we’ll have to implement a guaranteed basic income program in this country because of everything going on right now. Even economists have been out for many years. Actually, they’ve been saying this, which is the United States economy is pretty much matured.

We’re not seeing a massive, robust growth in the United States economy, like what we’re seeing in developing countries, for example, like China they’re seeing massive growth in their economy because they’re still developing. The United States is a very mature economy. Therefore, we’re not going to see massive, robust growth in the amounts of 710 percent. 15% anymore. We might see little 3% growth, 2%, maybe 4%.

It’s not very much anymore. So as a result of all of this combined, it’s all leaning toward guaranteed basic income on a widespread scale because American people are kind of pretty much being pushed out of work because of automation and everything else. The cost of living continuously going up wages, not keeping growth with the growth of everything else out there. As far as the expenses going up and inflation like wage growth is simply not keeping up anymore. So as you can see here, all of this is converging to build a really strong case for a nationwide guaranteed basic income program, just like what Ilhan Omar is introducing with these $1200 checks to go out to millions upon millions of families, about 40 million.


Well, I shouldn’t just say families, individuals, and families. There are about 40 million people at a minimum, and these would be going out to actually way more than that. But anyway, it would be like literally tens of millions of people in which they would be getting these $1200 checks. And just remember, the qualifications behind this would be your annual income and your annual income being from whatever your annual income comes from, whether it’s Social Security, SSDI, Survivors, SSI VA, any of these programs like this, your annual income would be the only factor that would determine how much you actually get.

And if you’re actually eligible for the program.

Right. And like I said, $75,000 a year or less. Well, that’s looking pretty promising for a lot of people in this community who get these monthly benefits from all these programs. Right. Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA.

So anyway, there’s been a lot of stuff coming out about this. I want to come back for you and share it all with you, everything I’ve been finding, but there’s a lot of different information out there about UBI, GBI, automation, and all of this stuff kind of converging. And I thought, hey, this is actually pretty interesting, and it all tends to lean towards the point which Ilhan Omar was saying about this $200 check. So she maybe has a little bit of insight into the future, seeing what is actually coming.


And by all means, it looks like this is exactly what is coming.


So anyway, kind of encouraging and pretty exciting to see this, that maybe there will be some ongoing support in the coming years here for lower-income individuals. So anyway, this is what I found for you. I wanted to share it all with you in this condensed video of everything talking about these $200 checks and guaranteed basic income on a widespread scale.

So again, enjoy your day. Share this topic with your friends, family, and social media media,  All right.

Cool. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate it. Enjoy your day and I’ll catch you again later in the next one. Bye.





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