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Have you caught the trend of the glass industry in 2023?

Have you caught the trend of the glass industry in 2023?

Trends come and go, some of them became industry mainstays, such as automation and connectivity, while others disappeared. However, as time slowly moves forward, glass(1694, -3.00, -0.18%) and glazing companies need to keep a close eye on several business trends.

This includes the increasing incorporation of digital technologies to ease the pain of tedious and time-consuming work. Software companies are already writing apps that enhance organization and simplify billing, while glass businesses are designing tools that can turn buildings into digital organisms that monitor and respond to their environment in real time.

To best prepare for what Forbes calls the “Smart Enterprise,” glass and glazing companies first need to move beyond the question of whether technology should be adopted and instead consider what the right technology is for each area of ​​operation.

 Forbes contributor Bernard Marr said it well: At this point, there really is no excuse for being in the business world without understanding how AI and the other technologies mentioned above will impact your business and industry.

Glass companies also need to consider immersion. Yes, showrooms are an effective way for customers to experience products first-hand and are hubs of creativity, while conferences are ideal places to expand business relationships. However, these are limited by geography and time.

Technology can enhance these processes. Virtual reality, the possibilities of presenting glass products with global customers in an interactive environment are enormous. If you play video games, you understand how impressive virtual reality can end up being.

Think of digital buildings with dynamic glass that adjusts to the virtual light as patrons view everything from a first-person perspective in the room. With virtual reality, instead of brochures, visual representations of how equipment lines can increase productivity can be shown. Maybe you put clients and buildings in a hurricane to directly simulate the impact strength of glass.

The possibilities created by technology are endless. As we have experienced over the past decade, this is all changing rapidly.



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