WOW! $1,400 Fourth Stimulus Check for Low Income, Social Security, SSI, SSDI, VA

WOW! $1,400 Fourth Stimulus Check for Low Income, Social Security, SSI, SSDI, VA

Some good news on a $1400 fourth stimulus check specifically focused on the low-income and fixed-income beneficiaries of Social Security, retirement, disability, SSDI survivors, SSI, VA, and RRB. I have all the details and what you need to know right here on this topic. All right, So as of recently, there’s been a lot of increased talk and support for a highly focused fourth stimulus check for the low income and those millions of beneficiaries I just mentioned a few seconds ago, all because of this massive inflation.

Data report that we just received a few days ago. Well, those individuals who are currently coming out and showing their support, as well As advocating for a highly focused fourth Stimulus check, are simply saying that Americans who once had any kind of savings around has simply been eroded as a result of this massive inflation, while they continued on to say that those individuals living on a small fixed income are Less likely to have any kind of savings around And if they did, it’s all gone. Because of, once again, all this massive inflation. Therefore, they’re pointing toward additional stimulus checks To come out that are highly focused On the low income and fixed income to help everybody throughout this ongoing time that we’re going through with massive inflation going on Well, there’s a lot more about this That I want to share with you right here on the topic.

The topic, as I’m doing research all. Day, every single day as your one. And only daily advocate, bringing it all back into these short topics so that You can stay posted with what’s actually going on right now and what is really being mentioned as it pertains to money, benefits, checks, stimulus raises, reform legislation, and anything else that may be coming up right here that’s going to impact you or your monthly benefit. Of course, I want you to know About it right away, which is why I’m back for you a couple of Times each and every day with this topics so that you can stay positive With what is actually going on.

All right, So there’s a lot of really good Information that’s coming out right now in Regards to all this So here’s what happened. The inflation data was just released a few days ago.

Well, it’s huge, right? It’s coming out massively, massively, high And people are simply saying enough is enough already. We need to do something, especially for the Americans who have limited savings or virtually no savings to lean back on, as in the low income and the fixed income because these individuals are most vulnerable right now because there’s no savings to lean back on. Fixed income simply isn’t going anywhere, as in your income is staying stagnant Meanwhile, prices continue to go away. Therefore, it is leading toward major financial Issues for a lot of people going forward. So there’s a lot of different things That have popped up here recently And I think this is kind of interesting. Here’s what it comes down to So there’s been a lot of different reports coming out about this And I want to lay out some of the details about this because it’s actually pretty interesting, and they’re building a Pretty strong case right now. So here’s what it comes down to Over the last two years, all the Other stimulus checks that were sent out, the three other stimulus checks, those stimulus checks alone have lifted and kept 11 million people out of poverty. So if those stimulus checks would not Have happened, 11 million more people would Have fallen into poverty as a result of that Well, these reports and the people that Are coming out talking about this are Simply saying if we don’t send out Another check coming out here soon, we’re going to have millions of people falling Into poverty, because we’ve seen here over The last two years, 11 million people Were prevented from falling into poverty as A result of these checks.

And we can see the power behind them Now They also want other reports to show that these small state stimulus checks That are being sent out. If you’ve been reading the topic for any length of time, if you’re on the site, you’ve been hearing me talk about this, there are many different States out there right now. There are like 20 different States, possibly even more than that. I don’t know what the real number Is right now, but there are a lot Of different States that are either in The process of sending out state issued stimulus checks or they’re in the process of getting them passed and or they’ve already floated the idea of state stimulus checks to be sent out. Well, here’s what they’re saying, that these State stimulus checks are going to have a very minor inflationary impact going forward because it’s reaching such a small group Of people collectively across the entire country Right Just like I’ve been saying in so Many other topics here, I’ve been giving Examples about this thing. If they have a highly focused stimulus Check, as in it doesn’t go up to 282,000,000 people or 85% of the population like all the other three checks.

Did, if they actually do have a Highly focused check and send it out To maybe 50 million people or less The inflationary impact is going to be very minimal. It’s not going to be anywhere near What all of these other checks have Done as far as inflation, which, by the way, they said by the end of 2021 just the stimulus checks alone Have accounted for 3% of the inflation that we’re currently dealing with Well, what I’d like to know then Is what about the other 5%? Right Or even more, what about the other 5% of the inflation?

Where’s that coming from?  Well, here’s what’s interesting about it as well The reports continue to go on to show that out of the $6 trillion that was printed over the last two years, 14.1% of that money was sent out in the form of stimulus checks. So you can see basically an 8th of the money, a little bit more than an 8th of the money was sent out in the form of stimulus checks. So a very small percentage of the money that was actually printed and sent out was stimulus checks About $850,000,000,000 of the total money out Of the $6 trillion was actually stimulus checks, about 14.1% So we can see here, it’s not.

The stimulus checks to blame for all This inflation that we’re currently dealing with Maybe a little bit, maybe a couple of percentage points. But for the most part, all this Inflation that we’re currently dealing with, for The most part, doesn’t really have a whole lot to do with the stimulus checks. It’s about all the other money that was printed and sent out as a result of the PPP for small businesses. The unemployment benefits that were sent out, the boosts that were sent out, all The money that was pumped into businesses. How about all the billions of dollars. That they just gave away to all The States, the $350,000,000,000 to the States?

I mean, seriously, there’s a lot of other reasons why all this money and all the inflation is actually happening right now versus stimulus checks. That’s not the real reason. If we look at the actual numbers and the statistics and the percentage behind This, we can easily see that the stimulus checks only accounted for a very small percentage, 14.1% of the total money that was printed and sent out over The last two years. Right Well, here’s what else is interesting, and I’ve also come across while doing this research, some of the reports are actually Pointing back toward 2009. Do you remember what happened back in 2009? Let me tell you In May of 2009, a $250 check Was sent out specifically focused on the Low income and the fixed income. All of these fixed income beneficiaries that I mentioned at the beginning of the topic got a $250 check back in May of 2009. Why are we dealing with COVID then? No, where we’re dealing with other global situations going on? Not necessarily. All we were dealing with was an Economy that was collapsing and the low.

Income and the fixed income were having a hard time. Therefore, they issued a $250 highly focused check in May of 2009 that went out. Do you remember this? Yes, it happened. It was a real thing Look it up if you don’t believe me Anyway, my point behind all this is if they happen to send out and If they did approve a highly focused $1,400 check, a $2,000 check, something like this, focused on maybe 50 million people.

Realistically, it wouldn’t even need to be 50 million people. It would realistically probably be more like 40 to 45 million people. This would not cost all that much money And realistically, the inflationary impacts would be very minimal compared to what all the Other stimulus and all the other money Actually did over the last two years $6 trillion went out the door 14% of it went out in the form of stimulus checks.

You can kind of see here. It’s not the checks that are doing it. It’s all the other money that has gone out. Right, So there are a lot of other kinds Of issues that are going on right now. But here’s what’s interesting As this inflation data continues to come Out month over month, highly above 8% So we’ve been above 8% inflation for several months now.

Every report that comes out like this It’S just building the case further and further and further, even stronger for more stimulus checks that are highly focused. Let me throw this out there as well. Now, some of you have asked down In the comments section what’s your honest opinion on a stimulus check? Let me tell you this much.

When it comes down to a broad stimulus check going out to 85% of The population like the last three checks did and 282,000,000 people, I don’t believe it’s happening. No, there’s no way that’s going to happen. However, I could foresee Yes, absolutely, 100%. I do foresee another check going out To be highly focused on the low income And the fixed income. So what are the parameters around that? I don’t have a clue I don’t know that But I could highly see or sorry, I could see a highly focused check Being sent out just like what we Saw in May of 2009 for those Fixed income beneficiaries because of everything going on right now. Here’s the thing I continue to see this in report After report after report, literally every single day. The low income and the fixed income are struggling, are having a really hard time right now. Incomes are staying the same Incomes are stagnant, they’re not moving, and Inflation is literally getting away from people. So as a result of that, some Of the other reports right now are Showing that the average household is paying spending an extra $460 every single month. Just to maintain the same living kind of standards that we once were just a few months ago. Well, get this, the average household who Is maybe receiving fixed income benefits cannot Necessarily spend an extra $460 because that Would account for probably 50% of your Benefit, possibly even more than that Well, as a result of that, if You can’t spend more because there’s not more money to spend, that means you Got to cut back by $460 a month, right?

Well, you can only cut back so much. So this is getting to the point Here where there’s intervention that must need to happen, right? They can’t go on like this forever. So pointing the finger forever is what Their classic move is right now It can’t be done anymore It simply will not happen forever. They cannot continue to do this because Pointing the finger solution is not a solution. It’s just an excuse Well, eventually, they need to come up With a better excuse than just pointing The finger at everybody else. It is something that they need to Figure out, as in Congress, the administration, And the President, they need to do something about this. They need to figure it out, and they need to do something, especially for the low income. So anyway, some interesting reports that have Been coming out lately and a lot of interesting points bring it up here too, just like signing back to 2009 And the $250 check that went out In May of that year specifically focused On the low income. So this would certainly not be the first time that they’ve done this before And they could easily do it. They already have everybody’s information. Not a hard thing to do, right. Just gather the information from Social Security Send it over to the treasury and IRS and then boom send out the payments Super easy stuff. Possibly the easiest amount of payments that They could send out to anybody, right?

It’d be super easy Anyway as I do get more details on this or any more information, of course, I’ll be right back here for You breaking it all down, and share the topic with your friends, family, and social media. bye




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