New Social Security Benefits Worth Thousands – Social Security Benefits Full Details

New Social Security Benefits Worth Thousands - Social Security Benefits Full Details

New Social Security benefits worth thousands of dollars available to more people. I have all the details and everything you need to know with all of these changes on this topic. All right. So now this is actually a very interesting update here, and I want to break this down for you because this could result in thousands and thousands of dollars for a lot of people from Social Security.

So just this month, a small group of three Democratic senators sent over a letter to the Social Security Administration calling on them to actually approve those people who are now disabled as a result of what they’re calling Long Covet. Have you heard about this? Well, yes. Now that we’ve been dealing with COVID for over two years now, there are some people out there who have had COVID and are still dealing with some long-term effects and side effects of COVID. So here’s the deal.

They’ve actually identified as Long Covet as a new type of disability. In fact, the Department of Health and Human Services back in July of 2021. So just last year alone, they actually identified Long coveted as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. So it is officially a disability, long COVID. Now, I’m going to be honest with you.

I have not had COVID. So I cannot speak to this and say, oh, yeah, I know what this is and that I experienced it. I have not had COVID, so I do not know what the symptoms are, and I do not know what it actually feels like. However, I have read about this quite a bit, and I’ve actually spoken to people who have had Covet and say, oh, yeah, the long-term effects of this thing actually are a real thing, and long COVID is very much a real disability. However, how does this translate into Social Security benefits and potentially even thousands upon thousands of dollars?

Here’s what it’s coming down to now that they have identified Long COVID as a real disability and kind of a real thing that a lot of people are struggling with right now as a result of the Americans with Disabilities Act. In other words, it’s the real deal, right? So what they’re coming out with and what this letter from these three Democratic senators over to the Social Security Administration was actually calling on was basically saying, hey, there’s a lot of people out there that are struggling from Long Covid right now and they should be available to receive SSDI benefits, Social Security disability insurance benefits. Now, I do know that there are a lot of you in this community receiving Social Security disability benefits. But if you’re somebody who has had COVID and you are still dealing with some of the adverse side effects from having it maybe a few months ago, maybe a year ago, two years ago, things like this, and you’re still dealing with that, you could be subject to getting Social Security disability benefits.

Now, over the last several months here, Social Security has apparently received 23,000 applications with COVID as a result of their application. So this is not a new thing necessarily. But what these Democratic senators are calling on Social Security do is start approving these cases, these individuals who have long coveted because it is a disability and these people should be available to start receiving these Social Security disability benefits. So this is actually a massive, massive change here because realistically, prior to COVID, you couldn’t obviously get SSDI benefits from this. However, they are now pushing for this, saying you got to start approving these individuals who are applying for Social Security disability benefits as a result of Long Covid.

Now, I do know that there are some of you here in the community. I’ve seen your comments down below that have written to me and left comments down below saying, hey, I’ve had Covid and it’s kind of a bad deal, right? You’re still dealing with the side effects of that. Well, if that is your case, you may want to look into this. Now, here’s the deal.

Just because you have been diagnosed with COVID at some point, whether it was a month ago, a week ago, three months ago, or two years ago, the deal is just because of the diagnosis that would not necessarily make somebody eligible to receive SSDI benefits. By the way, everybody’s situation is very different. So again, I cannot sit here and say, oh, yeah, if you’ve had COVID, for sure you’re going to get benefits. I can’t say that because obviously everybody’s situation is very different. And I can’t be the one to determine that.

If Social Security is the one who determines your eligibility for benefits. However, if you are dealing with side effects from COVID still, whenever you’ve had it and you are dealing with something like longcoved symptoms, then you may be eligible to receive SSDI benefits. And again, you may be eligible. But here’s the deal. The best thing you could do is probably apply for benefits.

And again, I don’t know your exact situation. Everybody’s situation is very different. So you would need to actually determine if you are somebody who feels like, hey, I’m really dealing with this right now as a result of the Long Covid symptoms and having COVID, at some point, I cannot perform work in the capacity that I once did. My hours are limited or I can work less, or I’m fully disabled now and I can no longer work at all in those situations, as we all know, or as many of us probably know here in the community, these are some of the ways that you would possibly be eligible to receive SSDI benefits if you were previously working and you can no longer work at the capacity that you once did, or if you are fully disabled now as a result of longcovet, which again is a real thing. Many people out there are experiencing this.

If this is your situation, then by all means you may be eligible to receive SSDI benefits and again could be worth thousands of dollars. So this is a pretty big change here as they are potentially now examining this and looking into the possibilities of actually making SSDI benefits available for those people who have had covet. Now, this would actually be potentially a lot of people right there’s millions and millions of people in the United States. I’m going to be honest with you. I did not look up the real number as far as how many people in the United States have had COVID, but I can tell you this much.

I know for a fact it’s in the tens of millions, if not in the hundreds of millions of people. Now in the United States as a whole, there are about 333,000,000 people. I do not know what percentage of people have had coveted. I honestly did not look it up, but I do know that it is in the millions for sure, tens of millions, possibly even in the hundreds of millions, but I don’t really know that number. I could look it up as well.

But either way, this could actually open the door for a lot of people to start receiving SSDI benefits. So anyway, this is a big change. I mean, seriously, this is possibly a really big thing here and this could actually result in a lot of money going out to a lot of people who are still experiencing those symptoms from COVID, which apparently is still hanging around right now. As I’ve been talking about here in some previous videos, COVID apparently is not going anywhere anytime soon, as even people like Dr. Fauchy has basically come out recently, essentially saying that we could be dealing with another massive surge here within the next couple of weeks as there are many countries all around the world, many Asian countries like I’ve been talking about recently, China is locking down many other cities.

We’ve also seen massive spikes in other countries, Singapore, Thailand, European countries, Australia, New Zealand. Many of these countries are starting to see massive spikes of COVID once again. And yeah, they’re all saying that once again, it’s probably coming here to the United States, which we all pretty much already know. Usually we lag about two or three weeks behind the European countries, and they’re kind of dealing with that now for about a week or so now or maybe a week and a half or so. So it looks like we could be dealing with this.

But again, only time will tell to determine what will actually come here to the United States. But anyway, as far as this Social Security and this letter that was sent over to the Social Security Administration by these three Democratic senators, yes, this could be kind of a game-changer for a lot of people going forward, especially if you are somebody who has maybe been applying for SSDI benefits and maybe you have some kind of disability or you have underlying issues or something like this going on and you also had COVID. Well, this may strengthen your case and you may be able to push those benefits through a little bit faster. So again, this is kind of a game-changer for a lot of people. And like I said, this would be worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

So again, if you’re somebody who has had covet and you feel like you are still dealing with the symptoms of long COVID or any types of these adverse side effects of having COVID, at some point you may want to look into this because it looks like this could be something that’s real coming to Social Security benefits, SSDI benefits in particular. And yeah, this could be kind of a cool thing going forward for those of you who may still be dealing with some of those side effects and hopefully grabbing some extra money here on an ongoing monthly basis during this very difficult time that we’re living through right now. And honestly, it’s just a really weird time that we’re living through. Right. There’s a lot of stuff going on.

But either way, my dedication to you and this community is to do all the research to break it all down into these short topics and to help you out with any of this new information that I continue to find on a daily basis. There’s a lot going on. I know there’s a lot of you here that are in the community who may receive fixed income benefits, maybe you’re low-income seniors, elderly people with disabilities, things like this. And I’m going to continue doing everything I possibly can to be your one and only daily advocate and to bring you all this information to help you out each and every day. So again, thanks so much for visiting our site.




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