Stimulus Check Update $500 Checks and $4,000 Cash Payment for the Low Income – Daily Update

Stimulus Check Update $500 Checks and $4,000 Cash Payment for the Low Income - Daily Update

$500 monthly check program for the low income applications are now open and a separate program offering up to $4,000 now open, but the window is closing quickly on that one. I have have all the details for you on this topic.

All right. Thank you so much. Let’s jump right into it. All right. So first off, I do want to talk about Tuesday and why we need to watch this day very, very closely. And then, of course, I will talk about these monthly check programs and that lump sum payment of $4,000 that could be eligible for some low income individuals. All right. So Tuesday, let’s quickly talk about this. Tuesday is going to be the day in which the President is going to be addressing Congress in the State of the Union address. Now, this is going to be a very, very important speech.

Now, recently coming up to this, we thought it’s probably just going to be a cookie cutter speech, probably not a whole lot of interesting things. However, the landscape has changed very dramatically here over the last couple of days. I think we all know what I’m talking about all around the world. And as I’ve been talking about here in my last few topics, we also understand what this is going to do to the American people going forward as it pertains to inflation and oil prices, gas prices, food prices, the supply chain issue and inflation here in the United States. We’ve got to understand this.

So Tuesday is going to be a very interesting day as the President addresses Congress with the State of the Union address. And it’s going to be very interesting to see what he actually talks about and how they’re going to actually approach this for the American people, knowing that we could potentially be seeing 10% inflation at some point here over the coming months. So maybe the President says something that’s riveting, maybe not. Honestly, I’m not really sure what’s going to be said. All I know is that we need to listen to this very, very closely, the State of the Union address and see what the President has planned, if anything at all.

Here’s the thing. We don’t know. We’re only hoping that they’re going to do something they’re going to intervene here and do something for the struggling Americans that honestly, right now with this inflation, it’s already hard. And we’re sitting at seven and a half percent. We could potentially be going up even more significantly more than that 10% plus percent inflation here over the next few months, according to analysts and the experts that are watching all this very closely around the world.

And they’re saying, hey, some supply chain issues are going to be coming here and we’re going to be seeing some major price increases on everything, especially energy. So again, just want to let you know, I’ve been talking about this year in my last few topics. And again, I want all of us to be very aware that the landscape has changed. Obviously, we know this, right. I don’t need to tell you that everybody knows what’s going on.

But my point is this is probably going to change the approach as far as what the President is going to be talking about on Tuesday with the State of the Union address. So anyway, I will continue to watch everything closely as I do get more information. Of course, I’ll be right here giving you those details. All right. Let’s talk about some monthly check programs.

Now, the first one I want to talk about is a $500 monthly check program. Now, quickly, I want to preface this, as I always do in these types of videos. Of course, there are a lot of guaranteed basic income programs all around the country right now. Of course, we’re only crossing our fingers and hoping that the federal government will come out and offer some type of guaranteed basic income on a nationwide level for the low income at some point. And honestly, I still think it’s going to come to that.

I’m just not sure when. But I do want to lay out one of these programs, and I’m guessing that a lot of you here in the community will probably be eligible for this one. This one is going to encompass thousands and thousands of people. And I’m guessing some of you in this community are probably located in this area. And then afterward, I will talk about that other program offering up to $4,000.

So stick with me through this. And again, as of right now, there’s about 20 different locations all around the country right now that have applications open for guaranteed basic income. So I’ll probably come back in a separate video and lay these 20 areas out. Actually, I think it’s like 22 actually. But again, 20 to 22 different areas around the country right now that are offering different checks.

So anyway, I’ll come back in a separate video and talk about those. But let’s run through these and I want to give you the details. The first one is in Chicago. If you’re in Chicago, please listen closely. You could be getting $500 per month for the next couple of years here based on this new program that was introduced a few months ago, but applications are now open.

So I want you to be very aware of this. I’ll tell you the website you can go to. But basically what it comes down to is they’re going to be choosing 5000 people completely at random because there is so much demand for this. There are so many people applying for this. It’s going to be a lottery.

They’re literally going to take applications. They’re going to do a lottery on this to determine who’s going to be eligible to get these checks and who’s going to get them $500 per month for a couple of years. So amazing, right? All right, let me tell you the details. If you are in Chicago, please listen to this.

Here’s what you need to do. Go to the website, Chicago. Gov cashpilot. Let me tell you that again, Chicago. Gov cash Pilot.

So it’s Chicago. Gov C-A-S-H-P-I-L-O-T cash pilot. So please go to the website. You can apply. Applications are open and they will be choosing from what it seems like, based on my research, it looks like they’re going to be choosing these people sometime in April. So you got a little bit of time here to apply before they actually do start to draw these people. And it’s going to be a lottery again. So basically, they take all the names for all the people who are possibly eligible and they basically just have a drawing and they draw 5000 people to get $500 checks ongoing for the low income. So anyway, if you’re in that area, please apply for it. Why not?

It’s totally free. Totally free to apply. Free money, no strings attached. Why not grab some? Right.

So anyway, I hope that helps you out if you are located in Chicago. Now, let’s quickly talk about this other program. This one is in New Jersey. New Jersey. They’ve allocated, I believe it was $40 million for this program.

It would be sending out a one time up to $4,000 payment. Now, let me tell you the details on this. Again. I did some research on it. I wasn’t able to find a ton of sorry, I wasn’t able to find a ton of information, but I was able to find some things here and I wanted to let you know about this. This is in New Jersey. So if you’re in that location, again, low income, it looks like it’s going to encompass about 400,000 people. Again, give or take a little bit, but about 400,000 people here’s what they’re going to do for an individual. If you did not receive stimulus checks in 2021, if you’re low income in New Jersey, up to $2,000 per individual for the people in New Jersey, low income. So again, $40 million they have allocated here.

So $2,000 as an individual or $4,000 as a married couple. I did not see a website for this, but what I would highly advise you to do is basically go online. Basically, just search New Jersey $4,000 or New Jersey $2,000. You should be able to find some information there. It may be a little bit different based on your specific area.

Again, there’s some different parameters around it. But I just want to let you know if you’re in New Jersey. Again, the applications on this, from what I was seeing, looks like they might be closing here in about three days. It looks like at the end of this month, applications may be closing on this one. So if you’re in New Jersey, please get on this immediately.

Check it out. Because why not? Seriously, if you’re in that area, why not try to get some of that money, $40 million up for grabs, $2,000 per individual, $4,000 for a married couple. So seriously, it’s there, right? Like I’ve said before, these cities and States are flush with cash right now.

Cities have millions of dollars. States have billions of dollars. And they’re trying to find a place to put it. Of course, they have all their ideas and how they want to spend it, things like this. But a lot of these States and cities are allocating $30 million, $40 million, like big sums of money to these programs.

Also, California, they have this massive surplus with their budget. They’re allocating a lot of money as well to potentially another stimulus check in California. I have not seen anything definitive quite yet, but California may be offering another Golden State stimulus check. So again, as I do get more information on that as well. Of course, I’ll keep you posted.

But again, there’s a lot of money out there right now. The States are trying to figure out what to do with it. Of course, they have a lot of great ideas. Right. And by great, I’m being sarcastic.

But anyway, within some of these ideas that they have, it’s nice that they are seeing that they’re giving some of it back to the low income and fixed income. So again, I will come back in a separate video and I will lay out these 20 different areas that have these programs going on right now. I want to help you out in any way that I can. I know that I see some comments down below when I talk about this different stuff and say, this doesn’t pertain to me. I’m in Florida or I’m in Tennessee or I’m in Texas.

What about me? Well, I get it. The deal is these are on the state level. These are on the county level. These are on different levels right now.

So I’m doing what I can. This is what I find for my research. So again, I just want to let you know I’m here to help you out. I’m here to bring you this information as I get it. I wish I had something that encompassed everybody across the country.

I will see you on next topic. bye





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