Tesla recommendation code sharing, Tesla recommendation code latest policy interpretation


Tesla recommendation code sharing, Tesla recommendation code latest policy interpretation


What is Tesla Referral Code?
The Tesla referral code is a car owner recommendation reward activity launched by Tesla. If you buy a car through the Tesla referral code of the old car owner, you can get 3,500 point rewards.

How to use the Tesla referral code?
Method 1: Purchase a car through a Tesla store

Inform sales when placing an order that you need to use the Tesla referral code to buy a car

And send Tesla referral code: xiaojianer42230

Method 2: Purchase a car through Tesla’s official website

Open the Tesla referral link in the browser, select the configuration and fill in the information according to the prompts on the page.

After picking up the car, you can view the points details in your Tesla APP treasure box

What can Tesla referral points be redeemed for?
Tesla referral points can be exchanged for Tesla overcharge quota, Tesla peripheral products, and Tesla autopilot upgrade package, etc. Please refer to the figure below for details.

If you don’t know how to buy insurance, read this article to teach you how to choose.
️ Compulsory traffic insurance (Article 950)

Compulsory purchase.

Compensate the other party’s car and people.

It is mainly applicable to the occurrence of traffic accidents that cause casualties to victims and property damage.

️Car Damage Insurance (Car Insurance‼️).

Mainly buy a car yourself.

It is mainly to pay for your own car repair expenses, such as hitting a guardrail or rubbing against a car, including glass insurance and water wading insurance, excluding deductible insurance, spontaneous combustion insurance, theft insurance and emergency rescue, and you cannot find a third party.

If you don’t buy it, you’ll have to spend your own money fixing the car.

️Third party liability insurance.

Compensate the other party’s car, people.

The accident caused casualties and property damage to the other party.

The insurance amount exceeds 1 million, and some large cities can purchase more than 2 million.

Third party liability insurance other than medical insurance.

Once a person is injured, the part other than medical insurance can be reimbursed quickly. The insurance premium is tens of dollars and the insurance amount is hundreds of thousands.

Driving accident risk.

Car Insurance: Insure everyone in the car.

Insured by person: Only the insured person.

The accident caused casualties and property damage on board.

External application network failure loss insurance (guaranteed fee‼️).

The direct loss caused by the failure of the external power grid during the charging process of new energy vehicles.

Car insurance is mandatory.

Strong traffic + third party liability insurance + car damage insurance.

Additional: driving insurance + third-party medical liability insurance + external application network failure loss insurance.

Self-use electric pile loss insurance + self-use charging pile liability insurance: It is recommended to purchase if there are self-use electric piles.



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