Forbes Top Creators of 2022

Forbes have just released their first ever ranking of the most powerful influencers on the Internet

They ranked these creators by looking at three things earnings, clout and entrepreneurship

#10. 2021 Earnings: $45M Jake Paul Total Followers: 57.3M Avg. Engagement: 1.49% Entrepreneurship Score: 2

#09. 2021 Earnings:$8.5M Addison Rae Easterling Total Followers: 133M Avg. Engagement: 6.43% Entrepreneurship Score: 3

making simple TikToks to signing multimillion dollar deals with Netflix

#08. 2021 Earnings: $10M Khaby Lame Total Followers: 231.4M Avg. Engagement: 3.57% Entrepreneurship Score: 3

Khaby Lame making 10 million last year without saying a word

#07. 2021 Earnings: $30M Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal (Rhett & Link) Total Followers: 11.8M Avg. Engagement: 1.34% Entrepreneurship Score: 3

Rhett and Link, making a staggering 30 million in 2021 alone

#06. 2021 Earnings: $13M Huda kattan Total Followers: 63M Avg. Engagement: 2.17% Entrepreneurship Score: 3

#05. 2021 Earnings: $12M Emma Chamberlain Total Followers: 27.6M Avg. Engagement: 6.84% Entrepreneurship Score: 3

#04. 2021 Earnings: $30M Elliot Tebele (FuckJerry) Total Followers: 20.1M Avg. Engagement: 1.77% Entrepreneurship Score: 3

Elliot Tebele, who started the iconic Meme page FuckJerry Taking

#03. 2021 Earnings: $20M Alexandra Cooper Total Followers: 3.6M Avg. Engagement: 15.98% Entrepreneurship Score: 3

who has the highest following engagement rate on this list by a long shot

#02. 2021 Earnings: $17.5M Charli D'Amelio Total Followers: 203.7M Avg. Engagement: 2.16% Entrepreneurship Score: 3

who at only 18 years old, has amassed over 200 million followers

#1. 2021 Earnings: $54M Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) Total Followers: 162M Avg. Engagement: 5.99% Entrepreneurship Score: 3

Mr. Beast Not only is he by far the highest earner on this list, but is most definitely the king of YouTube