Social Security Payment Schedule in June 2022 – SSA, SSI, SSDI

Social Security Payment Schedule in June 2022 - SSA, SSI, SSDI

The Social Security payment schedule for June 2022. This includes Social Security retirement, disability, SSDI survivors, and SSI monthly benefits. I have all the details, sales, what you need to know, and when you’re going to receive your check. So let’s get right into it. Now, I would anticipate that many of you right here in the community, just like me, watch the calendar every single month very closely to see when you’re going to get your monthly check.

So in this topic, I do want to run through the details on this and let you know where all of these dates are going to land this month. Because as you probably also know, they do adjust a little bit each and every month. Therefore, the dates do change just a little bit. So let’s get into it and discuss the payment schedule for June 2022 for all of those millions of beneficiaries.

I’m here for you each and every day, right by your side as your one and only daily advocate, doing all the research and breaking it all down into these short topics so that you can stay tuned with everything going on right now as things are changing very rapidly. If you’ve been reading the topics for any length of time now, you know that there is a lot going on right now and I want to make sure that you’re grabbing as much money, benefits, programs, checks, stimulus, and anything else that may pop up right now. And as I always like to say, making sure that you’re grabbing your piece of the pie.  All right, so June is a pretty good month here because none of the days are falling on holidays and there’s nothing weird about the month. Therefore, it’s pretty cut and dry. So let’s quickly run through all of these dates now. Full Disclaimer I do know that everybody receives their check for the most part on different dates.

Therefore, I will run through all the parameters on this and let you know where the dates actually sit here within the month and when you could receive your monthly check. All right, so June 1 actually lands on a Wednesday. So for those of you who receive SSI Supplemental Security Income, you’ll be getting your check on that day, which is the 1 June, which happens to be Wednesday. So whether you get it deposited into a bank account or onto a Direct Express card, make sure to watch that day as you will get it. And as you probably also do know, anytime that the first lands on either a holiday or on a weekend, generally, you get it the Friday before.

So that’s not the case this time. Just a plain old Wednesday is when you’re going to get your payment. For those of you that receive it typically on the first, primarily those of you who receive SSI, Supplemental Security Income. All right, next on our list is Friday the third. I do know that some of you here in the community also do receive your benefits typically on the third of the month.

And again, this is not landing on a weekend. It’s not landing on a holiday. Therefore, you’re good to go. Friday is the third. And for those of you who typically receive your payments on the third, there you go.

It will be Friday, June 3. So watch your bank accounts, watch your Direct Express card. And for those of you who get it in the mailbox, again, watch for that to be arriving sometime around that date. All right, so those are the first couple of payment dates. Now let’s get into it and talk about the payment schedules for the rest of you who receive your monthly benefits throughout the month based on your birthday.

All right. So for those of you who have a birthday that lands between the first and the 10th of the month, your check will be landing on your bank account, or I should say, in your bank account or on your Direct Express card on Wednesday, June 8, which happens to be the second Wednesday of the month. So June 8 is the date. Now, next, for those of you who have a birthday that lands between the 11th and the 20th of the month, you’ll be getting your payment on the third Wednesday of the month, which happens to be June 15. So Wednesday, June 15.

For those of you with a birthday between the 11th and the 20th of the month. Now next is for those of you who have a birthday that lands between the 21st of the month and the 31st of the month. Now, again, I totally understand. June only has 30 days, but this is generally the payment schedule for those of you who have a birthday that lands anywhere between those days. Now, if you have a birthday that lands between the 21st and the 31st, you will get your payment on the fourth Wednesday of the month, which happens to be June 22.

So here’s what’s interesting. I always love months like this. It’s the month where the first day of the month lands on a Wednesday. I always like that because that means you get your payment a little bit sooner than you typically otherwise would. So I always love those days.

Right. But anyway, June this month or this year, I should say happens to be one of these months where the first lands on the Wednesday. I love it because you get your payment at the earliest you possibly could within the month. Like, for example, for those of you who have the birthday between the first and the 10th, you’re getting your payment already on the 8th of the month. That’s pretty early, right?

The second Wednesday of the month. That’s awesome. I always love these kinds of months. Anyway, I’m guessing some of other people here in the community probably like these kinds of months as well. Or maybe it’s just me, I don’t really know, but I always like to get the payment as early as possible.

And yeah, I’m always excited about it, Right? Anyway, watch your bank accounts, watch your Direct Express cards. And again, for those of you who typically receive a paper check in the mail, just watch for it. You typically know when that arrives.

It usually arrives around your date, give or take a couple of days, but it’s usually there around that date. One more thing I want to throw out there as well. If you’re typically somebody who receives a paper check in the mail just throwing this out there, again, you got to know what’s best for you and your situation. You may want to look into an electronic payment method. There are so many things that could go wrong with physical mail delivery, right?

There’s not that many people that do receive paper checks anymore. But again, I just want to throw this out there. If you haven’t looked into it, you may want to consider maybe getting a Direct Express card or possibly just opening up a simple bank account and getting a debit card. It would be essentially the exact same thing. I know it would take a little bit of work on your end as far as opening up a bank account.

Sorry, getting a debit card issued from your bank and then of course, getting all of the electronic information over the Social Security Administration so they can automatically deposit your checks into your account. I’m just simply saying I know that there’s a lot going on. And of course, typically the mail arrives with no problem at all. But there is a lot of potential error coming in. And the thing is, I know that these checks are very important for the vast majority of people that receive them.

So, therefore, in the event that your check maybe doesn’t arrive or maybe it arrives late, a few days late, that can just cause a lot of unnecessary kind of worrying going forward. Right? So anyway, I’m not here to tell you what to do, but rather, if it’s something that you want to consider, by all means, you may want to look into it because it would certainly take probably a lot of worry out of your life that you probably don’t really need. But again, I do also recognize at the same time that a lot of you here in the community or just a lot of people in general maybe don’t have bank accounts for a good reason, and maybe you don’t want to open a bank account that’s totally fine. No problem at all.

Again, just kind of throwing that out there. But if that’s your case and you don’t want to open a bank account, you may want to look into a Direct Express card. Again, this topic is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form. Direct Express is not telling me to say this. I’m just simply saying I want to make it a little bit easier for you and your life.

But that is an option, too, where your monthly benefits can be deposited right onto your Direct Express card. So just another option if you want to check that out. Otherwise, this is the payment schedule for June 2022. So anyway, I’m not sure about anybody else here in the community, but I know for me as a fact, I watch the calendar very, very closely. As the months start to approach, I always wonder when I’m going to get the check next, right?

So I always look at that because the dates do adjust a little bit each and every month. And it could be the difference of a few days. It could be three, four days difference even more sometimes each and every month. So I always like to kind of figure that out and determine when am I going to get the check this month, right? Anyway, this happens to be one of my favorite kinds of months when it lands on the first, just like I said.

Anyway, if you have any comments or questions down below, leave your comments or questions down below. Again, any feedback, things like this, please leave that down below as well. I like to give you all the updates as I find them. There’s a lot going on right now, but in this topic, again, I just wanted to come back and make a real simple one here, kind of give you the payment schedules and just let you know what’s going on here. And of course, as always, I will continue doing everything I possibly can to continue reaching out to Congress, reminding them that, hey, the monthly benefits are great.

But you know what? At the end of the day, we need more. We need to raise the benefits. And if you can’t get something like that done, hey, why not a one-time stimulus check, a lump sum payment, maybe even monthly ongoing payments? Something like this would certainly help out the low income and the fixed income, especially for those people who are below the federal poverty line.

As we’ve discussed in previous topics, there’s a lot that pertains to the federal poverty line. And just like the President has indicated previously, quite a while ago, he has said that no older adults or people with disabilities should ever need to live in poverty in America. And unfortunately, there are a lot of people that are still living below the federal poverty line below that $1132 monthly stipend every single month, which is the federal poverty line. Anyway, hope this topic helps you out again. Please leave your comments, questions, and feedback down below as I do get more information on anything going on out there right now, whether it pertains to any of these monthly benefits that I mentioned at the beginning of the video and throughout this topic, of course, I’ll be right back here for you breaking it down and making sure that you’re staying updated as it pertains to your monthly benefits, money, benefits, checks, stimulus, anything else programs, which, by the way, there’s a lot of programs out there right now. For those of you who are low income or fixed income.

I’ve made some dedicated topics talking about all the different programs that are out there right now for the low income and the fixed income. There’s a lot of stuff out there. So please take advantage of some of these programs because there’s a limited money and limited supply of all the money right now for these programs. And if you don’t grab your share of the pie, as I said earlier, it’s going to be gone. And then once it’s gone, it may not be refunded, as in it may not be kind of refilled with more federal money for federal dollars going into these programs.

So things like the ACP affordability Connectivity program, that’s one of them for free Internet. Again, the LIHEAP program, the Low-income Home Energy Assistance program, that’s another one that’s out there, the WAP Weatherization Assistance program, that’s another one for the low income. And again, another really obvious one. But I do know that a lot of you in this community have maybe not applied for this one snap benefit supplemental Nutrition Assistance program that sends out benefits to about 43 million beneficiaries every single month to get food from the grocery store. Anyway, I know that I went off on a little rant here, I digress for just a few minutes here but the fact of the matter is I know that things are really tight right now for a lot of people living on fixed income benefits.

So please check out some of these programs. You can get all kinds of free stuff from these programs. Check those out. Otherwise, I can always make another dedicated topic here coming forward over the following days here and kind of give you more details on all these programs. So anyway, I hope the payment schedule helps you out right here on this topic again.

Enjoy your day, leave your comments or questions down below and I’ll catch you again later in the next update.





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