Jennifer Lawrence had two miscarriages

Jennifer Lawrence had two miscarriages

Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she's had two miscarriages in her life and from that she believes there's an important lesson

She revealed her first miscarriage happened in her early 20s and didn't disclose who the father was

Then she revealed her second miscarriage happened with her husband Cooke Maroney, early on in their marriage

And Jennifer Lawrence has since gotten pregnant and had child successfully. But said the miscarriages meters support abortion rights more

This is because of the numbers were miscarriages are very common than with 13% of pregnancies ended in a miscarriage. 

And it's something that affects many women with 20% of all women going through a miscarriage within their lifetime

For women who have miscarriages, their odds of having another increase where they have a 20% chance of having a second miscarriage 

after the second miscarriage, there's a 30% chance of the third miscarriage and the odds only go up from there

And for miscarriages they can be a health risk for women 45% of women needing surgery when they have a miscarriage

Jennifer Lawrence revealed she used to be more conservative and personally against abortion

When she was younger she became pro abortion rights, realizing how many women who are likely to have miscarriages will be forced to carry on the pregnancy

even though it would be a huge health risk for them when the child wouldn't be born anyway

And this is obviously a big issue for a lot of people