Stimulus Check Update and Raise to Monthly Benefits | SSA, SSDI, SSI, VA, Low Income

Stimulus Check Update and Raise to Monthly Benefits SSA, SSDI, SSI, VA, Low Income

Stimulus checks and a raise to monthly benefits for Social Security, including retirement disability, SSDI survivors, SSI, VA, and RRB, as well as additional money for the low income, low-income, income seniors, older adults, the elderly, and people with disabilities. I have all the details and what we want to focus on right here on this topic. Let’s get right into it. All right, So in this topic, we want to focus on stimulus checks, whether it happens to be a one-time lump sum payment, possibly even monthly recurring payments, or maybe even better, a permanent raise to monthly benefits for all those beneficiaries I mentioned at the beginning of this topic.

So I do want to get into this and talk about all the details, as well as some key factors that are going on right here, right now that we do know. So let’s get right into it, however, really fast, before we do. Thank you so much for joining me. If you’re new here or if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to subscribe by hitting the button right down below the video. It’s totally free to do so.

It always has been and always will be to be subscribed and, of course, to read all the contents here on the site. I’m here for you right by your side every single day as your one and only daily advocate, keeping you updated with everything going on right now as things are changing very rapidly and making sure that you’re staying updated with all the moving parts and anything that’s introduced as of right now with all of these packages, proposals, amendments, programs, money, benefits, checks, stimulus and so many other things that continue to hit the table right here, right now and that are being enacted as we speak. So, again, thanks so much for visiting our site.

All right, Thanks again. Let’s jump into this because there are some interesting moving parts right now that I certainly want you to be aware of as it pertains to stimulus checks, monthly recurring payments, and, of course, raise to monthly benefits. All right, So I want to point out a few things here because there’s some interesting talk going on in Congress right now.

So as we’ve talked about previously in another topic, I do want to point this out for you really quickly here, just in case you didn’t see that topic. We do know this much as of right now, time is ticking away when it comes down to Congress and what they want to get done before the midterm elections. So I want to point this out simply because they know just as much as we do that they want to get something done for the people. At the same time, there is talk that they do want to get another reconciliation bill done, which, by the way, reconciliation bill means that they can put virtually anything into it that they desire, with the exception of a few different things. However, they certainly can add stimulus checks into another reconciliation bill, just like they did last year.

In March of 2021, they want to get another bill done. So we even heard maybe a week and a half or so ago, Tim Kaine, who is one of the lawmakers, came out and talked about it potentially being professional malpractice to leave a reconciliation opportunity on the table. So there you go. That’s what they’re thinking about, right? So anyway, they do want to get this done now.

They’ve kind of shown us a little bit of their hands like a good old card game. You don’t want to show the opponent your cards, right? Well, in this case, unfortunately, they’ve kind of shown us their cards. In other words, they’re vulnerable, as in right now. They are pretty much on the table right now where they want to get something done for the people and they’ve kind of shown us their hand, whereas we’re pretty much vulnerable at this point.

We need to get something done for the people and they recognize that they need to get something done here. Otherwise, they may be proven that they can’t get anything done right, that they have not done anything for the people. In fact, Elizabeth Warren was just out maybe a week or a week and a half ago or so talking about how she is worried that they’re not going to deliver for the people. Well, again, they have some time here in front of them to get this done. But if they wait much longer, we may be actually up in a position where there simply won’t be time to get something done.

All right, so here’s where this all kind of parlays into the next opportunities. So we have them kind of in the sweet spot right now, Right? So Congress is in a potential situation right now where they’re kind of like I said, in the sweet spot. Therefore, maybe we can kind of get into them a little bit and exploit this, as in maybe get to them and say, hey, here’s the opportunity, because as they’ve always said, never let a crisis opportunity kind of go to waste the saying something like that.

Anyway, maybe this is a great opportunity for us as well, being these individuals and this community that we’re in right here to jump out there and get in front of Congress and to say, hey, here’s your opportunity to present something to us, and here are some of the options. So here’s what I want to do. We’ve done this before. But again, you know what I mean? Considering that it’s been a little while since we’ve done something like this, I think it is time to do this once again.

And that would be drafting a letter to send out to Congress. Now, I do know that a lot of you here in the community love when they do this. And I know that some of you think there’s no point. They don’t read it anyway. But the fact of the matter is, if we do nothing, I guarantee you they won’t read it, because if there’s not anything sent out, there’s nothing for them to read.

Right, But here’s the thing. If we continue at this, if we continue trying, there’s a better likelihood of something actually happening versus if we do absolutely nothing, it’s guaranteed that they will read absolutely nothing. Right, Because there’s nothing to read.

So at the end of the day, I’m going to do this once again because I feel like we possibly have them in a really good opportunity right now where they want to get something done. But maybe they are divided on what to do, or maybe they just don’t even have a clue on what they need to do right now. Well, we have the options here. Number one, it could be a raise to monthly benefits. Even if it’s a temporary raise, they could get something like that done potentially through reconciliation.

Provided is a temporary raise or provided is a temporary check that goes out to fixed income beneficiaries. They can do that through reconciliation. However, unfortunately, they cannot do a permanent raise to benefits through reconciliation that cannot be done through reconciliation. However, if it happens to be more like along the lines of a focused check for a short term basis, which they could identify as potentially like a UBI program or maybe even a monthly stimulus check focused on the low income and the fixed income, then yes, they could do that. It’s all about the wording and how they actually get this thing through.

So in those cases, they could do it through reconciliation. It’s just depending on how they actually structure this type of payment. Otherwise, they could always do a one-time check as well. So here’s what we want to do. And again, I want to draft this letter, but here’s what I want to ask from you as well.

What do you want me to include in this? I know I’ve asked you this before in other videos, and a lot of times there are really great suggestions that come in. I do read through as many comments as I possibly can, and then I take all those considerations into when I go in and actually draft this letter. So before I start writing on this, I kind of want to ask for what you are actually anticipating out of this. Would you rather have, again, a one-time lump sum check?

Would you rather go for monthly payments, like what would it be, or all of the above? I mean, that’s also an option, too. We can go for all of it. Right? So anyway, I’d love to hear from you on this.

Everybody’s situation is different. So some people may need a big one-time lump sum payment. Other individuals may say, hey, forget the lump sum. I don’t need that so much right now. I need more like ongoing payments, something a little bit to supplement my income going forward every single month.

That is what is most beneficial to me going forward. And again, there might be some of you to reach out and say, yeah, send me the lump sum. Plus send me a little bit of additional for the end of the year or through the next year or whatever happens to be. Again, everyone’s situation is very different. Therefore, the need is also very different.

So anyway, as I’ve always said before in previous videos where we make these letters and we send out to Congress again, I like to make them as short as possible simply because if I send out this big three-page document, the likelihood of them reading it is probably very slim. If I send out a little half page, the likelihood of them reading it is probably a little bit better, provided they even open it and or look at it in the first place. But again, we don’t know that there’s never been confirmation. There’s never been any kind of indication that, yes, they’re opening them or no, they are just going right into the recycling. We have no clue.

But the fact of the matter is we got to keep trying. That’s all I know right now is that we need to keep trying. And ultimately, something may prevail. That is something that I do know we need to continue doing. So giving up is not an option.

Not for me, anyway. So anyway, that’s why I want to continue doing this. And like I’ve said before, I want to do whatever I possibly can to help you out during this time. I know what’s going on right now. I see the comments down below every single day.

The struggle is real. The difficulties are real. The lack of money right now is certainly a real thing. We’ve talked about it with all the reports that have been coming out recently, and it’s a real thing. So anyway, I feel like we potentially have Congress in a really good place right now because time has taken away here because they haven’t done anything well as a result of that.

They’re basically just setting this whole stage up for themselves. So maybe we can take advantage of that a little bit by kind of telling them exactly what we are looking for during this time. So anyway, leave your comments, questions, and suggestions down below. I’ll do my best to read as many comments as I possibly can. Again, I usually get quite a few comments on these types of topics.

So again, I’ll read as many as I possibly can. The likelihood of me responding to all of them, or even some, is probably less simply because I want to read as many as possible. And I probably won’t spend all that much time responding. So just recognize that if you leave a comment and I don’t respond or anything like that, don’t get discouraged. I’m probably reading it.

I’m probably just not responding to a whole lot. So anyway, I hope that makes sense. Anyway, thanks again. We got to stick together through this. We’re going to continue doing everything we possibly can to get an additional lump sum payment monthly, ongoing checks, potentially raises to benefits, things like this, whatever we possibly can out of Congress. so that’s why you got to give them some options right it’s like when you go to the grocery store you need a couple options on the on the shelf because you know sometimes you just don’t want the first option you see the first brand you might think no I don’t really want that brand i want a different option that’s why we get to give them some options here a one-time lump sum monthly ongoing checks a raise to benefits pick whichever one you want congress right so anyway leave your comments. thank you so much for reading take care bye.




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