Stimulus Check $400, $600, $750 Checks Going Out | Stimulus Check Update 2022

Stimulus Check $400, $600, $750 Checks Going Out Stimulus Check Update 2022

$400 plus $600 plus $750 checks going out to millions of people. I have all the details for you on this topic. So as we continue to wait for Congress or the federal government to approve a potential fourth stimulus check, a relief check, a survival check, some kind of payment to help out millions of people who are struggling so incredibly badly right now, we need to also turn our minds and our heads to the States. States are sitting on massive, massive piles of cash right now. Now, remember, you might be wondering, where do they come up with all this money? And why do state have so much cash right now when previously not that long ago, a lot of the States out there were pretty much broke. Here’s what happened.

So last year, the federal government sent out $350,000,000,000 out to the States. So they had all that money. At the same time, a lot of these States are sitting on massive surpluses simply because, yes, that favorite word we have right now. Inflation prices are rising on essentially everything right now. And as we all know, taxes are a percentage of sales.

Therefore, as all of us, the consumer going out buying the things that we regularly buy, we’re spending more money. Therefore, the States are bringing in more and more tax revenues as a result of sales taxes, property taxes, these special unique type taxes, usage taxes. I mean, there are taxes on essentially everything these days. So the point is, because of all of these price increases right now, a lot of these States are sitting on way more surpluses of cash coming into them. They’re sitting on billions and billions of dollars.

And a lot of times they don’t even know what to do with it. Well, as a result of that, some of these States are actually peeling off little teeny, tiny crumbs and they’re sending them back to the American people within their States. By the way, it’s not like Alabama is going to send a check out to people in Tennessee. That’s not really how it works. It goes to the people within the borders of their state.

Anyway, in this video, I want to break down three different States out there right now that are sending out checks as early as this week. Like right here, right now, checks are going out in one of the three States I’m going to be laying out right here in this topic. And then I’ll let you know what you need to know, the States and the dollar amount associated with each of these States. Now, there are multiple States out there that are sending out checks. But I want to let you know in this topic right here and break it all down.

All right. So let’s start with the state of Michigan. So if you’re located in Michigan, you have a $400 check arriving as early as this week. Now, these checks may be coming out as late as May 9. So just be aware if you don’t receive it this week, you could be getting as late as the week of May 9 is what they’ve been saying.

Now, again, what is this actually part of this is actually not a signal check from the state of Michigan, but rather this is a credit coming back to you if you had a registered vehicle that was insured as of October 31, 2021. So in the state of Michigan, you have some kind of extra surcharge or something that you pay on your auto insurance? I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t live in Michigan. I don’t know the whole details. But you pay some kind of extra charge on your auto insurance as a result of that.

The governor last year actually, in November of last year, the governor assigned all of these billions of dollars to be refunded to the people of Michigan. So these $400 payments are coming out to anybody who had an insured vehicle as of October 31, 2021. So you should be getting a $400 check sometimes starting this week, as early as this week, possibly all the way into early May. So if you’re in Michigan, watch for that check. That’ll be pretty cool.

$400. It’s going out to a lot of people right there in Michigan. I did not see a specific number, but it looks like you do not need to do anything about it or for it. They should automatically send it to you in the form of a check or possibly even a direct deposit. So that’s pretty cool.

That’s actually not even a stimulus check from the state of Michigan. That’s actually just coming from these insurance carriers. So pretty cool stuff. Be on the lookout for that one if you are in the state of Michigan. All right Next, let’s talk about the state of Oregon. So in the state of Oregon, again, this was approved by the governor, announced by the governor, a $600 stimulus check from the state of Oregon. And this is for the low-income individuals in the state of Oregon. Now, again, I did not see a number as far as the number of people that this is going out to, but this will be a one-time $600 payment. And it looks like you don’t need to do anything in order to get it.

They will automatically send you a check or a direct deposit. Now, these payments, it looks like they should be starting to go out sometime in June. So you have to wait a couple of months here to get it. But they said that these payments will be going out sometime in June for those lower-income workers, lower-income individuals in the state of Oregon. So, again, if you’re in that state, be on the lookout for that $600. It’ll be a few months here. But that’ll be a nice little payment out of that state. Also, as long as we’re talking about the West Coast, let’s quickly talk about California. Now, a few months ago, we did get some word out of the governor of California. They were considering sending out another Golden State stimulus check in the amount of $600.

I have not seen anything approved quite yet. It looks like this is still up in the air right now, but it looks like California there’s a pretty high likelihood there’s probably going to be another $600 Golden State stimulus check. So, yeah, California, they’re just like raining money on you over there. So if you’re in California, stay tuned on that as I do get more information. Of course, I’ll bring that to you.

I’m going to be honest with you. Sometimes it’s a little bit hard trying to keep all these States straight because some States have stimulus checks, some have work credits, some have bonus checks like hero pay. I mean, seriously, like teacher pay. There’s so many different kinds of payments out there. Sometimes it’s a little bit difficult trying to keep everything straight.

But my point is I’ll continue doing what I can to break it all down and watch everything closely as I do get more information on California. Of course, I’ll bring that to you. All right. Let’s jump over to Maine, the entire other side of the country. Right?

We’re going from Oregon and California, literally across the entire country over to Maine. All right. So the state of Maine is also going to be sending out a $750 check, a onetime check to about 8000 residents in the state of Maine. Now, previously, this was going to be a much smaller payment, but your governor in the state of Maine has come out and announced a raise to these checks up to that $750 range. I think previously it was about $500 is what the check was previously going to be.

So now they’re talking about actually, I think it was a $400 check previously. And now they’re talking $750 because the governor looked at the surplus once again, way too much cash sitting on the books. And they said, hey, let’s send it out to the people. So that’s what they’re going to be doing here. 800,000 people should be receiving a $750 check.

And it looks like, according to my research, these checks will start rolling out sometime in July. So again, we need the money now. It sure would be nice if they sent this money out right away. But according to what it looks like, These checks would be going out sometime in July. So again, just like the people in Oregon, you’ll probably need to wait here a few months to get this money.

But I guess late is better than never, as the saying goes. But realistically, the money needs to come now. But anyway, just a few States here that are sending out money as early as this week. Michigan continue to watch for that one as well. And the States of Oregon, California, and Maine keep on the lookout here.

There’s a high likelihood that Oregon and Maine, we already know for sure those checks are going out June and July and then California stay on the lookout here. There’s a very high likelihood that you will also be getting a check sometime here relatively soon, probably another $600 according to what it looks like for another golden state stimulus check. But anyway, there are multiple other States out there doing the same thing. A lot of times they are calling this a tax credit or a tax rebate, by the way, that’s the same words. That’s the same thing as a stimulus check.

Literally the same thing. It’s just a different name. So that’s exactly what the things were from the federal government. When the federal government sent out stimulus checks, they called them economic impact payments or stimulus checks. But realistically, all it was was an advanced unrefundable tax credit.

Pretty much the exact same thing as a tax rebate, a tax refund. It’s literally the same thing. Tax credit, it’s all the same thing. Different words for the same thing. So we like to do that here in this country.

We like to call the same thing multiple different names. Anyway, so I hope this one helps you out again. I’ll continue watching everything closely as I do get more information on any of these programs across the States, across Congress, the federal government, anybody like this? Of course. I’ll be right here for you breaking it all down and helping you in any way that I possibly can.

Please leave your comments and questions down below if you have any, of course. Please enjoy your day and I will catch you again later in the next topic. I’ll see you for now.




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