Just In! Monthly Stimulus Checks for the Low Income from the President – New Update

Just In! Monthly Checks for the Low Income from the President - New

Just in some new information on monthly checks or a one-time check for the Low income from the President. Some new details were just released, so Let’S get into it and discuss what we now know. All right, now this is pretty encouraging as once again the administration is out considering either monthly checks or a one time check specifically focused on the low income This new information was just released, so I want to get into it and discuss everything that we now know about this, what they’re considering, and where we go from here So let’s get right into it, However, really fast before we do, thank You so much for visiting site. stay connected and so I can keep you updated each And every day with very important information, just like what we’re going to discuss Right here on this topic, as well as anything else that’s going on right now, especially as it pertains to money, benefits, new bills, pieces of legislation, raises to benefits, checks, stimulus, monthly checks, and So many other things that are going on right here, right now during this very busy time.

And I’m very much dedicated and committed to helping you out during this time Get as much money and anything else We possibly can right here, right now. All right, thanks again. Let’s jump into it and discuss all Of this new information that was just released All right, so this is actually pretty interesting because over the last couple of months here, two, three months or so We’Ve seen multiple different proposals coming out of lawmakers saying one time check, monthly checks, quarterly checks, all kinds of different things Tax credits, tax vouchers, all kinds of different things that have been coming up Well, as a result of that, nothing Has really been coming out of that. Some really promising proposals, some really good piece of legislation coming out, but at The end of the day, they haven’t really moved forward with any of it. However, we just got some new information That was reported by the Washington Post in regards to some information that was released out of the administration Here’s what they’re thinking. They want to send out either ongoing monthly checks or a one-time check specifically Focused on the low income to help out with all of this rapidly rising inflation Yeah, we’ve been waiting for this for a very long time now. What have they been waiting for? Not really sure Here’s what they’re thinking though There’s actually a couple of little bit Of hurdles or dilemmas that we may need to consider here going forward But I’m sure they can probably work their way through this and come up With a better solution because some of these reasons for why they haven’t sent out checks quite yet is kind of ridiculous. And I want to walk you through the details on that right now because they’re not very good excuses, in my opinion But I want to talk about this Because this information was just released I want to let you know what They’Re actually saying about this right here, right now, and what we could be Looking at going forward.

All right, so a lot of this that we’re talking about and that has Been introduced over the last couple of Months here has hinged around gas prices. Either way, like I said before, in Other topics, it doesn’t really matter what the reason is behind why they want to give us checks, right? If they want to send out monthly checks or a one-time check, it doesn’t really matter If they want to use gas prices As an excuse, then by all means Use gas prices as an excuse. I couldn’t care less the reason why they want to send us checks. All I want to know is when, how much, who and how fast can You get it to us, right? That’s all that I want to know. So anyway, let me tell you the details about this. Here’s what it comes down to. They are now floating the idea once again of sending out prepaid cards for the American people. Again, the low income to help you out with prices right now. Now, here’s what it’s supposed to be It is supposed to be a focused gas card. But check this out It would be coming out as a prepaid card. But one of their concerns right now Is how do we know if people Are actually going to spend it on gas? So that’s our main concern right now.

Are we want to send out a Prepaid card for the people And again, the talk right now is trying to figure out is it going To be a monthly check, a monthly Card going out as long as gas prices are elevated above a certain amount, or is it going to be just a one-time card that goes out? But here’s their main concern right now. Number one is how do we know that people are actually spending it on gas? Well, that’s what I’ve talked about here In the topics previously, is if these Cards come out in their prepaid, how Do they really know we’re spending it on gas? And I’ve talked about that before in other topics, of course Here’s the thing If they send us a card and It’S loaded with, I don’t know, $100, $200, $500, something like that, and they say you’re supposed to use this on Gas, of course, I can’t come here And say go buy a bunch of other stuff You know what I mean? I can’t be the one to say That and of course, I would never Advocate for that ethically If they say we need to spend it on gas, then probably we’re supposed to spend it on gas. But one of the major concerns is how do we know that’s actually happening? We want this money to go for gas, but at the end of the Day, it was just a prepaid card You could virtually spend it on anything. Anything where a card would be accepted, right? Just like anywhere that a card. Like a debit card or credit card, something like that I mean, literally everywhere You can go anywhere and everybody accepts A card for the most part, right? So that’s one of the main concerns right now as well. Now get this, they have another great Excuse up their sleeve Let me tell you this one as well.

They’re saying that there’s not enough chips available You might be wondering Chips? Like pop open a bag and sit and eat a whole bag of chips? No, I’m not talking about those kinds of chips. I’m talking about the chips that are Made to manufacture the cards. So all of these cards as they’re Manufactured, apparently chips are put in them or something I’m going to be real with you. I don’t really know the process. That’s way over my head. I don’t know it. But apparently there’s chips within these cards Throughout the manufacturing process. So apparently they’re saying, hey, we’re having a shortage of chips right now and We don’t really have the chips available To start sending out these cards Well, here’s the thing They are very open to the idea Of sending out either these monthly cards.

And or a one time card check, whatever you want to call it, for the people right now as a result of rapidly rising gas prices In fact, last weekend we surpassed $5 As a national average for gas prices, And again, it doesn’t really matter if This is coming out as a result Of gas prices or food prices or Just because it doesn’t really matter At the end of the day, it Would be money in your pocket that You could spend on other things, right? You could spend it on whatever you really need. Or maybe it’s gas Maybe you spend it on gas But the fact of the matter is if you’re not going out spending $50 a week filling up your car with gas and you’re using this card to Do it instead, well, guess what? That just frees it up an extra $50 that you get to spend on other things, right? Food or who else, who knows what else It doesn’t really matter. Whatever you want So they are seriously floating this idea And they have it playing out right now. But the fact of the matter is They have a couple of small dilemmas. Here, which honestly here’s the thing, as I said earlier, I’m sure they could Figure out a way I mean, I don’t know Let’s look back in the history of the last two and a half years here What did they do to send out Money to people over the last two years? Did they send us prepaid cards? Nope. They sent us a direct deposit right Into our bank account or into our direct express cards So at the end of the day Does it really matter if we spend the money on gas or food or whatever else? I can’t imagine too many people are going to be running out these days buying the latest and greatest 60-inch TV. I just don’t think that’s going to be happening Right.

And if it is somebody that’s going to do that, they’re probably not going to be eligible for the card anyway So who really cares? If they want to go spend their own money on that, then fine, do it. Right? So the fact of the matter is This was just reported like I said From the Washington Post, and these details were just recently emerged. So yeah, they’re actually talking about it Again, some pretty good stuff here because like I said, we’ve seen all these Proposals coming out here over the last couple of months, the last two or three months or so, we’ve seen multiple proposals coming out, some of them looking pretty promising. But from what I can tell about this, this talk out of the administration Right now has nothing to do with any of these proposals. It may be somewhat of a combination of some of these proposals kind of blended together and then they kind of just gave out this one random idea Of, hey, let’s send out ongoing checks Or prepaid cards to all the people So I don’t know Right? Pretty cool So the fact of the matter is, whether we get it in the form Of a prepaid card or a check Or a deposit into our bank account At the end of the day, money is money, right? If we can spend it somehow in The form of a prepaid debit card Where we get so many dollars loaded onto a card and we just get to go and spend it, that’s cool too It doesn’t really matter I’m not sure about you, but where I go, I never use cash for Anything because there’s no point, right I always use a card for literally Everything because there’s just no other way to do it Well, obviously, there are other ways to do it. But the fact of the matter is if I have a prepaid card in My hand or a credit card, I Don’T really care if I’m getting the things that I need and somebody else Is paying or the plastic is paying. I’m cool with that Right?

How about you? So anyway, that’s where we currently stand as of right now. new information that just hit the wire And of course, as I do get more details on this and as they work their way through this, of course, I’ll be right here for you breaking it all down. But it’s looking a little bit promising Anyway, the fact of the matter is They’Re actually talking about it is a pretty big win here and they’re coming up with their own creative ideas. Wow Unreal, right? So anyway, as I do get more details on this, of course, I’ll be right here for you, breaking it all down and let you know what’s going on here One thing I did not see is A dollar amount on this I did not see anywhere with all the research That I did, a dollar amount. Which makes me wonder, what are you guys thinking here? Are we talking 200 and 5500? We’re talking 1000? What are we talking about here? So anyway, who knows?

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