WOW! $1,200 Monthly Check – Low Income, Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA Beneficiaries

WOW! $1,200 Monthly Check - Low Income, Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA Beneficiaries

Some encouraging updates on a $1200 ongoing monthly check specifically focused on the low income. I have all the details and what you need to know right here on this topic. Let’s get right into it. Alright, We are finally getting some more updates, updates on ongoing monthly checks that are focused on the low income.

This is some great news because it’s been a little bit slow going lately on this topic. However, we are finally getting some more reports and some more statements on this, which is really good news, especially right now for those individuals who are low-income or fixed-income beneficiaries. So I do want to talk you through all the details, the latest information that is hitting the wire, and what is going on right now, as well as what is being said on this topic and what type of advancements are we actually seeing right here, right now? So let’s get into it and discuss all the details.

As I am your one and only daily advocate, doing all the research every single day, boiling it down into these short Topics so that you can stay updated every single day with this new information that continues to hit the wire on a very regular basis. There’s a lot going on right now. Things are changing rapidly. I truly want to help you out in any way that I possibly can, keeping you updated, as well as making sure that you’re taking advantage of any money, benefits, programs, checks, stimulus, or anything else we can get our hands on right now, I want to make sure that you know about it right away.

All right, So this is some good information because not only are we seeing some statements, but we’re seeing some new reports that are coming out right now that are kind of sticking at home to some lawmakers, which is actually really good because I think we can probably all agree they probably need that about right now, right? They need things to be laid out in front of them and the facts to be delivered to them so that they can see very clearly what is actually going on.

So let me share with you a report that was just released. And again, this is pretty interesting, but I think all of us can probably agree it’s the facts. As far as what is going on, the statements are coming out and the reports are showing poverty is a policy choice. Yes, you’re hearing that correctly. Poverty is a policy choice.

Now here’s what they’re saying by that, because you might be wondering what do you mean by this? It’s a choice. Yeah. Here’s what they’re saying with this report. So they’re coming out saying that poverty is a policy choice.

In other words, we’ve had two years since early 2020 until the present. So over two years actually two and a half years or so, we’ve seen this all been playing out here. Here’s what they found with over the last two years of research. They’ve looked at all the stimulus checks, right. The three stimulus checks that were sent out, were the $1200 to $600 and the $1,500.

Not only that, they looked at other things like the unemployment benefits. They were boosted up during those times, the $600 boost on top of the regular benefits plus the extra $300 boost on top of benefits they have that plus the other program, the advanced child tax credits, those payments that were going out through the second half of 2021. Right. So we have all these different programs here that we’re sending money out, direct money, cash money right into the pockets of the American people Right.

So the stimulus checks encompassed about 282,000,000 people. The child tax credit payments encompassed about 36 to 38 million households. And the unemployment benefits encompassed about 40 million people at one point. And then, of course, they continued to lower and lower each and every month. But here, across all of these different groups, we’re talking a lot of people.

Right. Over 100 million people are of course, just with the unemployment and of course, the child tax credit payments. But again, we’re talking hundreds of millions of people. These benefits alone touched almost everybody here in the country in some way, shape or form, except for a very small group of people at the very top, which realistically they shouldn’t be getting little checks anyway Right.

But again, these benefits across the board, just these three that I just mentioned, touched about a huge percentage of the population here in the country. So here’s what they’re finding with these reports, with all of this. They’re saying poverty is a policy choice simply because they found that over the last two years, the reports are showing that all of these programs combined, either one of them individually, for example, the child tax credit payments lifted about 4 million people out of poverty. The stimulus checks alone, ten plus million people were lifted out of poverty just because of the stimulus checks alone. So that’s what they’re saying behind this is we did all the research, we did all of this information or we found all this information over the last two years here.

As a result of that, we’re finding that our policy decisions that we made here in Congress well, it’s not the lawmaker saying this. This is the report that is talking about the policies. But basically they’re coming out saying that these policies and the choices that were made by Congress lifted millions of people out of poverty as a result of that. Poverty is a policy choice because they know with the policies that they have out there, they can very quickly and swiftly lift people out of poverty very easily Right.

They possibly just pass a little bit of legislation and get the money out into the pockets of the people and boom, they’re lifted out of poverty. Whoa. Kind of a solution that we kind of figured out here. Right. So it’s kind of interesting to read this report because it’s going on to basically show that lawmakers have the ability to lift people out of poverty right here, right now.

We’ve seen it over the last two years with all of these programs that have been implemented. And unfortunately, they’ve all faded away Right. The stimulus checks were one-time checks that went out. They went out three times, but they were one time each.

And they were all in different amounts. The ongoing child tax credit payments, they went out month over month for six months. But then again, they stopped at the beginning of 2022. They ended. And then again, of course, the unemployment benefits, those are something that are still available.

But at the end of the day, the boost has certainly disappeared. The $600, the $300, those boost have disappeared. But then again, unemployment are there. But again, it takes kind of an unfortunate situation to start drawing on those benefits, and they certainly don’t reach everybody. Right.

So anyway, kind of an interesting report. Really enjoyed reading through it. But again, I think all of us here in the community can probably agree. Yeah, I think that what they’re doing here and the decisions that are currently being made are certainly choices Right.

So again, I want to throw this out there because I’ve quoted this a few times now, and why not throw it out once again just to see where we currently sit and what the President has said one other time? The President has previously said and again, I’ve quoted this many times here. The President has said no older adults or people with disabilities should ever need to live in poverty in America. Again, I just like to throw that out every so often because I think we can all see what’s going on here, especially the low-income and fixed-income older adults, people with disabilities. I mean, we see it all the time.

A lot of people are getting benefits that are below the federal poverty line anyway. We can open up that can of worms in a totally different topic as that’s a whole topic in itself. But again, I just want to throw that out there because that is something the President has said. However, here’s what else we’re finding with other reports, all of these monthly check programs that are going on right here, right now around the country, which, by the way, more of these programs continue to pop up all the time Right.

They just closed the door on that one in Chicago, $500 a month, $6,000 a year. There’s another one in Boulder, Colorado, that’s starting up. But here’s what they’re doing. We saw it was about a year ago, actually, out of the one progressive, representative, Ilhan Omar, who came up and introduced that program to send out ongoing $1,200 checks to the low income each and every month ongoing for a very long period of time. Now, I did not specifically see an end date as far as what it goes for a year, would it go for two years?

What are the specifics on this thing? Basically, all they said is twelve hundred dollars a month per one, $200, $1,200 a month per person, ongoing per month, and double that for married couples. So $1,200 per person, $2,400 for married couples, plus an extra $600 per dependent. So you could be looking at thousands of dollars. So here’s what they’re finding with these reports.

Again, poverty is a policy choice, information that we just talked about. Plus, this report right here, as well as all of the other ongoing monthly check programs that are out there currently are showing essentially the exact same thing. Ongoing monthly checks is basically the recipe that everybody needs right now, because, again, the weight is on their shoulders. The poverty that people are dealing with right now and the people are living in is their policy choices. They have the ability right here, right now to send out these ongoing $1200 checks.

Now, again, I think that the main concern behind all of this is, of course, like they always talk about what would the actual cost be? How much would it cost the government on an ongoing monthly annual basis? And they used to like to spread that out over ten years to kind of give them a little bit of a runway to say, okay, this is going to cost us $2 trillion over ten years or whatever kind of numbers that they come up with. So that is one thing that they would need to consider now. Also, they would need to consider what would actually be the dollar amount.

Would it really need to be $1,200 a month per person? Or could they get away with $500 a month, just like what we’re seeing with all these guaranteed basic income programs around the country right now, and slash the price by over 50%? Right. So anyway, these are some of the concerns that we still have in front of us right now. But this is a little bit of encouraging information that’s actually outright there right now that are showing lawmakers, if they’re reading this information, if somebody has presented it to them, showing that, yes, their policies and the choices that they are making are actually a poverty policy choice Right.

So anyway, some pretty interesting things that are floating around out there. But again, when we saw this introduction out of Ilhan Olnar, what was it last summer? So about a year ago or so, it was really encouraging at the time. There was a lot of great information circling around it for a while, and it’s been really slow over the last few months here. We haven’t seen a whole lot of information coming out about it.

But again, saw this report out there right now about poverty being a policy choice and thought, hey, this is actually some pretty good stuff. And it ties directly into the $200 ongoing checks for the low income, which would actually be amazing, right? So that’d be incredibly helpful. Just imagine it’d be like the $200 stimulus check that you received back in early 2020, right? That was pretty nice at the time, even though the checks got a little bit bigger in 2021, $200 at the time.

I know I was super excited about it. I’m not sure about you, but to see that money land in the bank account was like, wow, this is great. It actually happened. Do you remember feeling that? I’m not sure about you, but I know I felt that the morning I woke up, looked at the bank account, and saw it there.

I thought, Whoa, it actually worked. If they really did it they actually followed through with something. I couldn’t believe it Right. Do you remember that day?

I remember it very vividly. I woke up early. I had rumor that there was going to be the check depositing that day and I looked and sure enough it was there and it was like, oh, wow, this is weird. They actually did it, I don’t know, kind of a funny time but certainly very much needed during that time that we were in right there Right.

And again, it’s needed even more so right now, especially as inflation is significantly higher than what it was back in early 2020. I don’t know what inflation was back in early 2020. I should look it up. It was probably around the two-and-a-half percent range. That’s not very much in inflation at all.

I think many of us would be very happy with inflation at two and a half percent these days. Anyway, this is the update that I have for you as of right now. Of course, as I know more, I’ll be right back here for you breaking it all down, making sure that you know everything that’s going on and how you can possibly take advantage of any of these other programs that are going on around the country right here, right now as a result of these guaranteed basic income programs. Thanks again. I truly do appreciate it.

There’s a lot going on right now. There’s some very interesting information floating around out there. I want to make sure that you’re getting all this information, staying updated, and knowing what is going on Because all of this will impact us in some way, shape, or form. Anyway, I’m here for you. I’m on your team.

Share the topic with your friends, family, and on social media. Enjoy your day and I’ll catch you again later on the next topic.





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