Johnny Depp left his wife and two children and renamed his favorite ya to please Amber Heard.

How did the actor try to win over his future abuser?

Johnny admitted that he fell in love with Amber while filming the Rum Diary.

One kiss was enough, but the two two were in a relationship and depth decided to win herd's heart.

The actress really liked the dress from their film, so Johnny gave it to her, calling.

Out with the costume designer and Bruce and I said, do you think we can snag this white dress?

He renamed his $33 million yacht from Bajol Eroja to Amputriti as a wedding gift for Amber.

A rare $150,000 Ford Mustang

A $245,000 Leonorfini painting

And a $155,000 Hemingway collection of antique books were added to the list.

Did this passion blind the actor so much that he did not notice the crack in their relationship?