Who are one in a million

Who are one in a million

This is Jyoti Angie from India

She may look like a small kid, but she's 28 years old

She is the smallest woman in the world

Measuring at only 2ft, she is now a famous actress in India

This is is Jeff Dave from the United States

He has the world's biggest hands

He can crush a can easily

He's also a professional arm wrestler too

This is Anastasia Pokreshchuk from Ukraine

She spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on having the world's biggest cheeks

But she says they're still not big enough

Looking at old photos of her, you can see just how much she's changed

This is Sultan Kozan

Kozan. He's a farmer from Turkey, but he's also the world's tallest man. 

He's a massive 8ft, and two inches tall

And a few years back, he even met the world's smallest man