Good! $1,000 – $1,200 Monthly Checks for Low Income – Monthly Checks For Low Income Including Social Security, SSDI, SSI Beneficiaries

Good! $1,000 - $1,200 Monthly Checks for Low Income - Monthly Checks For Low Income Including Social Security, SSDI, SSI Beneficiaries

Some good news on a $1,000 or possibly even $1,200 monthly check specifically focused on the low income. I have all the details for you on this topic.

All right. So in this topic, I want to discuss where we currently stand with a possible $1,000 or even $1,200 monthly check specifically focused on the low income. I also want to discuss where we stand with these and some of the proposals or ideas that have been circling around lately and who is in support of these programs.

All right. So the first idea or proposal that I want to talk about is this one that was introduced by Representative Ilhan Omar. Now, this one would actually send out a $1,200 monthly check specifically focused on those people who fall into the low-income category, which, by the way, they’re actually defining anybody with a low income, according to this bill, anyway, is under $75,000 of income each and every year. To me, that seems like a very high low-income designation. But at the same time, it’s going to encompass a lot of people.

Right? $75,000 is what they’re saying would be low income. So anybody with an income under $75,000 would be eligible for this $1,200 monthly check. Now, remember, this $1,200 is per individual. So if you are a single person, you’re looking at $200.

If you are a married couple, you’d be looking at $2,400. If by chance, you are somebody who has a kid under the age of 18, it would be an extra $600 on top of your one, $200 every single month. So again, this is not just a one-time thing. This would be an ongoing monthly payment of that amount, $1200 for an individual, $2,400 for a married couple, and or the extra $600 for any kids under the age 18. Again, a lot of money on the table that we’re talking about right here in this proposal.

Now, this one already has multiple co-sponsors from those members in Congress. Now, to be totally clear, the representative who introduced this, Ilhan Omar, is one of the Progressives in the House of Representatives. There are also multiple other Progressives signing on to this bill and actually endorsing it as co-sponsors. So they do actually have quite a bit of actual traction on this one. And they’re actually having a lot of support for this one already.

So it’s actually a pretty encouraging one. This is actually a pretty exciting one that’s out there right now. Now, this was introduced previously by that representative. So this one is out there currently right now and kind of it’s in action. So it is one of those that is currently in play right now.

Now, again, I want to talk about a couple of other people here and a couple of other ideas that have floated around. Now, this next one is from a Democratic representative who has just voted into Congress in December of last year out of the state of Florida. Now, this person is also a progressive representative, and she is in support of a $1,000 ongoing monthly check, just like introduced with Ilhan Omar. But again, this is at the $1000 range. Now you might be wondering where are all these ideas and where are these proposals even coming from in the first place?

I think a lot of us can look back to the presidential candidate, Andrew Yang. Remember this one when he was actually running for the presidential ticket? He was actually talking about this $1,000 universal basic income. Do you remember all this? Well, essentially what he was saying at the time was he said, let’s introduce a $1,000 universal basic income for every citizen.

Now that would actually be the classic definition of a universal basic income program, literally sending out a check for every single person. Now, obviously, we all know at this point it did not stick. It did not go anywhere. But a lot of people ever since that Andrew Yang came out with this UBI universal basic income idea during the presidential candidacy, he was out there going out with this idea, like basically pitching this idea. And then a lot of people started thinking that’s kind of an interesting idea.

We like this idea of an ongoing monthly check for everybody. Now here’s the problem. A universal basic income program would not really be the solution. That would not be a good thing. Even though it sounds really good.

It would encompass everybody, even the high income, the high net worth people, everybody. That’s why a universal basic income program wouldn’t exactly be the best. But rather a guaranteed basic income program that is highly focused on the low income is actually a way better solution, because then we’re really focusing that money on the people who actually need it, the low income, the fixed income, the people who are falling under certain income thresholds, versus just a big blanket of sending out checks to literally everybody, especially even those people who may not need it. The high income and the high net worth people, they don’t need it. And we all recognize that let’s send it out to the low-income people who actually do need it.

Anyway, that’s where a lot of these ideas actually stemmed from was back a couple of years ago when Andrew Yang came out introducing this $1,000 per month for everybody. So anyway, that’s where a lot of these are coming from. But anyway, that first proposal that I talked about was out of Ilhan Omar. This next representative that I just talked about out of the state of Florida is also in support of a $1,000 ongoing check. Now, we also do recognize as well and I’ve talked about this in previous topics over the last couple of weeks here.

There’s now, again, this circling idea out there right now of a flat Social Security monthly benefit. Now, again, if you read that topic from a couple of weeks ago, you would have seen in that video I talked about this flat Social Security benefit of $1,000 each and every month. Now, let me totally clarify on this. It would not technically be Social Security benefits, but rather the people talking about this and the people who are circling these ideas around are calling it Social Security just so that the vast majority, like the general public, understands the idea. Because I think right now, obviously, all of us here in this community understand universal basic income and guaranteed basic income because we’ve talked about it and you understand it.

Right. But the reason that they’re using the terms Social Security to define this $1,000 Social Security benefit or whatever is simply because it kind of gives everybody a general idea of what they actually mean by this doesn’t mean it would actually be Social Security because it’s not it would not be Social Security, but rather it would be a guaranteed basic income program that they’re kind of giving it this blanket idea of Social Security just so everybody understands. Like, okay, now I get it. It would be like an ongoing check going forward. But that’s kind of just the placeholder name that they’re giving it right now.

Not necessarily that’s actually what it would be going forward. In fact, they would probably give it a very different name than $1,000 Social Security for all or a flat Social Security benefit. That’s not really how it would be. Right. So anyway, when it comes to the Social Security for all idea and this flat benefit of $1,000, that’s not really what the whole program would be called, but rather that’s just what they’re using the name as for kind of like marketing purposes.

So kind of everybody understands rather than using the guaranteed basic income idea. Sorry. Apparently, that was hard for me to say right there. But anyway, so that is another one of these ideas that has been circling around lately. And in fact, I talked about it in that previous video.

I don’t know, maybe a week and a half, maybe two weeks ago, something like that. I talked about that one right there as well. So that is another one that is circling around out there as we speak right here, right now. Now, at the same time, we’ve seen all of these other guaranteed basic income programs around the country right now popping up all over the place to help out the low income and the fixed income going forward. Now, these are happening on a state level, right?

So on the state level, the county, the city, different locations are actually popping up all these programs. Now, most of these programs are paying anywhere between $500 and maybe $1,000 in some rare instances. But the vast majority of these programs are actually paying $500 per month. But remember, these are administered on the state level. These other programs that I was introducing and talking about, the one from Ilhan Omar, the one $200, the proposal or the idea, and the support from this one Democratic representative who was voted in December of last year.

Again, this would be on the federal level and this universal Social Security benefit or the flat Social Security benefit that I’ve been talking about, again, this is another one that would be introduced on a federal level. So there’s a big, big difference. Anything that is actually introduced on the federal level would actually be all-encompassing across the entire nation. Right? So it would be a nationwide program versus the other programs that are currently out there right now that are actually operating just within the confines of the state borders, if that makes sense.

Right. So anyway, what we’re really going for here is a nationwide level that would actually send out monthly checks to the low-income and the fixed income under defined income thresholds. So again, usually, they’re identifying low income as $75,000. Now, again, that could be adjusted lower. But again, these are just the general guidelines that they’re giving us right now as far as how they’re actually identifying low income, which, by the way, that’s even more than the median household income right now.

So yeah, it seems kind of weird. That seems like a really high low-income threshold. But either way, that’s just what they’re pointing it out to be right now.

But anyway, what we’re really counting on here is a nationwide guaranteed basic income program that would send out monthly checks in whatever amount that they would agree on to the low income and fixed income. This is where the true gravy train would start moving here, because this is what would be all encompassing to everybody in all States, all cities, all districts, all counties, everything like that versus just these programs that are on the state level right here, right now that are only focused on those individuals within the state borders in which they are actually being administered. Right. So anyway, the moral of the story is there’s actually multiple different programs out there. There’s actually multiple different proposals and people out there who are actually in support of a $1,000 or possibly even $1,200 monthly check specifically focused on the low income going forward.

So even though we may be a little bit ways out from when this could actually be implemented, it’s actually encouraging to see that there are actually so many people actually in support of this. What else is interesting? There’s so much automation in this country right now. We’ve had big, big people out there. Like I’ve said before in previous videos, even Elon Musk has said, by the way, he’s the CEO of Tesla richest person in the world.

Even he has said that universal basic income will be inevitable in the United States at some point going forward. Quick side note, if you’re a White Castle lover, by the way, White Castle the restaurant, they’re actually implementing these automated robots to come in and actually flip burgers and dispense burgers in 100 of their locations across the country. My point is this is exactly where the world is going right now. This is where the country is going with all of these robots coming in and taking over jobs. What’s that going to mean?

Well, exactly what Elon was saying. A universal basic income will essentially be inevitable in the United States simply because of automation and robots going forward kind of makes sense. Very interesting. So if you roll up to a white Castle here coming soon and a robot arm comes out and gives you a sandwich well, that’s just what I’m talking about because they’re rolling this out already. They’re going to be flipping burgers, they’re going to be packaging burgers and they’re going to be dispensing burgers with the robot arms.

So just saying just what’s going on anyway? I just want to let you know what is going on out there right now some of the programs, some of the proposals some of the people that I’ve been coming across who are in support of these monthly checks going out for the low income. So anyway, as I do get more information of course I’ll be right here breaking it all down for you and letting you know what is actually going on. Share this topic It’s your friends, family social media. I’ll continue to be here for you right by your side every single day to help you out in any way that I can enjoy.

I’ll catch you in later.




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