New Bill Introduced – Stimulus Package Update and March 11th Key Date 2022 | Stimulus Check Update 2022

New Bill Introduced - Stimulus Package Update and March 11th Key Date 2022 Stimulus Check Update 2022

A new bill introduced by Chuck Schumer. Also, one of the major provisions in the current stimulus package was just removed and that was just announced today. Also, a new report out showing just how Americans are truly doing right now. And March 11 is the new date on the table. I have all the details for you on this topic.

And I’m right here by your side as your one and only daily advocate, as I’m very much dedicated and committed to you and this community as a whole to help you out in any way that I possibly can. So again, thanks so much for being part of the community.

All right. So let’s quickly talk about March 11 as the new date on the table. Now, this was just introduced and revealed a short time ago this afternoon.

Now, this is in reference to the short-term stopgap bill or the continued resolution. We’ve talked about that previously in the topics earlier today. Now, this was just released earlier. So what they want to do is they’re going to be voting on a new continuing resolution tomorrow in the House of Representatives, which will actually keep the government funded for an additional three weeks out until, yes, you called it March 11. So that’s their new plan right now because they do not have a long-term solution put in place.

But these are the details and this is what they will be voting on tomorrow in the House of Representatives and then sometime shortly thereafter in the Senate. Of course, I’ll keep you posted, but it looks like they’re coming together on a solution and we probably don’t need to worry about a government shutdown, which is actually really nice. Also, let’s quickly talk about this new report that was just released, talking about how Americans are actually doing right now. Does anybody want to put their own opinions on this one? Well, I think all of us can probably agree on how Americans are actually doing.

However, let’s lay it all out there. 63% of Americans, according to this report right here, are saying that they’re having a hard time paying for the daily necessities. So food, shelter, gas in the car, the necessities, all the things that we need. 63% of Americans are struggling to cover the basic necessities right now. Now, again, I think the vast majority of you in this community probably recognize this and probably agree with these numbers.

And realistically, it probably seems like it should be a lot higher than that. But that’s kind of scary, right? So 63 out of every 100 people walking around out in the world right now or in this country anyway, not necessarily the world, but in this country right now are struggling to cover the necessities. So very interesting numbers. Right.

But again, like I’ve said so many times, this is not coming in as a huge surprise one bit at all. I think all of us completely recognize what’s going on here. So kind of an interesting thing. However, we also recognize that when it comes to the stimulus package, we’re crossing our fingers right now that they’ll offer some type of additional relief in the stimulus package and some kind of payments, monthly checks, stimulus checks, whatever it happens to be some kind of adult tax credit, whatever they decide if anything. Of course, we’re always crossing our fingers that they’ll actually do something and help everybody out.

Of course, I’ll continue to keep you posted. By the way, a lot of really great comments on that last video earlier, talking about at the end of the video, I mentioned that there are so many different things going on right now because I talked about filing the tax return. And I know that a lot of you here in the community are nonfilers that’s okay. However, right now the IRS is dishing out a ton of money for people, and sometimes there’s a lot of different provisions out there for everybody’s situation that’s a little bit different right now. And the deal is sometimes you can take advantage of these refundable tax credits and other tax deductions things like this that could ultimately get you money in your pocket.

So, again, I can make some follow-up videos to that one earlier today, and I can talk about some of these very specific tax deductions or refundable tax credits. Therefore, even if your income is zeroed out, you can still get a payment from the IRS. So it’s some very important information. It’s very elaborate. It’s kind of deep a little bit.

But I can always break it down for you as believe it or not, I actually enjoy talking about taxes and I actually enjoy learning about taxes and researching about it a lot. I would say I research taxes at least probably four, five, 6 hours a week, probably even more than that on the safe side. So, yeah, I know something that not a whole lot of people research, but I kind of enjoy doing it. So anyway, let’s keep going. Also, let’s quickly talk about one of the provisions that were just removed from the stimulus package today.

Now, remember, they’re currently working on the revised version of the build-back better agenda. Again, we don’t have the official name for it, but I’ll let you know as soon as we get that. But one of the provisions in that bill, again, we’ve heard this from many, many lawmakers here over the last several weeks is that they have a few different provisions in this bill that they think is very important and they want to keep it in, including the 550,000,000,000 for climate, the child tax credit payments resuming, as well as the free tuition or free College from community College. However, guess out of all three of those, which one got the ax today. Yeah, you called it the community College tuition.

So that one is no longer available. It’s not there. So they certainly are shaving this thing down really fast. As of right now, they only have a few provisions within this bill that are actually still on the very important list. In fact, the whole tuition and the community College was a very hot one there for a lot of people.

A lot of the lawmakers were coming out saying this is a very important one. We’ve got to keep it in there. However, they just announced today, sorry, we’re taking it out. So that one is the latest one to get the ax. A couple of other ones as well as the paid medical and family leave.

That’s another one that’s very important, as well as Medicare expansion. And again, that would be a nice one, especially for those of you right here in this community to add hearing, dental, and vision in there. But again, we know that there’s a lot of talk about that as well. So anyway, I’ll keep you posted as we get further details. But the community college, it’s gone.

It’s not in there anymore and it is officially removed. So that’ll probably free up a couple of hundred billion dollars in this package. So again, they certainly are doing a good job of shaving this thing down. But maybe this will free up an extra couple of hundred billion. Then maybe they could allocate toward, I don’t know, maybe another check.

But again, I don’t want to mislead anybody. I’m not here to do that in any way, shape or form. But I’m just saying maybe they can do that. That certainly would be really nice for a lot of people. So anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

Let’s quickly talk about this new bill that is going to be or that is introduced by Chuck Schumer. Now, this is actually a bill that he kind of alluded to and somewhat introduced in the summer of 2021. In July of 2021, he brought this bill up. It is to be federally legalized. Can you guess what I’m about to say?

Probably cannabis. Yes, you’re hearing that correctly. So right now, as we know, there’s a number of different States that are legalizing cannabis. I believe I saw just a couple of days ago, maybe last week or maybe a week ago. I believe I saw Alabama legalized it.

I could be wrong with that. But again, I didn’t read anything into it. I think I saw a headline that said Alabama legalized it as of about a week ago or so. But again, I have to look into that. That is not 100% accurate.

I’m not sure on that for sure, but I think I saw that. But Chuck Schumer is going to be introducing a bill in April and yes, he wanted to have it ready for 420, by the way. Anyway, he wanted to have it ready for them, but he’s going to be introducing this bill in April that will actually federally legalize cannabis. So rather than on a state by state level, remember, anything on the state by state level is just on the state level, right? It’s just within the confines within the borders of that specific state.

However, anything that is a federal law is all-encompassing of all of the States. So it wouldn’t be on a state-by-state level anymore. It would be all across the entire country. So we’ll see if he gets any traction with that. I don’t know, kind of interesting topic, but let me know your feedback on that.

What you think down below. Again, if you’re interested in sharing on that, I’m kind of curious what to hear. What many of you think in this community? Do you think it’s something that should be legalized on a federal level or do you think it’s something that should be state by state or do you think no way. Get it out of here.

We don’t want it at all. Again, I’m not taking sides with this stuff. I’m just simply wondering what is your take on this whole thing? Just kind of interested to know, but again, only if you’re comfortable doing so. That’s totally fine.

But a lot of things going on. Once again today, of course, I’ll continue to keep you posted with everything going on right now, but these are a few things that I want to layout for you right here on this topic and I hope this helps you out.

I’ll catch you again later in the next topic. bye




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