Good News! SNAP Benefits | Food Stamps – The Bill They Just Passed | Food Stamps Which Is A Good Program For The Low Income And Fixed Income

Good News! SNAP Benefits | Food Stamps - The Bill They Just Passed | Food Stamps Which Is A Good Program For The Low Income And Fixed Income

Some good news for Snap beneficiaries, otherwise known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also referred to as food stamps, food assistance, and nutrition assistance. Some good updates we certainly need to be aware of. And I have all the details for you on this topic. All right. So just a few days ago, I was out in a separate topic talking about a bill that was voted on in the Senate, and it actually did pass. Now, in that topic, I did discuss how this would possibly impact the low income, especially about the 43 million beneficiaries receiving Snap benefits right now. Well, I do have some good news about this.

Just like some things, there is a silver lining. So I do want to discuss that in this topic. And I also want to talk about what the Senate voted on, as well as this bill and some other provisions out there right now as it pertains to the low income and especially Snap beneficiaries. So let’s jump into this and talk about it a little bit further. So just the other day, the Senate voted on a bill to expire, as in let it expire or possibly even prematurely remove the public health emergency declaration.

As of right now, it does have an expiration date of April 15. So we’re a few weeks out from when it does actually expire. However, the bill that they voted on in the Senate, it did actually pass through the Senate. However. Does that mean it’s expiring now?

Well, no, not quite yet. Here’s why. Now that the bill has passed through the Senate, it now moves on to the House of Representatives. But here’s what we know as of right now. And then I’ll give you some more good information about this.

So as we know as of right now, Nancy Pelosi has indicated, by the way, she’s the speaker of the House. She has the full say in what bills come to the floor in the House. So she mentioned that she has no intentions as of right now to bring this bill to the floor in the House to actually hold it for a vote. If that’s the case, if it doesn’t be held for a vote, it can’t pass because obviously, if it’s not voted on it can’t pass anything, and then ultimately it would not go to the President. However, if she does bring it to the floor and they vote on it and for some reason, it does pass, well, then it would go to the President, and then it would be up to him whether he wants to sign it or veto it. Well, we’ll have to see what actually happens there. But as of right now, Nancy Pelosi mentioned she would not be bringing this to the floor for a vote. Now, here’s why this is so incredibly important. So way back about two years ago, in early 2020, they actually implemented the public health emergency declaration. Well, for the last two years, it has been getting extension after extension after extension.

As of right now, the last extension was in mid-January, and they extended it out until mid-April, April 15. That’s the deadline or the expiration date as of right now. Well, here’s the thing. The public health emergency declaration has allowed different entities out there right now to implement different benefits to help out the low income as a result of multiple different programs that are out there available right now, one of which is the emergency Snap benefits that I do know a lot of you are receiving right here, right now. Because of the public health emergency declaration being in place, the USDA has been giving States and territories different special permissions to allow them to send out extra emergency Snap benefits.

In fact, if you’re receiving Snap benefits right now, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re getting that extra boost on your benefits right now, and you probably have been for many, many months. In fact, probably a couple of years now. However, these permissions are only allowed provided the public health emergency declaration is in place. That’s what the Senate voted on was to expire it early or prematurely remove it.

So if this did actually happen to come in and they voted on it and they passed it and it went through to the President and he signed it, and they did actually prematurely remove the public health emergency declaration and or they allow it to expire on April 15. Well, that also means that those emergency Snap benefits would then therefore also be allowed to expire and no longer go out, because, as I just mentioned, the actual permissions that were given by the USDA is only in the event the public health emergency declaration is in place. Now, remember, this is all revolving around COVID. Remember that word? It almost seems like a weird, ancient word now.

Covid. Oh, yeah. But yeah, it is still actually a thing, actually. One quick side note. I have been finding some more information here recently where they’re starting to say that we’re starting to see cases tick up once again.

I think a lot of us have been maybe distracted with other things going on around the world right now as far as watching the whole COVID thing. But it is according to my research, it is still very much a thing. And they’re actually saying that cases are starting to tick up once again. But here’s what we do know as of right now. So here’s the good news about all of this As long as the public health emergency declaration is still in place, it’s still active, they can continue to send out these emergency boosted benefits from the Snap program. Now, as of right now, according to my research, it looks like about 20 to 22 States are sending out these emergency boosted benefits as of now. That’s great. In general, it usually relates to about an extra $100 on average per beneficiary per month. Again, about 22 States or so that are currently sending these out.

Again, not every single state, but about half the States, not quite half the States are sending these extra benefits out right now. That is a good thing. Just imagine, again, I don’t want to have you think about things that wouldn’t be pleasant, but I’m just saying what would happen during this very high inflationary time where our dollars are not going as far, all of a sudden they pull the rug out from under us and they say, oh, just kidding. Along with everything else, we’re also pulling off the emergency Snap benefits. Again, I think those of you that are receiving them right now would probably think, great, just what I need.

Our money is going less far. We’re able to buy less things. Prices are going up on everything. And then lastly, they take away a big boost onto my Snap benefits. Great.

Just what I wanted during this time. Yeah, exactly. So here’s what we do know. As of now, as far as the public health emergency declaration, there’s probably no plans on letting this thing expire. According to some recent remarks about Nancy Pelosi and the President, they still think that this coveted situation is very much a real thing, that we still need to be under.

This public health emergency declaration needs to be in place. It still needs to be in place. And it looks like they will continue to keep this thing extended out for a longer period of time. That is a good thing for the low-income, especially fixed income beneficiaries receiving those Snap benefits, like I mentioned, otherwise known as food stamps, this is actually a very good thing. Now, here’s the thing.

I want to mention this as well. And again, I don’t want to be here and say, oh, you got to watch out. But here’s the thing. Just like everything, it will need to end at some point. I don’t know when that day is.

I’m not sure when they would allow this to actually expire, but at some point in the future, just so that we can be aware going forward at some point, at some month, at some year I don’t know when this might be, but they will have to allow this to expire or possibly remove it. That would be when they think that this whole covet situation is completely behind us. Clearly, they don’t think it’s completely behind us. In fact, just a few days ago or whenever the President had the State of the Union address, he actually mentioned in their billions of dollars of additional funding for all of these covet pills. Remember that speech?

Yeah. Right. So anyway, he even believes right now that this whole COVID thing is certainly not behind us right now. So the nice thing about this is that it probably will stay in place for a period of time a little bit longer. But we also do have to recognize that it will be expiring at some point in the future.

Not sure when that will be, but if you’re somebody receiving those emergency Snap benefits, you should continue to receive that emergency benefit for a bit longer provided your state continues to send that out again, provided they continue to send it out. There’s about 22 States right now that are still doing that. It’s a good thing. However, here’s one of the kind of the main head-scratchers, let’s call it that much. So they’ve recognized Congress, the administration, many people out there have recognized, OK, the Culver thing is still going on.

We still need to be within this public health emergency declaration. We still need to be under this. So I guess the big head-scratcher now is okay. They recognize we’re in a situation. They recognize that these emergency things provisions need to be put in place, needs to remain in place.

But yet at the same time, I think all of us are wondering, okay, you recognize that we need additional assistance right now, but Where’s the assistance? You know what I mean? When it comes to maybe additional cash payments, maybe a stimulus check, maybe a survival check, a relief check, whatever they want to call it a boost to benefits, honestly, whatever they want to call it, it doesn’t really matter to us. But I guess my point is it seems like a little bit of a contradictory statement if all of a sudden they say on one hand we recognize we’re in kind of a bad situation now where we need to keep these emergency measures in place. But on the other hand, they’re saying, wait, we don’t need to send out payments to anybody.





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