Shocking Update & Possibly Good?! Stimulus Package Update 2022 | Low Income, Fixed Income, Social Security, SSDI, SSI

Shocking Update & Possibly Good! Stimulus Package Update 2022 Low Income, Fixed Income, Social Security, SSDI, SSI

This is disgusting. I have some shocking information for you on this topic, and possibly even some good news. We’ll also briefly talk about the stimulus package. So let’s get into it right now. But if you haven’t done so, or if you’re new here, make sure to subscribe to our site, so I can keep you updated each and every day with all of the latest details, as information is changing very rapidly right now. And we need to stay tuned with everything going on because whether we like it or not, it’s all going to impact us in some way, shape, or form. So we need to stay on top of all of the latest updates. And any time that something comes out or is announced, they may impact us in a positive way in the form of money, benefits, or anything else we can take advantage of. Don’t worry, I’ll be right here every single day with all those details so that we can grab anything we possibly can during this very difficult time. So again, thank you so much for your support.

All right, so let’s run through a few topics here, really briefly, some new updates that came out today, and then we can get into some other very important topics. All right, so earlier this morning, the new initial jobless claim number was released as this is released every week, and it came in at 2600. New people applied for unemployment benefits last week alone, and now there are over one. 7 million people still claiming unemployment benefits on a weekly basis. So that number is released every single week. And I always like to bring it to you just to keep a pulse on the job market, the unemployment numbers, and where we are currently sitting. Also earlier today, we got the GDP gross domestic product number from the fourth quarter of 2021. It came in at six. 9%. But we have to remember, too, this is before the massive surges of COVID were actually starting to be reported in late December and early into the new year. So even though the GDP number looks pretty good, this was before there were all those huge surges of Omicron and COVID late in 2021.

I know a lot of people have been kind of selling this number today saying, oh, yeah, this is great. The economy is growing at the fastest pace ever in the history of the world. Well, that’s not really truly quite the case, but yes, it did grow pretty rapidly, but it also had a lot of things going on in the fourth quarter of 2021. So anyway, I wanted to bring that to you right away as well. Let’s quickly talk about the brief update here on the stimulus package where we’re currently sitting and what were kind of the new details that we’re getting out right now. So in accordance with some new information that we just found here, the lawmakers are currently working on the stimulus package. They’re working on the revised version of the build back better. Again, I keep calling it the revised because it is the new one. It is no longer the build back better, but I’ve not seen a new name for it yet. So I’m calling it the new revised stimulus package until we get an official type of name for it. But according to what they are saying now, it’s looking to be more like a $1 trillion package.

And again, will it change from that? I’m going to probably say yes, it probably will change. But as of right now, they’re probably pointing toward about $1 trillion in the form of this next new revised stimulus package. Of course, it could be 900 billion. It could be 1.1 trillion. We don’t really know all those details yet, but it’s still going to be a significant package. And again, whether all of this is broken up into individual bills or it’s bipartisan or it’s executive order, at the end of the day, all of the provisions that they want to get past here are likely going to total up to about $1 trillion in total. And again, what is going to be included? Well, at this point, it’s anybody’s guess, which is why we need to continue watching this very closely because it’s only a matter of time until we get all of the announcements, what it’s all going to entail, what’s going to be encompassed within it? And will there be that much-needed stimulus check, whether it is a widespread stimulus check, or will it have a highly focused stimulus check, which once again, would only cost about $100 billion to take care of the most at risk and vulnerable people out there who are low income and living on a fixed income of Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA, low income, low income.

And it’s only going to cost about $100 billion, as we talked about before, which is not much money considering we’re talking trillions here. So, yeah. Anyway, we just have to continue throwing that out there because it’s only a matter of time until maybe Congress can actually get their heads wrapped around this and realize that it’s not that much money in the whole big picture of things, it’s not that much. All right. Let’s quickly talk about one thing that I brought to you last night, and again, a quick correction. I apologize I wasn’t off by much, but let me correct what I said last night. So yesterday I brought you that information about what I said last night was a small handful of Democratic lawmakers. Let me adjust that. It’s not actually a small handful. It actually ended up being 83 members of Congress. So again, I said small handful I apologize unless you have really big hands. It turns out to be 83 members of Congress. So just a real quick little correction there. But anyway, they sent over a letter calling on the administration, as in the President, demanding that they release a memo that is in the possession of the Department of Education as of April 5, 2021, outlining the legal authority that the President has to actually cancel student loan debt.

And also these same 83 members of Congress and lawmakers again, this is across the House. And, of course, the Senate. There’s a variety of many of them, they’re calling on the President to immediately cancel $50,000 of student loan debt. So if you have student loans again, we have no idea where this is going to go. But there’s a lot of people that are calling on $10,000 to be canceled, $50,000 to be canceled. So I know that this would be a huge, huge relief for a lot of people. There’s about 43 million people in this country right now who have student loan debt. That’s a big percentage that’s about what is that? I don’t know. About 1214, 15% of our population just really roughly doing some mental math here. So a lot of people. Right. A lot of people have student loan debt. All right. Let’s quickly talk about this next update here. And if you’re not sitting down yet, I’d highly suggest sitting down. Also, hold on to your hot dogs because this is going to get real right here. Sorry. Let me say this again. Craft high ends. So like craft like the Big Macaron cheese and the big brand craft high ends.

They have announced that in March they’re going to be raising prices on dozens and dozens of products. Are they going to raise it by about $0.05? Oh, no, please. If you’re not sitting down yet, please let’s sit down so that nobody hurts themselves here. All right. Here’s what’s going on. Velveta cheese is going to be going up by about 6.6% starting in March. Maxwell House coffee, about 5% at the same time. Get this Turkey bacon. So like Turkey bacon. Not sure if anybody eats bacon, but hold onto your bacon because here we go. It’s going to be going up by about 30%. 30%. Yes, you heard that correctly. 300:30 percent on Turkey bacon. Now, other products, including cold cuts, again, about 10%. So as you can see here, food products are going to be going up significantly.

At the same time.

I just reported to you just the other day that products like personal hygiene products, things like this are going to be going up on average, about 10% starting in about April. We’ve also seen multiple other products that are going to be going up anywhere between about 6% and again, about 20% to 30% across the board on like hygiene products and other just household products, tied soaps, detergents, fabric softeners, those fabric sheets, the sheet that you throw in the dryer, those things again, going up significant percentages here in the next couple of months. So as I’ve said so many times previously in other videos, if there’s any way that over the next month and a half that you can start maybe picking up some of these items that you can maybe stock up on a little bit, again, we don’t want to hoard items.

But at the same time,

if we can buy an extra bottle of Tide or some extra Tide pods or fabric sheets or Downey or whatever fabric softener or maybe some extra hot dogs, again, hot dogs are going up in a big way here in a matter of just months. That’s why I said a minute ago, hold on to your hot dogs because seriously, prices are going up on these products here in a big, big way in just a matter of a couple of months from now, the same old products, it’s not even like they’re putting 10% more in the package. No, same old package, same old products. And they’re going up significantly. So all of those prices will be passed on to yet again, the consumer us, we’re going to be the ones paying the prices when we go out to the stores.

At the same time, oil prices. As I mentioned yesterday, Brent Oil hit $90 per barrel. And as of today, we’re approaching $91 already. So, yes, thank you. We’re going to be paying more for our gas that we pay to go to the store. And then when we get to the store after we just burnt all this extra money in gas that we just had to drive, now we’re going to be paying anywhere between about 6% and 30% more on the same old food products. Now, here’s one more thing, and I’ve talked about this previously in other topics as well. Over the last couple of weeks here. I’ve seen a lot of you down in the comments section that say I’m low income, I’m fixed income, I have Snap benefits. It’s really, really hard to eat healthy when I only have whatever $60 per month to spend on food. And this is exactly what we’ve seen with other reports that I’ve mentioned previously in other topics as well that a lot of people have out there, not just people here in the community, but also just other people out there that receive small fixed income benefits or Snap.

They continue to say it’s really hard to eat healthy when we only have so much money. The unhealthy foods are usually the cheaper ones, and that’s where a lot of people have to turn to in order to get the necessary amount of food that they need on a monthly basis. Well, is this going to help at all? Your food budget is already very low, but at the same time, now these products like hot dogs, again, let’s be real. Everybody loves a hot dog, right? But are they the most healthy thing? Probably not. But at the end of the day. These are the products that a lot of people have to buy because you can buy a pack of eight hot dogs or something maybe for I don’t even know what are they. Honestly, I don’t even know what the prices are, but either way they’re going up in a big way here in a matter of just a couple of months. So if there’s any way that you can start buying these products here starting now through the next month, month and a half or so before these prices start going up in March, if there’s any way you can start picking this stuff up again, even if it’s just one extra pack between now and the next two weeks or whatever you start doing.

All I’m saying is if we can buy it now before we have to pay more, it’s the same as using the coupon. If we use a coupon to save 25 or $50 something like this at the checkout, it’s going to be essentially the same thing buying it now before the price increases come into the stores. So wow, seriously, at what point is it going to give? I mean, seriously, at what point is all of this going to give? Something has got to give, and at this point it looks like there’s no reprieve at any point in site. But anyway, I want to let you know about all this stuff. These are the updates that I have for you right now, so if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to subscribe down below. I’m doing anything I possibly can to get additional relief for everybody in this community. But at the same time, make sure that I’m sharing with you all of this information so that you know what is going to be coming, as well as any types of programs, benefits, anything that we can do to save money or get more money. Don’t worry, I’m doing all that research and I’m trying to find stuff for everybody right here in the community that we can take advantage of.

So again, thanks for your support. Also, share this topic with your friends, family, social media. I’ll see you soon.

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